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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1568 24 Jan 10 John Wayland v. Sir Edward, Lord Wyndesor, Thomas Hooke and wife Ellen. Conventual lease of manor of Cranford, Midd. Case between Wayland and Hooke previously heard in court of Requests. Dismission. C78/36, no. 52 [2]
1568 24 Jan 10 George Ludley, esq., Thomas Tovye, Thomas Dawe and all other inhabitants of Pamber, Hants. v. Lancelot Shawe, Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, and James Trewe. Failure to provide for a priest, alms for the poor and repair of the fabric, in Pamber Church. Defendants claim the church is not the parish church but a priory chapel, once of Sherborne Priory, dissolved by Henry VI, and later a chantry chapel dissolved by Edward VI. Case previously heard in Exchequer Court. C78/38, no. 11 [3]
1568 26 Jan 10 John ap Hoell v. John Gunter and wife Mary and Morgan John ap Jenner and wife Constance. Two tenements in Machen, Monm., parcel of the manor of Abercarn, late of Howell Thomas ap Gwilliam. C78/40, no. 24 [4]
1568 26 Jan 10 Thomas Kightlie of London, leatherseller v. Thomas Evettes. Failure of defendant, undersheriff of Worcs., to deliver goods of Richard Mascall, distrained arid arrested for debt, to plaintiff. Dismission. C78/40, no. 26 [5]
1568 28 Jan 10 John Clerke and wife Susan v. Robert Whitfielde, John Whitfeld, Agnes Guybon, Marie Whitfielde, Thomas Whitfield. Mary Whitfeld v. John Clerke and wife Susan, Richard Ballarde and wife Martha and others (not named). Richard Ballard and wife Martha v. Robert Whitfeld and others (not named). Freehold and copyhold lands parcel of manor of Mayfield and South Malling, Sussex late of Thomas Whitfeld, dec, father of Susan, Martha and Mary. C78/38, no. 15 [6]
1568 29 Jan 10 John Fryce of Pucklechurch, Glos. v. Richard Dennys and Thomas Dennys. Lease of the grange of Pucklechurch. Dismission. C78/42, no. 3 [7]
1568 30 Jan 10 John Ringrose, clerk, vicar of St Peter & Paul in Wedonbecke, Northants v. John Byllinge and Harry Garre. Non-payment of a rent of 5 marks in lieu of tithes due to vicarage of Weedon Beck, Northants. C78/40, no. 25 [8]
1568 30 Jan 10 Peter Downynge alias Downhill of Norf, yeoman v. John Sterlinge. Sixty acres of freehold and copyhold land in Alby and Colby, Norf. Dismission. C78/40, no. 27 [9]
1568 30 Jan 10 William Stacye v. Richard Bewe and wife Rose, Philip Bythesea, William Plushe and Simon Busshoppe. Customary holding in manor and parish of Shepton Mallet, Som. C78/42, no. 6 [10]
1568 31 Jan 10 Richard Baker of Cranbrook, Kent, esq. v. Edmund Robertes of Hawkhurst, Kent, merchant, Peter Woodgate, Stephen Beaching, Edmond Weyver, John Mercer, Thomas Sisley, Thomas Page, Richard Courtoppe the elder, William Courtoppe, tenants of plaintiff. Commons and wastegrounds in parishes of Cranbrook and Hawkhurst allegedly belonging to plaintiff's manor of Moorhouse. C78/38, no. 12 [11]
1568 3 Feb 10 Sir John Paulet, Lord St. John v. James Tavernour. Forged book of manorial customs of manor of North Elmham, Norf. C78/36, no. 38 [12]
1568 3 Feb 10 John Fander v. Christopher Harris Land called Loggins in Shopland, Essex. Dismission. C78/38, no. 14 [13]
1568 3 Feb 10 William Horner, B.A. and. George Lee v. William Evans. A parcel of meadow in St Margaret's Cleve, Salop, which plaintiff alleges was recently crown land. Dismission. C78/40, no. 23 [14]
1568 5 Feb 10 William Shepparde v. Peter Garnett. Conventual lease, made by Egglestone Abbey, Yorks, of lands in Strafforth, Yorks. C78/36, no. 53 [15]
1568 6 Feb 10 George Skevington v. John Skevington his elder brother. Copyhold land in Hornsey, Midd. belonging to the manor of Hornsey and late of their father William Skevington, esq. Gavelkind the custom of the manor. C78/38, no. 13 [16]
