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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1571 13 C78/, no. []
1571 27 Jan. 13 Thomas Warner of Hoo, Norf. v. Sir Henry Parker, Lord Morley and Robert Constable. Admission to a customary holding in Worthing belonging to manor of Swanton Morley and Worthing, Norf. C78/37, no. 23 [2]
1571 6 Feb. 13 John Symes alias Hardwich and wife Joan, widow of James Wornell, and Edward Wornell v. Ralph Jeyninges, esq. Customary holding in manor of Puxton, Som. C78/44, no. 21 [3]
1571 6 Feb. 13 John Blackealler v. Roger Bligh, William Froste, John Wekett and John Trevyre. Manor of Trethevy and messuages and lands in Trethevy in South Petherwin, Corn. Dismission. C78/44, no. 22 [4]
1571 7 Feb. 13 Walter Pykes of Bristol, merchant v. George Higgens and wife Elinor, William Dennyn and wife Alice. Failure to carry out bequest of William Pykes, dec. that land should be purchased to endow the almshouse of St. Thomas, Bristol. Deceased husbands of Alice and Elinor were co-executors of will. C78/37, no. 20 [5]
1571 8 Feb. 13 William Smarte of Ipswich, Suff. v. Arthur Robsarte and wife Margaret. Bond relating to conveyance of messuage called Puntes with lands and tenements in parishes of Sibton and Peasenhall, Suff. C78/37, no. 21 [6]
1571 12 Feb. 13 Francis Shakerley v. Katherine Heywood, widow. Bequest of £140 to Anne Carter under will of Dame Anne Pakington. Plaintiff and defendant's late husband were executors. C78/37, no. 22 [7]
1571 [?] May 13 John Cobham v. William Digges. Recognizance of £800 to observe a previous chancery order. C78/37, no. 24 [8]
1571 8 May 13 Nicholas Hyll of Wendover, Bucks, yeoman v. William Hawtry, esq. Admittance to 11 acres of arable land holdable by custom of manor of Wendover. C78/52, no. 25 [9]
1571 17 May 13 Geoffrey Wastnes, gent. v. Rowland Whitmore and wife Anne. Oxen, kine, sheep, a horse and household implements worth £140. Dismission. C78/44, no. 23 [10]
1571 19 May 13 Richard Verneham and wife Isabel and other tenants of manor of Pillond, Devon v. John Brett, esq. Leases, made by defendant's grandmother, of lands belonging to Pillond manor in parishes of Pilton and Marwood. C78/37, no. 34 [11]
1571 (?) 21 May 13 Eliz. [sic] Richard Cole and wife Susan, widow of John Fuller, alderman of Canterbury, and Edward Fuller, infant, her son v. Robert Hope, William Absolon, Peter Wylkinson and Henry Harte. Lease of a tenement called The Three Kings in Canterbury, Kent. Provisions of the will of John Fuller. See also C70/45/5. C78/45, no. 20 [12]
1571 21 May 13 Richard Cole and wife Susan, widow of John Fuller, alderman of Canterbury, Kent, for Edward Fuller v. Robert Hope, William Absolon, Peter Wylkynson and Henry Harte. Lease of tenement called the Three Kings in Canterbury with goods and implements, a bond concerning the same and other messuages in Canterbury and Dover. C78/46, no. 1 [13]
1571 26 May 13 William and John Sebrighte v. Thomas Whorwood. Lease of 50 acres of copyhold land in manor of Kinfare, Staffs. C78/48, no. 11 [14]
1571 26 May 13 John Foxfall, citizen and merchant of London v. Thomas Collymer, Francis Bennyson, John Gresham and others (named), merchants of London. Insurance of goods carried in the Jesus of Newcastle and the Elizabeth Bonaventure of London. On loss of goods the insurers were ordered by a commission to pay compensation, which the defendants failed to do. According to commission, one dollar then equaled 54d; defendants claim it was worth less. Performance of commission's orders. C78/48, no. 13 [15]
1571 19 June 13 Jasper Baker of Bowers, Essex, gent. v. Maurice Rodney and Geoffrey Upton, esqs. Lands and tenements in Priddy and Draycott, Som. worth 40 shillings p.a, Dismission. C78/44, no. 24 [16]
1571 21 June 13 Mathew Dignam, son of Thomas Dignam of Amersham, Bucks., dec., by John Cheyne, esq. v. Henry Hamond. Chief mansion house in Great Marlow, Bucks. C78/37, no. 35 [17]
1571 25 June 13 Walter Jobson of Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant v. Dean and chapter of Durham. Rectory of Brantingham, Yorks., and a pension of £17. Dismission. C78/37, no. 25 [18]
1571 27 June 13 Katherine Leaper, widow v. Peter Graye, esq. Conveyance of manor or farm called Franklins in Haynes (Hawnes) Beds with lands in Haynes and 'Cardington’ (?Caddington) Beds. C78/52, no. 27 [19]
1571 28 June 13 John Croker v. William Strowde and Thomas Croker. Lease of 100 acres of land

called Battysford and Makarell Park, adjoining manor of 'Lyneham' (?Lyneham in Yealmpton), Devon, granted by Henry, marquess of Exeter temp H.VIII.

