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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
Hilary Term
1544 3 Feb. 35 William Parker and John Parker v Robert Heth Farm of a messuage and garden in Glaston, Staffs. Latin. C78/3, no. 65 [2]
1544 7 Feb. 35 James Burstowe v Robert Burstowe Messuage in Horley, Surrey. Latin. C78/3, no. 27 [3]
1544 8 Feb. 35 Richard Mucklowe v Robert Mucklowe Lands in Welland, Redhill Cross, Worcs., parcel of estate of William Mucklowe, complainant's father. C78/3, no. 26 [4]
1544 12 Feb. 35 Walter Skynner v. Joan Phylypp, widow of William Phylypp, and others (named). Lease of a farm called Copynsey in Hawkchurch, Dorset. C78/1, no 65 [5]
Easter Term
1544 Easter Term 36 Thomas Jurden of Wilmington, Sussex v Sir Owen West. An enforced obligation made by Jurden to West, and that it is of no validity. C78/1, no. 72 [6]
1544 28 April 36 Stephen Braytyll and John Hyckmote of Horsmonden, Kent, husbandmen v Henry and Cristofer Sampson '16 pieces of arable land' in Horsmonden (?), the subject of an arbitration in 16 Hen. VIII, claimed by parish church wardens. Defendant owes 1 mark p.a. since 16 Hen. VIII. C78/3, no. 66 [7]
1544 5 May 36 John Dyxon v Robert Hall. Sale of stable and gardens in Rochester, Kent. Latin. C78/1, no. 68 [8]
1544 7 May 36 Sir Michael Dormer, citizen and alderman of London v John Glascock. Lands in Goodester, Chiknall, Seynt James and Bromfeld, Essex. Latin. C78/1 no. 6 [9]
1544 12 May 36 Thomas, Peter and Edward Collyng and John Hawkyns v John Baughe and wife Margaret, formerly wife of Robert Hawkins of East Greenwich, Kent, dec. Three messuages and three gardens, gavelkind lands. [Place not stated]. Latin. C78/2, no 45 [10]
1544 13 May 36 Oliver Baynbrygg v George Manser. A passage called Peatgate in Middleton, Westm. Latin. C78/1, no 69 [11]
1544 15 May 36 William Byrlyngham v Henry Ruge and other (named). Inheritance of four messuages and lands in Weston Le Bay, Ryeford and Walton Wythe in Forest of Dean, Glos. and Heref. C78/1, no. 71 [12]
1544 15 May 36 William Walton, gent. v Thomas Husee, esq Manor of Duller, Dors, and appurtenant lands. C78/3, no. 102 [13]
1544 16 May 36 John Fitz v. Churchwardens of St Bride, Fleet Street, London Lease of a messuage in Salisbury Alley, in parish of St. Bride's, Fleet Street, London. Latin. C78/3, no. 98 [14]
1544 17 May 36 Richard Thacham v Thomas Rede. Manor of Idmuston, or Thacham's manor [?] Wilts. Latin C78/1 no. 20 [15]
1544 20 May 36 Thomas Boston v William Lyte. Lease of manor of Fifeld, Wilts, previously from Dartford Nunnery, Kent; and manor of Trowe, Wilts. Will of John Boston. Latin C78/1 no. 3 [16]
1544 24 May 36 Richard Crofte, esq. v William Herbert. Debts from a recognizance, owed by Herbert. Latin. C78/1, no. 28 [17]
1544 24 May 36 John Cooke, esq. v. Richard Pexall, esq. Lease of parsonage of Steventon, Southants., and commonpasture rights at Southdowne there. C78/3, no. 99 [18]
1544 24 May 36 James Leveson, merchant of the Staple v John Leveson Messuage in Wolverhampton, Staffs. Latin. C78/2, no. 46 [19]
1544 26 May 36 Robert Herryson, clerk v William Sutton and others (named) Messuages and lands in Wrangle and Leake, Lines. Latin. C78/1, no. 70 [20]
1544 26 May 36 Matthew Thymbylbye esq. v William Watson Messuage and 4 acres of land in Woodhall, Lincs. C78/2, no. 51 [21]
1544 2 June 36 Sir Thomas Griffithe v Robert Chauntrell and his wife Margarett, and other executors of Thomas Saunders, dec. Lease of manor of Thorplubenham, Northants C78/1 no. 7 [22]
1544 8 June 36 John Chamberleyn v vicars of Lincoln Cathedral. Enforcing a Star Chamber decree concerning money owed to Chamberleyn over a messuage which was in dispute between them. C78/1, no. 73 [23]
1544 11 June 36 Anthony Waters and wife Joan v Anthony Bryan and William Barker. Lands Lands in Bitteswell and Knaptoft, Leics. Latin. C78/1, no 29 [24]