1568 7 Feb 10 Thomas Goteley, Christopher Goteley, Laurence Goteley and John Clerke v. Guy Wytherling. Messuage, garden and land in Molash, Kent. Dismission. C78/36, no. 44 [17]
1568 9 Feb 10 Sir James Harrington v. Edward Vyncent and Germain Poole, esqs. Manor of Cheadle, Leics., [Staffs.] See C78/42/5. Dismission. C78/42, no. 9 [18]
1568 10 Feb 10 Elizabeth Yonge, widow v. Thomas Yonge, clerk and William Yonge, gent. Profits of the manors of Caynton [in Edgmond] and Yeaton, Salop. C78/36, no. 41 [19]
1568 10 Feb 10 Edward Arden of Parkhall, Warw. esq. v. Mary Astrigge alias Askewe, widow and her son, Raphael Symondes. Lease of messuage called The Hayes in Birmingham, Warw. Dismission. C78/42, no. 8 [20]
1568 11 Feb 10 John Harryson and wife Joan, cousin of Alice Plumer, dec. v. Richard Holforde, Henry Chauncye and John Clerk. Tenement and lands held by copyhold of the manors of Chingford Pawly and Chingford Comitis, Essex. Dismission. C78/36, no. 49 [21]
1568 12 Feb 10 Germain Poole and Edward Vyncent, esqs. v. Sir James Harrington. Manor of Cheadle, Staffs.; messuages, cottages, lands and woods in Peckleton, Stapleton, Wigston, Cadeby, Kirkby Mailory, Shamford, Osbaston, Marston, Frolesworth, Thurlaston, Blaby, and Claybrooke, Leics., and in Hyde, Warw., late of Sir Robert Motton. Dismission. See C78/42/9. C78/42, no. 5 [22]
1568 6 May 10 Brian Lasselles of Gateford [in Worksop] Notts. v. John Thorney. Lease of rectory and tithes of Sturton, Notts. Dismission. C78/34, no. 14 [23]
1568 8 May 10 Edward Griffyn, esq. and wife Dame Elizabeth, widow of Reynold Conyers, esq. v. Thomas Layton, esq. and John Miller alias Southwaytes. Lands, tenements and woods in Little Busby, Thoralby, Scutterskelfe and West Layton, Yorks., once of monasteries of Newburgh and Healaugh. C78/38, no. 16 [24]
1568 8 May 10 Robert Phillips v. William ap Jevan Phelipp. A messuage and land in Llanarth, Monm. late of David ap Jenner Phelipp. Dismission. C78/40, no. 30 [25]
1568 11 May 10 Thomas Guene and wife Joan, and Elizabeth Knapman, daughter of John Knapman, dec. and the said Joan v. William Knapman. One tenement with 180 acres, of land called Collybeare, West Collybeare, Wulfeslond and Yoldon in parish of South Tawton, Devon. C78/36, no. 54 [26]
1568 19 May 10 William Farrer and wife Maud v. William Strange, Michael Egle and Robert Hody. Three houses and four acres of land in ‘Halywell' and Mildenhall, Suff. C78/34, no. 15 [27]
1568 20 May 10 John Bunt, jun. of Bottisham Lode, Cambs., yeoman v. John Bunt, sen. and Francis Lyster. Messuage with grove in parish of Bottisham Lode and land in parish of Stow cum Quy, Cambs. Dismission. C78/34, no. 16 [28]
1568 21 May 10 Arthur Price v. Rice David ap Hoell Lease of four messuages and 500 acres of land in the parish of Llannonnocke, Mont. [? Llanhennockjj Monm. C78/40, no. 32 [29]
1568 25 May 10 Richard White, clerk v. Robert Weare alias Browne and Thomas Pyke. Lands and tithes in Marlborough, Wilts. Plaintiff claims them as belonging to his church of St Mary's ever since St Martin's 'parish' was annexed to St Mary's parish temp. Edward VI. Defendant claims that the tithes belong to the parish of Preshute. Dismission. C78/40, no. 28 [30]
1568 25 May 10 Michael Empringham, mayor, and burgesses of Great Grimsby, Lincs v. John Hatton and Thomas Jackson and John Jackson. Non payment of an annuity of £7 chargeable on the manor of Goulceby, Lincs, to finance a schoolmaster for Grimsby. C78/40, no. 34 [31]
1568 29 May 10 Garrat Peter of Taunton, Som., joiner v. Margery Forte, widow. Non payment of a debt of £20.18.10d. C78/42, no. 4 [32]
