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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1572 24 Jan. 14 Ludovic Grevile, esq. v. John Freckleton alias Haynes. Lease of a messuage and lands in Glos. [no parish given]. C78/43, no. 26 [2]
1572 24 Jan. 14 Luke Bewforeste, gent. v. Alice Bewforeste, widow of Richard Bewforeste. Validity of a deed of gift and an earlier decree, 7 Eliz., where plaintiff was defendant and defendant plaintiff, concerning £80 for procurement of a lease of the demesnes of Dorchester manor; and a lease of a farm called Bishop's Court in Dorchester, Oxon.

See C78/35/27.

C78/44, no. 30 [3]
1572 28 Jan. 14 William Lawton and wife Mary by John Lawton v. Richard Higgons. Twenty acres of land in Frankevill in liberty of town of Shrewsbury, Salop, late of Robert Wood deceased. C78/39, no. 1 [4]
1572 30 Jan. 14 Robert Brokesby, esq and Thomas Callowe, gent v. John Purslowe and wife Constance, John Lovett and wife Mary and others (named). Settlement of the estate of Richard Newport of 'Hennyngham’, Warw, esq, father of female defendants. Dismission. C78/46, no. 9 [5]
1572 5 Feb. 14 John Blande, citizen and carpenter of London, cousin of Edward Blande, priest, dec. v. Gyles Prior. Six messuages and 60 acres of land in Burghfield, Berks. Dismission. C78/39, no. 3 [6]
1572 9 Feb. 14 Robert Cockes and wife Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Longe, dec, ditizen and brewer of London v. Michael Briswood and Matthew Bucke. Lease of a house called the Red Lion in Fleet Street, London, from dean and chapter of St. Pauls. C78/46, no. 7 [7]
1572 9 Feb. 14 Richard Casey v. Edmund Gibson. Lease of a tenement and part of a garden in St.

Botolph without Aldgate, London.

C78/48, no. 14 [8]
1572 11 Feb. 14 Robert Crosse of Tiverton, Devon, husbandman v. Gabriel Veysey and James Bryer. Messuage and 160 acres of land in Westmere and 2 messuages and a close in Tiverton, Devon. 'Dismission. C78/39, no. 2 [9]
1572 11 Feb. 14 Sir John White v. Robert Gage, esq. Service and rent allegedly due from owner of manor of Trenchants or Washdells to lord of the manor of Alton Westbrook, in Alton, Hants. Dismission. C78/39, no. 4 [10]
1572 11 Feb. 14 Richard Jumper of Newcourt, Wilts v. William Jumper, Robert Reves and Francis Greane. Lease of farm of Newcourt in Downton, Wilts. C78/45, no. 1 [11]
1572 11 Feb. 14 Sir John Seyntleger v. John Bysse. Agreement concerning manors of Belton and Pensford in Stanton Drew, Som. C78/44, no. 34 [12]
1572 26 Apr. 14 Joan Cribbe, widow v. George and Nicholas Strangways and Edmund Prowte. Customary holding in East Bexington, [in Puncknowle and Abbotshury], Dors, parcel of the manor of Holwell, Som [Dors ]. C78/46, no. 10 [13]
1572 3 May 14 Richard Sheringham, John Foxe, Richard Everarde jun. and John Everarde v. Roger Townesend, esq. Waste ground called Dobbes Heath in Gateley, Norf. and completion of a deed ordered by previous arbitration. C78/43, no. 27 [14]
1572 3 May 14 Edmund Draycott of Grindon, Staffs, gent. and wife Elizabeth, Edmund Elston of Carlton, Notts, gent, and wife Elinor, John Crooke of Buckingham, Bucks, yeoman and wife Ellen and Grace Jakes of Buckingham, spinster v. Walter Harcourte of Tamworth, Staffs., gent, and wife Mary. Capital messuage called the Mote in Tamworth, with land in Wigginton and Coton, Staffs., worth £20 p.a., late of Richard Jakes, father of Elizabeth, Elinor, Ellen and Grace. C78/43 no. 28 [15]
1572 3 May 14 John, Bennet, William and Francis Wilson and Peter Newarke, gent v. Richard Parkines and Thomas Colwell, gent. Custody of indenture and feoffment between Frideswide Strelley, widow, dec and Edward Griffyn and others (named) concerning

the site of Ulverscroft Priory, Leics with lands (named), and also of the Letters Patent granting the premises to Frideswide. Plaintiff and defendants all claim interests.

