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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
Hilary Term
1545 4 Feb. 36 Richard Polhill, yeoman v Robert Moulton. Dismission. Latin. C78/2, no. 49 [2]
1545 4 Feb. 36 Martin Sedley of Lavenham, gent, v Robert Leche and wife Agnes, executrix of Alan Deyster, dec. Legacy and payment of £5, 15s.6d to be paid in woad. C78/2, no. 50 [3]
1545 6 Feb. 36 Frances Mevcrell alias Meyverell esq., v John Roper, esq. Lands in Stapley, Ches., already subject of a Chancery decree in 31 Hen. VIII. C78/1, no. 25 [4]
1545 6 Feb. 36 Robert Kemp v William Hone. Rent of £1.2s.2d on a messuage called The Red Lion in the parish of St. Nicholas ad Marcelias, London. Latin. C78/2, no. 47 [5]
1545 6 Feb. 36 Robert Brent and John Laurence v William Hone Rent. on The Red Lion and a messuage in parish of St. Nicholas ad Marcellas, London. Latin C78/2, no. 48 [6]
1545 6 Feb. 36 Robert Style v Lyonell Tallmage. Lease and rents due from manor of 'Kyttes of the Feld' in Ashbocking, Suff., after a lease by the owner, Roger Woodhouse, esq. C78/3, no. 10 [7]
1545 7 Feb. 36 Nicholas Hudson and wife Dorothy v John Barton. Nine messuages and lands in Wirksworth, Derb. Latin. C78/1, no. 26 [8]
1545 7 Feb. 36 William Davye and wife Elizabeth v Robert Rychardes. Six messuages in Broadmede and St James Banke in Bristol. Latin C78/3, no. 1
1545 9 Feb. 36 Edward Deremer v George Rotheram esq A croft in Luton, Beds. C78/3, no. 68 [9]
1545 10 Feb. 36 Henry Colens v Thomas Maundefeld. Debts of Thomas Mayo, clerk, dec, owed to Colens. Latin C78/1, no. 21 [10]
1545 10 Feb. 36 William Hodges v Margaret Heth. Messuage and land in Tutbury, Staffs. Latin. C78/1, no. 31 [11]
1545 10 Feb. 36 William Whorwood, Attorney General v Thomas Dalary Revenues of rectory of Lythe, Yorks., and lease of the same. Latin. C78/1, no 24 [12]
1545 10 Feb. 36 John Wayland,husbandman v Richarde Alcester and wife Margery. Lease of manor of Cranford, Midd. C78/1, no. 34 [13]
1545 10 Feb. 36 Thomas Hayday v John Monke Copyhold lands of manor of Westbury, Herts. Latin C78/3, no. 28 [14]
1545 10 Feb. 36 William Parson v Joan Andrewe Dismission. Latin C78/3, no. 29 [15]
1545 10 Feb. 36 Robert Creme v Rycharde Watkyns and others (named). Capital messuage and garden and two tenements in Mincing Lane without parish of St Dunstan's in the East, London. C78/3, no. 29 [16]
1545 11 Feb. 36 Joan Monnyngs, widow and executrix of Robert Monnyngs v John Arundell. Debts owed to Robert Monnyngs. Latin C78/1, no 23 [17]
1545 11 Feb. 36 Edmund Lawson and wife Margery v John Burne. Moiety of village or hamlet of Parva Usworth, Durh. Latin. C78/1, no. 32 [18]
1545 22 Feb. 36 Richard Andrewes, now deceased v Henry Lumley. Manor of Harleston, Northants. Latin. C78/1, no. 22 [19]
1545 10 Mar. 36 Mayor and Commonality of London v John Spendlowe,clerk Lease by Prebendary of Frinsbury (of St Paul's Cathedral) of Manor of Frinsbury to London in 7 Hen. VIII. New owner of manor, Spendlowe, at variance with London over monastic rents previously due to the manor. C78/1, no. 84 [20]
1545 37
Easter Term
1545? 37 John Lovybande v Thomas Temys, gent Lease of manor of Northshorrwell alias Northcourte, Isle of Wight, Hants. C78/3, no. 47 [21]
1545? Jeane Saham, widow of Edward Saham v William Warnor Four messuages, 106 acres of land and 'The liberty of one fold course’ in Bridgham, Norf C78/3, no. 48 [22]
1545 25 April 37 John Barker v Ralph Leche. Sale of four messuages and land in Tottyngley [Totley] Derb. Latin C78/1, no. 81 [23]
1545 25 April 37 William Jackson v Vincent Lowe One acre of land in Compten, Derb. Latin. C78/1, no. 83 [24]
1545 28 April 37 John Moyses v Edward Legg Farm called Holgate in Holgate, Salop. C78/3, no. 101 [25]