1568 18 June 10 Robert Stevenson of Burstwicke; Stephen Rosse & Richard Lunack of Purston; John Stevenson of Kingham; William Watson & Stephen Owste of Burton Pidsaye; Thomas Oumbler of Lelley; William Oumbler of Skeclinge; John Smithe of Sprottley, for all copyholders of the manor of Burstwick in Holderness, Yorks v. Sir John Connstable, lord of the manor. Payment of fines. Maintenance of alleged customs of the manor such as fines on copyhold leases at one year's rent for possession, and half year's rent for reversion; and rights of lopping and cropping. C78/36, no. 36 [33]
1568 19 June 10 Walter Askehewe by Robert Askehewe, gent. v. Robert Mounson, esq. Conventual lease of the manor of North Carlton, Lincs. Dismission. C78/40, no. 29 [34]
1568 21 June 10 Humfrey Ashefylde v. James Whitney. Lease of the manor of Nyles in Great Rissington, Glos. C78/36, no. 55 [35]
1568 22 June 10 Alice Framyngham, widow v. Thomas and John Calthroppe. Customary holding of two and a half acres of saffron ground and a marsh in Stiffkey, Norf. C78/38, no. 20 [36]
1568 28 June 10 William Rice of Bockmer, Bucks., esq. v. James Duffelde. Fishing rights in River Thames in parish of Medmenham, Bucks. C78/36, no. 40 [37]
1568 29 June 10 John Barrowe and wife Mary v. William Smythe. Legacy under will of Gilbert Randall of Thurlow, Suff., yeoman, father of Mary Barrowe. C78/34, no. 17 [38]
1568 1 July 10 Richard Philipp v. Richard Foster Customary holding belonging to manor of Brampton, Hunts. Custom of manor on descent and conveyance of holdings. C78/36, no. 56 [39]
1568 3 July 10 John Curtes of Minety, husbandman and Thomas Taylor, clerk v. William Partrige, Thomas Sandford, Thomas Himed, Thomas Smyth, William Player and others (not named). A messuage and 18 acres of land in Minety, Glos. [WiltsJ Dismission. C78/40, no. 31 [40]
1568 3 July 10 John Atkyns v. Nicholas Smewen and wife Joan, John Austen and wife Mary and Peter Isard and wife Elizabeth. Messuage and land in Beaconsfield, Bucks, late of Robert Savage, dec. Dismission. C78/40, no. 33 [41]
1568 5 July 10 Thomas Reade; Robert Clayton; John Portington; William Belton; Richard Fynche; Henry Childe; Johan Belton, widow; John Belton; Elizabeth Synckler; John Portington the younger; Reynolde Bull; John Childe, late copyholders and tenants of manor of Crowle, Lincs v. Alexander Amcotts. Tenants' rights to eight messuages with gardens and 480 acres of land in Amcotts, Lincs., customary lands of the manor of Crowle. Customs of the manor regarding repairs of river banks, etc. C78/36, no. 58 [42]
1568 5 July 10 Thomas Salwey v. Francis Bedell or Bidulphe, John Leveson, gent., Edward Sprott and John Cowper. Messuages, cottages, arable, meadow and pasture lands, woods, furze, heath and a watermill in Cannock, Smallrise, Saredon, Burston, Salt, Whitgreave, Hopton, Dunston, Stretton, Aldridge, Wyrley, Norton, Hednesford and Stafford, Staffs., once of Humphrey Salwey, plaintiff's grandfather.

See C78/24/30.

C78/38, no. 21 [43]
1568 6 July 10 Thomas Mannock of Wormingford, Essex, gent. v. John Turnor, gent, and Albane Clark Lease of a moiety of the manor of Lamarsh, in Lamarsh, Essex. Dismission. C78/34, no. 18 [44]
1568 6 July 10 Richard West v. Richard Hoppinge and wife Joan and William Lane. Lease of a mansion house and berton called Netherstewford, and a chantry, in Colliton, Devon. Dismission. C78/36, no. 57 [45]
1568 7 July 10 Albion Langdall, D.D., Henry Heyes, son of Richard Heyes, dec. and Walter Creswell, gent. v. John Ailington. Issues from manors of Heigh and Flood in Binstead and Worldham, Hants. Non payment of rent for Heigh mansion house. C78/42, no. 10 [46]
1568 11 Oct 10 Margaret Chadwell, widow and sometime wife of Robert Frenche and her son Henry Frenche v. Elizabeth Court, widow Customary holding of the manor of Allesborough, Worcs. C78/34, no. 19 [47]
1568 11 Oct 10 Francis Kersey of Revesby, Lincs., gent. v. Dame Elizabeth Ayscoughe. Common of pasture called Holmes in Cherry Willingham, Lincs. Dismission. C78/36, no. 48 [48]