Trinity Term
1544 18 June 36 Adam Walton v John Bothe. . Use and occupation of a close called Waltons Haye in Huntington, Ches., and pasture for two kine of Walton. C78/1, no. 58 [25]
1544 18 June 36 Margaret Foster, widow of Richard Foster, dec. v Richard Hamersley and Robert Baryngton, executors of Foster's testament. Pasture in town of Stafford and will of late Richard Foster. Latin. C78/1, no. 77 [26]
1544 19 June 36 Thomas Tregodek v Richard Tremayne Lease of a messuage and lands in South Petherwin, Corn. Latin. C78/1, no. 27 [27]
1544 19 June 36 John Heron and wife Joan, heir of John Williamson v Robert Whitehed. Tenement and half acre of land in Coggeshall, Essex. Latin. C78/2, no. 42 [28]
1544 19 June 36 Alice Moll v William Moll. Messuage and 60 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 40 acres of pasture in Cheadle, Staffs. Latin C78/2, no. 44 [29]
1544 27 June 36 Alexander Purlewent of Sandhurst, Glos. v John Hereford and wife Joan, formerly wife of Walter Purlewent, dec. Lease of Manor of Brewerne [? Bruern, Oxon.] Latin. C78/2, no. 43 [30]
1544 28 June 36 Thomas Robertes senior, and wife Agnes and Thomas Robertes, junior and Elizabeth Robertes v William Dole. Dismission. Latin. C78/1, no. 30 [31]
1544 28 June 36 William Sapurton v Robert Marckham. Eight messuages and lands in Leek, Staffs, and estate of John Sapurton, dec. C78/1, no. 76 [32]
1544 28 June 36 William Leigh and George Clarke v Gregory Columbell, clerk, and Thomas Fyshe. Last will of Thomas Clerke, late chantry priest of [ - ] Derb., and forgery of a false will. C78/3, no. 67 [33]
1544 1 July 36 Robert Hyll and wife Margaret v John Carmynowe. Lands in Kenkeith, Corn. Latin. C78/1 no. 8 [34]
1544 2 July 36 John Wele, John Tutgaye and other tenants of manor of Milton Clevedon, Som. v William Grene, owner of the manor. Enforcement of a previous Chancery decree regulating access to common pastures in the manor. See also C78/2/9. C78/1 no. 9 [35]
1544 6 July 36 Robert Harrey and his wife Agnes, late wife of Robert Siyseham, dec. v Thomas Harlakenden esq. A rent of 5 marks from houses in St. Andrew Undershaft, London. C78/1 no. 4 [36]
1544 22 Aug. 36 John Sadler, Alderman of London v Wylliam Kendall of Launceston, Corn. Kendall's obligation to repay a third party which Sadler received in recompense of a debt and could not collect. Also lease of a Crown mine in Glamorgan offered in payment. Decree awards iron mine lease to Sadler. C78/1, no. 74 [37]
1544 8 Sept 36 Sir John Dudley, Viscount Lisle v Sir Thomas Legh. Lands of the Hospital of Burton Lazars, Lincoln diocese, in Leics., and lands of the Hospital of St. Giles in the Fields, Midd. Lands in Midd., Leics., Derb., Lincs., Rut., Norf., Suff., Hunts., Northants., Yorks., Essex, Northumb., and London. C78/1 no. 1 [38]
Michaelmas Term
1544 Michaelmas Term 36 Leonard Dykes v Thomas Pulvertoft, son of Robert Pulvertoft, dec. Lands in Stykney, Handelby, Somercotts, Weston and Spalding, Lines. Question of disputed inheritance. Latin. C78/1, no 18 [39]
1544 Michaelmas Term 36 Joan and Thomas Hon v Percyval Jeffreson and John Man Case over lands in variance (not named). Dismission. C78/3, no 73 [40]
1544 21 Oct. 36 James Aldersley of London, goldsmith v Elizabeth Lockwood, widow A close called Hundredes in Yorks [no place stated]. Latin. C78/2, no. 52 [41]
1544 21 Oct. 36 William Moye v John Watkins. Dismission. Latin. C78/3, no. 11 [42]
1544 22 Oct. 36 Nicholas Saterley v Thomas Large Dismission. Latin. C78/2, no. 53 [43]
1544 22 Oct. 36 William Sawyer alias Draper and wife Margaret v Nicholas Collyn, executor of testament of John Safull. Lands in Boxted, Essex and will of Safull. Latin C78/1 no. 10 [44]
1544 22 Oct. 36 Nicholas Saturley v Thomas Large. Dismission. Latin C78/1 no. 11 [45]