1545 1 May 37 Alice Bowghey, late Alice Tompson, wife of John Tompson, dec. v Thomas Clement. Recognizance. . Defendant given a dismission. Latin. C78/1, no. 82 [26]
Undated; see above Bowghy (Boughy) v Thomas Clement. Costs of £2 awarded to Clement for his troubles. C78/1, no. 85 [27]
1545 4 May 37 Nicholas Woodhouse v Philip Wharton. Estate of William Asshe, including four tenements in St. Laurence in Old Jewry, London and another in Byrgen Lane, London. Latin. C78/1, no. 80 [28]
1545 5 May 37 John Hodson of Uxbridge, Midd. v Richard Nycolles. Copyhold tenure of a meadow called Margery Mead and Edgware, held of manor of Edgware. C78/1, no. 79 [29]
1545 8 May 37 John Mede v Robert Mede. Messuage and 30 acres land in Compton in parish of Southpetherton, Som. Latin. C78/3, no. 43 [30]
1545 8 May 37 Richard Brokelsby v Thomas Pynder, clerk Presentation to church of Barnston, Yorks, Dismission. Latin. C78/3, no. 104 [31]
1545 12 May 37 William Blackwall y Alexander Pylkynton and wife Alice. A close called 'Spyke Intake1 in Sherwood, Notts, and two messuages and one toft and 20 acres of land called 'Roberts Lands' also in Sherwood. C78/3, no. 46 [32]
1545 15 May 37 Richard Johnson and wife Alice v John Wodham alias Wadham. Title to a mansion called Hesyll in Rew, Devon, and rent from its lease. C78/1, no. 78 [33]
1545 16 May 37 William Peter, Knight, Dame Anne his wife and John Browne v William Browne elder son and executor of late William Browne, alderman of London. Legacy in Browne's testament, to his two younger children, Dame Anne and John Browne. Contested moiety of testators' chattels equalled £737. Executor ordered to pay plaintiffs. C78/1, no 40 [34]
1545 18 May 37 John Steyll, clerk, Thomas Sowden and Isabel Thornton v John Wilkynson and William Felde. Dismission. Latin. C78/1, no. 41 [35]
1545 8 June 37 William Seintbarbe esq. v William Knyght. Manor of Aiderton, Wilts., and parsonage of ‘white'parish and 'white' church in Dors. and Wilts. C78/3, no. 103 [36]
Trinity Term
1545 August 37 Robert Yeo, gentylman v John Raddon and Thomas Artour, his tenants. Copyhold lands in manor of Cotteleigh [Devon] claimed as theirs by tenants, from 19 Hen. VIII. C78/1, no. 37 [37]
Michaelmas Term
1545 Michaelmas Term 37 Sir Robert Southwell v Nicholas Thurston. Rights of copyholder Thurston in the manor of Hoxton, Suffolk. Thurston held 268 acres by copy of court roll. No. 3 is the full submissions of both Southwell and Thurston. No.4 is the Decree (all in English). Conflict over the customs of the manor. Decree states that Chancellor took the advice of both chief justices. C78/3, no. 3-4 [38]
1545 4 Oct. 37 Bonaventure Michaell and Jerom Amolfe, Italians, v John Dyas, merchant of Portugal resident in London. Sale of a bill of exchange for £140.00 Fleming, which was not valid when presented in Antwerp. Dyas ordered to pay the petitioners £100 sterling in satisfaction of £140 Flemish letter of exchange. C78/1, no. 43 [39]
1545 5 Oct. 37 Elizabeth Webbe, widow of Simon Webbe of London, gentleman v Robert Webbe. Dower rights and legacies due to complainant from will of her late husband. Defendant was executor. C78/1, no. 38 [40]
1545 12 Oct. 37 William Coppyn v John Page 'Sextens Ferme' and Warrennes* in Westley, Suff. C78/3, no. 78 [41]
1545 18 Oct. 37 Andrewe Spurrell v William Wyllys Messuage and 103 acres of land and wood in Urchfont, Wilts. Dismission. C78/3, no. 77 [42]
1545 20 Oct. 37 John Grene v Elizabeth Baryngton, widow of William Boughton, dec. administratrix of his goods. Lease of 1,100 acres meadow and pasture in Chilworth and Combe, Oxon. Latin. C78/1, no. 42 [43]
1545 20 Oct. 37 Henry Ode v. John Lygh alias Leighe, esq. Lease of site of manor of Levehurst, Surrey and a tenement in Frankham [? Frensham} Surrey. C78/1, no 49 [44]