1568 12 Oct 10 Henry Hoskins of Beaminster, Dors. v. Robert Turnor. Lease of a moiety of a cottage and four acres of land in manor or prebend of Beaminster Secunda, Dors. Dismission. C78/42, no. 11 [49]
1568 16 Oct 10 Philip Cove of Allington, Wilts., husbandman v. Francis Newdigate, esq., Lady Anne his wife, late duchess of Somerset, and Thomas Hacker. Conventual lease of tenement, toft and closes in Allington, granted by prior of Farleigh, Wilts. Dismission. C78/42, no. 12 [50]
1568 18 Oct 10 John Sawyer of West Hanningfield, Essex, husbandman v. Thomas Gilberts sen. and jun. Annuity of £3.6s.8d. out of a customary holding in manor of West Hanningfield, Essex. C78/43, no. 9 [51]
1568 19 Oct 10 George Pilkington v. Edward Holte. Lease of two messuages with lands in Stanton. C78/36, no. 59 [52]
1568 20 Oct 10 Ralph Sallisburie of city of London, merchant taylor v. Thomas ap William ap Llewelyn ap Davye Vaughan, Thomas Salsburye, John Robinson, William Howkes, John Howkes, Thomas ap Robert ap Mereddith ap Rice, Robert ap Meredith ap William, Davye ap John ap Rice, Robert ap Rice ap Davye Diverse messuages, burgages and lands in Conway, 'Castle Lephan', ‘Ewerdern' and 'Lothia' in Commote of Isaf, Caern, worth 40 marks p.a. C78/38, no. 24 (sic) [53]
1568 23 Oct 10 Ralph Burton v. Robert Thrower. Attempted purchase of the office of under keeper of Ludgate Gaol by plaintiff, a prisoner there, with £100 of goods and chattels in a tenement in Newington Green, Midd. Confiscation of goods by defendant. Dismission. C78/36, no. 60 [54]
1568 23 Oct 10 Thomas Tawyer v. Henry Clarke and wife Anne. Lease of capital messuage of Stanwick, Northants., held of dean and chapter of Peterborough. C78/38, no. 26 [55]
1568 28 Oct 10 Nicholas Wheler and wife Edith, widow of Richard Taylor, and Richard, son of the said Richard Taylor, dec. v. Edward Bollinge Manor of Ghellow in parish of Bradford, Yorks. Conventual lease granted by Selby Abbey. Dismission. C78/43, no. 1 [56]
1568 1 Nov 10 Dame Elizabeth Dennys, widow v. Walter Phillipes, dean of Rochester, Martin Collyns, clerk, John Frenche and Francis Culpeper, gents. Tithes of the lands of late Commandry of Sutton-at-Hone, Kent and lease of the same. C78/36, no. 37 [57]
1568 4 Nov 10 William Grene v. Henry Buckfolde, Nicholas Love and Leonard Yates, executors of John Grene dec, plaintiff's father. Lease of land in Chilworth and Combe, with stock, and of land in Latchford, Oxon. C78/42, no. 16 [58]
1568 6 Nov 10 Winifred Buller, widow of Thomas Buller v. George Potter and John Haydon. Tenement, cottages and lands in Broadhembury, Devon, leased by Dunkeswell Abbey, Devon to Thomas and Joan Potter and the plaintiff, Winifred. Dismission. C78/42, no. 13 [59]
1568 9 Nov 10 Thomas Taylor, son of John Taylor of Bitton, Glos. v. William Gybbes. Lease of a messuage, land and mines of coals called sea cole and stone cole in parish of Bitton, Glos. C78/43, no. 7 [60]
1568 11 Nov 10 Lawrence Hyde of Wardour, Wilts, gent. v. John Carington and Anthony Venables. Land in Great Budworth, Ches. See C78/22/40; 42/14 C78/40, no. 20 [61]
1568 11 Nov 10 Lawrence Hyde of Wardour Castle, Wilts., gent. v. John Corington and Anthony Venables. Messuage called Whetehall with lands in Aston near Pickmere in parish of Great Budworth, Ches. See C78/40/20 and C78/22/40. C78/42, no. 14 [62]
1568 13 Nov 10 William Mayre v. John Symes. Seven messuages in Daventry, Northants. Dismission. C78/36, no. 61 [63]
1568 15 Nov 10 Thomas Bowlinge v. Robert Tempeste. Manor of Wadlands [in Calverley], Yorks. Dismission. C78/36, no. 47 [64]
1568 16 Nov 10 Thomas Lancaster, gent. v. George Griffith. Messuages and lands in Llanbedr, 'Glyn Grount, Trescastell and Lighynn' in Isaf, Caern. Dismission. C78/43, no. 2 [65]