C78/48, no. 12 [20]
1571 3 July 13 Edward Fynes, Lord Clynton and Saye, High Admiral of England v. John Fuller, gent. Parcels of lands once belonging to the manor of ‘Christed' [Kirkstead], Lincs. C78/38, no. 33 [21]
1571 4 July 13 Richard Broughton v. Mathew Lloid and Richard Tomlyns. Lease of toll, duty and custom of corn and grain in Bishop's Castle, Salop. C78/37, no. 36 [22]
1571 11 Oct. 13 Sir John Butler and Richard Pryhce, gent v. Joyce Jenyns, widow, William Everall and others (named). Enclosure of parcels of the waste ground called Egford's Green and Hurst belonging to the manors of Pulverbatch, Longdon and Stapleton, Salop. Decree orders the enclosed land be laid open. C78/46, no. 4 [23]
1571 15 Oct 13 Richard Worseley, bastard son of Sir Robert Worseley v. Sir John Atherton. Provisions for Worseley's bastard sons and daughters in the terms of an enfeoffment to use of the manors of Coulton, Howthorpe and Hovingham, Yorks. Dismission. C78/52, no. 2 [24]
1571 18 Oct. 13 Henry Poole alias Creche v. Thomas Hawker, gent. Lease of capital messuage and lands in Caryfitzpaine in Charlton Mackerell, Som. late of Thomas Poole alias Creche, plaintiff's father. C78/44, no. 27 [25]
1571 19 Oct. 13 William Frankland, citizen and clothworker of London and wife Joyce v. Roger Lepton and Thomas Grey. Incumbrances on the estate conveyed by Grey to plaintiff of the manor, rectory and advowson of Barton le Street (Barton in Riddell), Yorks. C78/46, no. 8 [26]
1571 21 Oct. 13 John Frank v. Gregory Price esq., Edward and Thomas Cardwardyne and James Tompkyns. Admittance to a customary holding of the manor of Thinghill, Heref and custom of the manor relating to descent of holdings. C78/70, no. 16 [27]
1571 24 Oct. 13 John Molineux, esq. v. Richard Whalley. Failure to abide by former award on case between Thomas Cropwell and Richard Whalley, esq. 10 Eliz. Plaintiff has bought the property at issue from Cropwell. C78/37, no. 32 [28]
1571 25 Oct. 13 John Vogane v. William West, Lord Lawarre. Keepership of the park of Ewhurst, Sussex with annuity of £5. Dismission. C78/37, no. 28 [29]
1571 27 Oct. 13 Charles Kirle and wife Jane v. Robert Warre. Lease of two messuages and 300 acres of land in Maid's Moreton, Bucks. C78/44, no. 29 [30]
1571 27 Oct. 13 Thomas Sherbroke of Oxton, Northants, yeoman v. Sir Anthony Strelley of Strelley, Notts. Money owed to plaintiff on the defendant's failure to carry through an agreed conveyance of the manor of Oxton. C78/46, no. 6 [31]
1571 27 Oct 13 Richard and William Muskett and other tenants and inhabitants of Harleston, Suff (named) v. Henry Muskett, yeoman, lord of the manor of Harleston. Rights of copyholders to fell timber, lop, crop, and pasture beasts on commons. Cost of sending two soldiers to Newhaven. Purchase of a close called Bromefield. C78/52, no. 1 [32]
1571 28 Oct. 13 Nicholas Wallis of Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, mercer v. Richard Arden and wife Alice, executrix of William Wallys of Twigworth, Glos., yeoman, dec. Lease of house with ground in Twigworth part of manor of Ablode and Santhurst, Glos. C78/37, no. 26 [33]