1544 23 Oct. 36 Edward Lloid and wife Julia, formerly wife of John Hodsall of London, leatherseller, dec. v John Hodsall, son of William Hodsall. Dismission. Latin C78/3 no. 12 [46]
1544 26 Oct. 36 Robert Crathorne v George Sybsaye Two messuages or tenements in St. Botulf Market place, Boston, Lincs. C78/3 no. 69 [47]
1544 26 Oct. 36 Robert Curson, and wife Jane, formerly wife of John Eggecombe, dec. v Jerome Hampden and Michael Dormer, Kt. Lands left in will of late John Eggecombe to his widow, including "Swynneshead" and meadow called 'Wyversley', etc., in Headington, Barton, Oxon. C78/3 no. 71 [48]
1544 30 Oct. 36 Michael Broke v William Broke and Edward Gardyner. Two messuages and a tenement called 'Lordys' and Dardys and 160 acres of land in Little and Great Munden, Herts. Latin. C78/3, no. 70 [49]
1544 31 Oct. 36 Robert Duffeld and John Drewe v Richard Ide. Messuage, watermill and lands in E. Grinsted,Sussex. C78/1, no. 17 [50]
1544 1 Nov. 36 William Barneley, son and heir of John Barneley, dec. v John Leveson. Inheritance of messuage and land in Overpen and Netherpen, Staffs. C78/1, no. 16 [51]
1544 6 Nov. 36 Thomas Poinit v Anthony Pelham. Lands in Dallington, Sussex. Latin. C78/1, no. 12 [52]
1544 8 Nov. 36 John Danyell the elder, Raffe Maire, William Waterhouse, John Harrys the younger, John Danyell the younger and other inhabitants of Crudworth, Warw. v Thomas Ardern, esq. Lands called Ardern Hill and Lammas Leys there enclosed by Ardern, claimed as common pasture. C78/1, no 14 [53]
1544 12 Nov. 36 Wilfrid Pigbourne v Edward Rosse Manor of North Leverton, Notts. Latin. C78/1, no. 13 [54]
1544 12 Nov. 36 Henry Wright v Henry Tofte Dismission. Latin C78/3, no. 13 [55]
1544 13 Nov. 36 Margery Wood, widow of Robert Wood, dec. v John Bentley. Messuage and lands in Longford, Derb. Latin C78/1 no. 5 [56]
1544 14 Nov. 36 Richard Hunt, citizen and mercer of London v. Richard Cornewall, esq. Manor of Ynsor in Heref. Latin C78/1 no. 2 [57]
1544 14 Nov. 36 Sir Humphrey Broun, sergeant-at-law to the King v William Woodleffe, citizen and mercer of London. Dismission. Latin. C78/1, no. 50 [58]
1544 15 Nov. 36 William Grynder and,wife Phyllis, late wife of Robert Elyott, Jr. dec. v Joan Elyott, widow. Two messuages and lands in Littleton, Shepperton, Sunbury, Midd. Will of Robert Elyott. Latin. C78/1, no. 75 [59]
1544 20 Nov. 36 John Braughing v Lettice Rice, widow of Simon Rice of London, mercer and Richard Wilson. Braughing was servant and factor of Simon Rice, and seeks his legacy, an annuity from defendants, Rice's executors C78/3, no. 15 [60]
1544 20 Nov. 36 John Selyock v Roger Fuliambe and Katherine Fuliambe. Debts owed to Selydck from testament of Roger Fuliambe, dec. Latin. C78/3, no. 72 [61]
1544 20 Nov. 36 John Barley v William Gilbert Messuage, lands and a barn, part of the manor of Bulford, formerly owned by Amesbury Priory, Wilts. Both parties claim to be the holders by copy of court roll. C78/3, no. 100 [62]
1544 24 Nov. 36 John Miche and wife Alice v Thomas Patsall and Edward Solme. Right heir of manor of Dorams alias Mepsals in Sandon, Essex, and 60 acres of land in Springfield, Essex. Latin. C78/3, no. 14 [63]
1544 24 Nov. 36 Edward Hales v John Bampfield Ten acres of meadow in Hardington, Som., and common rights in 'Hardington More’. C78/3, no. 74 [64]
1544 26 Nov. 36 Juliana Cachemayde, widow v Thomas Cachemayde. Inheritance of manor of Byggeswer in Forest of Deane, Glos. and other lands of John Cachemayde, sen., dec. Latin. C78/1, no. 15 [65]
1544 27 Nov. 36 Joan Welby, widow, of William Welby, dec. v Richard Welby. Manor of Wynthorp [Winthorpe], Lincs. Latin. C78/1, no 33 [66]
1544 10 Dec. 36 John Gardyner, son of Edward Gardyner, dec. v Robert Gardyner, uncle of John. Lease of manor of Natford, Dors. C78/1, no. 19 [67]