1568 16 Nov 10 Edmund Mychelles v. Roger Smythe, executor of Robert Shribbe, citizen and mercer of London, dec. Two messuages, yards and gardens in St. Margarets, Ipswich, Suff. C78/38, no. 19 [66]
1568 16 Nov 10 Henry ap Thomas v. Robert Rutter and Thomas Lloid. Messuage and land in ‘Llevassocke', Denb. Dismission. C78/43, no. 4 [67]
1568 18 Nov 11 George Julian alias Coriton v. Peter Coriton. Lease of manor of Trebeath, Corn. Dismission. C78/38, no. 27 [68]
1568 18 Nov 11 John Michell of Headley, Hants., yeoman v. Richard and Robert Michell A promised estate in copyhold lands and tenements in Froxfield, Hants., parcel of the manor of East Meon. Plaintiff is eldest son; defendants are the father and younger son. C78/42, no. 15 [69]
1568 18 Nov 11 Augustine Crase v. John Grantham and John White. Moiety of a messuage and 100 acres of land in Basildon, Berks., late of John Austen, dec. C78/42, no. 18 [70]
1568 19 Nov 11 Robert Grymble; Peter Aldriche; William Mathewe; Robert Aldriche, for all inhabitants of Monk Soham, Suff. v. Thomas Bedingfeld. Lands and tenements worth £10 p.a. in Monk Soham, Suff. C78/37, no. 5 [71]
1568 19 Nov 11 Nicholas Sampson and wife Marion, daughter-in-law of Robert Tytherley, dec. v. Thomas Selwood, Thomas Haydon and wife Christian and Richard Trott. Reversion of a customary holding in manor of Westcombeland, Buckland St. Mary, Som. C78/42, no. 27 [72]
1568 23 Nov 11 John Elverye v. John Havell and Edward Comber. A gate allegedly obstructing right of way between Pevensey and Hastings. Tenement called Sougthy and 140 acres of land in Bexhill and Pevensey, Sussex. Dismission. C78/42, no. 19 [73]
1568 24 Nov 11 Simeon Styward, wife Joan, and son Thomas v. Leonard Tyllett. Annuity of 14s. 2d. from lands and tenements called manor of Shardelows in manor of Barton, Suff. C78/37, no. 6 [74]
1568 25 Nov 11 Thomas Harrison of Cottenham, Cambs., gent v. Sir Richard Cholmeley and others (not named). Fine of £53, 6.8. and a lease of the manor of Lylys in parish of Cottenham. C78/38, no. 25 (sic) [75]
1568 25 Nov 11 Roger Langford, infant brother of Roger Langford dec. by John Stedman v. John Leedes, Edward Dartnoll and John Gates. Messuage and land called Wyndham or Morsers in Twineham, Sussex, a customary holding of the manor of Tottington Wold. C78/39, no. 18 [76]
1568 26 Nov 11 Ralph Salisburye of London, merchant taylor v. Thomas ap William ap Llewellyn, David Vaughan, Thomas Salisburye, John Robinson, William Hookes, John Hookes, Thomas ap Robert ap Meredith, Robert ap Meredith ap William, David ap John ap Rice, Robert ap Rice ap David Messuages, burgages and lands in Conway, ‘Castell Lepham, Ewarderne and Lothia, in Isaf, Caern. C78/43, no. 3 [77]
1568 27 Nov 11 John Hole by John Sexe and wife Christian v. Robert Warne and John Banyster. Five messuages and 500 acres of land in Alton and elsewhere (places named) in Hants., late of Thomas Hole of Havant, dec. C78/42, no. 17 [78]
1568 27 Nov 11 Thomas Drake of Hound, Hants, tailor, for Elizabeth Drake v. Robert Clare. Customary holding in manor of Bishop's Sutton, Hants, late of Edmund Drake of Midhurst, Sussex, husbandman. Dismission. C78/42, no. 26 [79]
1568 27 Nov 11 Christopher Redshawe v. Sir Richard Cholmeley and Roger Cholmeley, esq. Bond of 2,000 marks. Lease of manor of 'Ulleston', Yorks, for a thousand years. C78/43, no. 6 [80]
1568 29 Nov 11 John Francklyn and Richard Nicolles v. James Berche. Profits from Chesham Park woodlands in Chesham, Bucks. Alleged failure to abide by an earlier arbitration. C78/36, no. 51 [81]
1568 29 Nov 11 William Meger v. John Penhellick, bailiff of St. Ives. Conspiracy over sale of 52 quarters of salt and imprisonment of plaintiff. C78/37, no. 4 [82]
1568 10 C78/, no. []