1571 30 Oct. 13 John Pope v. Christian Joyce, widow. Reversion of a customary holding in West Buckland, Devon and interest in a moiety of it, including stock, during defendant's lifetime. C78/44, no. 28 [34]
1571 6 Nov. 13 Francis Saunder of Wantisden, Suff., gent., executor of Thomas Manninge, dec. v. Henry Apleton and wife, Faith. Alleged lease of Melton Marsh, Orford, Suff. Dismission. C78/37, no. 27 [35]
1571 10 Nov. 13 Thomas Kendall v. Anthony Smyth. Coventual lease of a messuage in St. Matthew, Friday Street, London, granted by Stratford at Bow Priory, Midd. C78/46, no. 5 [36]
1571 12 Nov. 13 William Childe, gent, and the customary tenants (named) of manors of Moor [in Lindridge], Newnham, Lindridge, Knighton and Pensax, Worcs. v. Thomas Wilson, dean of Worcester Cathedral. Customs of the aforesaid manors, e.g. freebench for widows. (12mm.) C78/43, no. 33 [37]
1571 12 Nov. 13 William Gower of Redmarley, Worcs. esq. v. William Goulde, mercer, Philip Holworthe, linen draper and John Cardemaker, all of Bridgwater, Som. Non-delivery of bills and obligations. Dismission. C78/44, no. 26 [38]
1571 13 Nov. 13 John Brewer of Oakford, Devon, husbandman and wife Christian v. John Temlett. A share in Temlett's house, pasture and corn in Oakford during his life, due to his daughter Christian as marriage portion. C78/37, no. 29 [39]
1571 13 Nov. 13 James Clifford, esq. v. Thomas Adams. Issues of the manor of Broseley, Salop, and a conventual lease. Dismission. C78/43, no. 24 [40]
1571 13 Nov. 13 John Baxter v. Henry Todde. Rent of £11 out of manor of Appleden', Durh. Dismission. C78/43, no. 25 [41]
1571 14 Nov. 13 Margaret Upham, widow of Thomas Upham, gent. v. Richard Upham, yeoman. Customary holding of the manor of Buckland, in Buckland Newton, Dors. Question of the widowhood rights of a second wife. C78/44, no. 25 [42]
1571 15 Nov. 13 Thomas Rothewell and wife Elizabeth, and Thomas Welles, son of John Welles, late husband of Elizabeth v. William Howe. Four pieces of customary land in manor of Occold, Suff. C78/37, no. 30 [43]
1571 16 Nov. 13 Thomas Stempe, warden of Winchester College v. Thomas and William Trauntor. Sixteen acres of copyhold land in manor of Titley, Heref., lately in tenure of Peter Greneway. C78/37, no. 31 [44]
1571 21 Nov. 14 William Gratewood of Adderley, Salop esq and Alice Corbett, widow v. John Prestland. Manors of Spurstow, Peckforton and Bunbury, Ches, conveyed to Gratewood, and manors of Malpas and Oldcastle, Ches, conveyed to Reynold Corbett by Sir Roland Hill of London, dec. C78/70, no. 1 [45]
1571 22 Nov. 14 Robert Gardiner and wife Anne, daughter of Christopher Hussey, gent v. Thomas Lovell, gent and wife, Elizabeth Manor and advowson of Winterborne Tomson and manors of Edmondsham, Shapwick, Vinters, Kingston, Stourpaine, Duller, Bowood and Peggs, Dors, and Charlton and Bowden, Som, with appurtenances in Dors and Som, late of Thomas Hussey, dec. C78/70, no. 2 [46]
1571 28 Nov 14 William Crowther, citizen and clothworker of London and wife Katherine v. Ipolyto Lynnett, Hugh Stokeley and others. Customary holdings belonging to the manors of Hackney and Stepney, Midd. Recital of an earlier chancery order. Dismission. C78/52, no. 4 [47]