C78/48, no. 15 [16]
1572 6 May 14 Gilbert Drake v. Richard Duke, esq. Lease of tithe corn of rectory of Budleigh and Withycombe Raleigh, Devon. Plaintiff claims lease of rectory granted by Polslo Priory, Devon. Dismission. C78/45, no. 2 [17]
1572 13 May 14 Richard Puttock by Richard Puttock v. Thomas Hill. Reversion of a messuage and 80 acres of land in Rudgwick, Sussex, customary holding of the manor of Parham. C78/39, no. 5 [18]
1572 7 June 14 John Fyndall, sen. and wife Alice, John Fyndall, jun. and Nathaniel Fyndall v. Thomas Keame, sen. and John Neame. Eight acres of land called Beacon Close in Woodnesborough, near Sandwich, Kent. Dismission. C78/44, no. 31 [19]
1572 7 June 14 John Darrell v. John Hill and Anne Darrell. Messuage with land in 'Combe', near Enford, Wilts, and six messuages and gardens in Ludgershall, Wilts. C78/44, no. 33 [20]
1572 7 June 14 John Bayly, gent v. Thomas Chaffyn, gent. Lease of the dean and chapter of Salisbury's moiety of the manor of Folke, Dors. Dismission. C78/48, no. 16 [21]
1572 l4 June 14 Robert Collet of London, 'boyer' v. Anthony and Thomas Cole. Lease of the manor and parsonage of Bourn, Cambs. Anthony Cole's debts to Bishop of Ely. C78/52, no. 3 [22]
1572 18 June 14 Richard Polsted, son of Henry Polsted, esq. v. Francis Brace, esq. Four salt vats, a salt face and woodland in Droitwich, Worcs. An earlier decree see C78/37/18. C78/45, no. 3 [23]
1572 21 June 14 Frances Alford of London, gent v. Ludovic Grevill, Edmund Porter, Thomas Watkyns and Humphrey Mitton Manor of Aston Subedge, Glos. Case previously submitted to High Court of Parliament, 14 Eliz. C78/39, no. 6 [24]
1572 21 June 14 John Clotworthe v. Anthony Clotworthe. Annuity of £3.6.4d out of manors of Sheviok, Corn, and Shobrooke, Devon. Customary holding in manor of Sheviok. C78/44, no. 32 [25]
1572 14 Oct. 14 Thomas Wryter and Richard Pressy v. Thomas Coterell. Two messuages with lands in Hill Croome and Earls Croome, Worcs. Dismission. C78/46, no. 12 [26]
1572 30 Oct. 14 Sampson Berde of London, pewterer v. Thomas Tyrrell. Two messuages in St. Botolph, Aldgate, London, late of Christopher Campyon, mercer and John Hollesley, gent. Dismission. C78/45, no. 9 [27]
1572 30 Oct. 14 George Fyshe v. John Rotheram. Sale of a messuage and lands in Southill, Beds. Dismission. C78/46, no. 11 [28]
1572 5 Nov. 14 John Butler of Catton, Norf. v. Cuthbert Leverton of Worstead, Norf. gent. Bond of 200 marks for payment of an annuity; and an acquitance. C78/43, no. 29 [29]
1572 12 Nov. 14 James Mores, Peter Mynnes, and other tenants and inhabitants of Griston, Norf v. Robert Critoft. Common of pasture in 'Palley More' and 'Slary More’ in Griston. Dismission. C78/46, no. 13 [30]
1572 13 Nov. 14 Robert Swanne of Newton, Cambs, yeoman and John Peck and Edward Ayler of Harston, Cambs, yeomen v. John Buckfilde. Three customary holdings in Harston, Cambs. Tenants' right to fell trees on their own holdings. C78/45, no. 7 [31]
1572 19 Nov. 15 Roger Colte, esq. and customary tenants of the manor of Aldenham, Herts v. Roger Stepney, esq, lord of the manor. Customs relating to common of pasture, fines for entry to holdings and payments to reeve. C78/66, no. 18 [32]
1572 22 Nov. 15 Thomas Demons of Topcroft, Norf. husbandman v. Richard Bonnynge and wife Joan. Two messuages with customary lands in Topcroft and Herapnall, Norf. Dismission. C78/45, no. 10 [33]
1572 24 Nov. 15 Robert Hope of Canterbury, vintner v. Thomas Stoughton of Ash, Kent, gent. Inn called 'The Three Kings’ in parish of All Saints, Canterbury, Kent, late of John Fuller, Alderman. Debt owed defendant by Fuller. See also C78/45/20. C78/45, no. 5 [34]
1572 24 Nov. 15 Thomas Price of London v. David ap Griffith ap Hoell. Messuage with eight acres of land in 'Brinygoe' in Halkin, Flint. Dismission. C78/46, no. 14 [35]
1572 24 Nov. 15 Robert Gory for John Gory of London v. William Powell Hawkyns and Katherine Powell Hawkyns, widow. 100 acres of land in Grosmont (Grismount), Monm., once of John Hartford, plaintiff’s great grandfather. Dismission. C78/46, no. 15 [36]
1572 25 Nov. 15 Elizabeth Myrfelde of Inkersall in Staveley, Derb., widow and executrix of John Hitche v. Nicholas Cotes. Non payment of £16 for draught oxen and wethers allegedly delivered to defendant by Hitche. Dismission. C78/45, no. 8 [37]
1572 26 Nov. 15 Jerome Hoorde v. Thomas Fermer, esq. Annuity of £10 out of manor of 'Chaunston', Ches. C78/43, no. 31 [38]
1572 26 Nov. 15 Ralph Woodcock v. Matthew Machell. Lease of messuage with appurtenances in Sutton Guilden, Ches. C78/46, no. 16 [39]