1545 23 Oct. 37 Alen Percy, clerk, parson of St Mary Hill, London and parishioners of the same v Mayor and Corporation of London. Title to a messuage and a quay at Billingsgate. Defendants showed title and were dismissed. C78/1, no. 62 [45]
1545 24 Oct. 37 Richard Wele v John Wele alias Roberts. Dismission. Latin. C78/1, no 47 [46]
1545 24 Oct. 37 William Norfolke v Julia Norwyche. A capital messuage called 'Porters' with appurtenances in Barking, Essex, and 480 acres of land and woods there. Dismission. Latin C78/3, no 76 [47]
1545 27 Oct. 37 Robert Lovett and wife Eleanor v James Orchard. Tenement or burgage called Walwyn House in Derby. C78/1, no. 45 [48]
1545 27 Oct. 37 Roger Daye of Hexton, Herts., husbandman v Edmund Bradway Messuage and 40 acres of land called 'Jees' in Westoning,Beds., held by copy of manor of Westoning. Latin. C78/3, no. 75 [49]
1545 29 Oct. 37 Agnes Rede, widow of Edward Rede of Norwich v Peter Rede, son and executor of Rede. Disposition of estate of Edward. Rede. A previous agreement between the parties, cited here, had been made before mayor of Norwich in July 37 Hen. VIII. C78/1, no. 44 [50]
1545 31 Oct. 37 Elizabeth, Lady Tilney v Thomas Tilney, esq. Manor of Shelley, Suff., late Lady Tilney's husband Sir Philip's to her for term of her life; her release of rights to other estates of her late husband including manor of Cowbridge [Boston], Lincs. C78/1, no. 39 [51]
1545 3 Nov. 37 Edmund Olyver, clerk,rector of Cotterstock, Northants v John Johnson. Lease of rectory to defendant, questioned.by petitioner who is new rector. Latin. C78/1, no. 87 [52]
1545 7 Nov. 37 William Morgan, son of Morgan Williams, dec. v John Ap Morgan son of Morgan Williams Parcel of about 200 acres of land in parish of 'St Tilia of Barthalewe', Mown. Latin. C78/3, no. 79 [53]
1545 13 Nov. 37 Emott Worsey v John Gresbroke and William Hawkes Debt of 40 marks, legacy of plaintiff's father, Henry Worsey. C78/3, no. 89 [54]
1545 15 Nov. 37 Rychard Hasylden of London, girdler v Sir Robert Payton and wife. Manors of Boudysbury, Pychardes and Foxleys with watermill, Hokes mill, 20 messuages and lands,in Cambs. Petitioner dismissed; he used a forged deed. C78/1, no. 86 [55]
1545 18 Nov. 37 Richard Rastell v Christopher Barker. A debt of 10 ducats or 50s English, owed to Rastell, over an inquisition post mortem of Justinian Barker, son of Christopher. C78/1, no. 53 [56]
1545 18 Nov. 37 Leonard Mase v Nicholas Smyth and wife Margarett. Dismission C78/3, no. 80 [57]
1545 20 Nov. 37 Agnes Ranwyke, wid. of Christopher Ranwyke, dec. v John Parker. A messuage called Bradfield in Theydon Garnon, Essex and other lands in Essex. Latin. C78/3, no. 44 [58]
1545 24 Nov. 37 Thomas Elys of London, tyler v Thomas Robertes of Glastonbury [? Glassenbury] Kent, gent. Dismission. Latin. C78/3, no. 2 [59]
1545 25 Nov. 37 Robert Baldern of Luton, Beds, v Richard Crouche Two 'farthings of land' and 280 acres of land in Hexton, Herts. Dismission. C78/3, no. 88 [60]
1545 26 Nov. 37 Henry Huntley v Stephyn Austeyn. Sale of certain lands in Kent. Dismission. c78/1, no. 46 [61]
1545 26 Nov. 37 John Virgyn v Thomas Phillipps, son of Richard Phillipps and others (named). A close and 20 acres land and pasture in Busshopton and in Mountague [Montacute], Som. Latin. C78/1, no. 48 [62]
1545 26 Nov. 37 Richard Cardyff v Anne Cardyf, widow Possession of four messuages and lands in County Palatine of Chester, between widow and son. Latin. C78/1, no. 54 [63]
1545 29 Nov. 37 Henry Nause v Alexander Arundell. Lease of 2 messuages, 200 acres of land and appurtenances in Nause, Adon and Chywarton, Corn. C78/1, no. 89 [64]
1545 18 Dec. 37 John Blackeman of Tilehurst, Berks, husbandmen v Thomas Vachell of Reading. Lease of certain of the demesne lands of Reading Abbey, from a conventual lease of 17 Hen. VIII. C78/3, no. 5 [65]