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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1541 20 Jan 32 John Hereford, Master of the Hall or College of the Annunciation of St Mary, otherwise Gonville Hall, Cambridge v Thomas Judderell College's ownership of 200 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow and 20 acres of pasture in Wycham and Coventry in Isle of Ely, Cambs. Uncompleted sale of land to Judderell. Latin. C78/2, no 98 [2]
1541 10 Feb 32 Richard Moreton v Thomas Heryngman Dismission. Latin. C78/2, no 67 [3]
1541 5 May 33 Thomas Poyntell v. John Champneys Sale of wheat, worth £22.10s. Latin C78/2,no. 84 [4]
1541 18 May 33 Rauffe Jackeson and wife Alice (cousin and heir of Isabell Robynson, dec.) v Thomas Skipwith and Thomas Warren. Messuage called the Horsse Shoo and an orchard in St Albans, Herts. C78/2, no. 27 [5]
1541 24 May 33 Laurence Sherewode v Thomas Smalewode Messuage and land in Barre, Staffs., leased by Edward Sprotte, gent. Latin. C78/2, no. 33 [6]
1541 22 June 33 Elizabeth Corbet, widow v. Humfrey Vernon and William Cotton Payment of debt of 200 marks by written obligation. Latin. C78/2, no. 83 [7]
1541 23 June 33 John Webbe, clerk v. Thomas Astyn. Dismission. Latin. C78/2, no. 82 [8]
1541 28 June 33 Elizabeth Lynde, widow of John Lynde, dec. v William Lynde, clerk, an executor of will of John Lynde. Execution of John Lynde's testament and use of his chattels. C78/2, no. 28 [9]
1541 1 July 33 Edward Taylor and wife Katherine v Thomas Skypwyth; John Kechynge; Hugh Hardynge, clerk, executors of Gregory Warren of St Albans, Herts Last will and testament of Gregory Warren of St Albans. Latin C78/2, no. 77 [10]
1541 1 July 33 John Priest of London, grocer v. Arthur Devonshire, grocer and wife Osyth, daughter of petitioner. Lands in Lewisham, Romney and Romney.Marsh, Kent [not specified]. Relating to an earlier enfeoffment. Also lands in Chertsey, Surrey, and in East and 'West Ham, Essex. 2 houses in London. C78/2, no. 87 [11]
1541 1 July 33 John Danyell, esq. v Walter Hendley, esq., Attorney of Augmentations Manor of Ashbourneham with appurtenances in Sussex and Kent, and will of late William Ashburnham or Ashbournham. Latin. C78/2, no. 96 [12]
1541 5 July 33 John Wele; John Longe; Richard Brannche; William Stynt; William Lane; Richard Acourte; Richard Gullofer; John Tutgaye, tenants of manor of Milton Clevedon, Som. v William Grene, gent, owner of manor & Stephen Chikke, farmer of the said manor. Common pasture rights in the manor. See also C 78/1/9. Latin. C78/2, no. 9 [13]
1541 5 July 33 William Gayton of Holt Market, Norf. and wife Joan, daughter and heir of Robert Gedge of Stody, Norf. v William Bulwer. Messuage and land in Stody and Brinton, Norf. Latin C78/2, no. 10 [14]
1541 6 July 33 Edward Belyngham, executor of will of John Everard, dec. v Joan Everard, widow, executrix of William Everard her late husband, father of John. Legacies bequeathed to John Everard, including farm of Manor of Ovyngden. 500 marks worth C78/2, no. 73 [15]
1541 20 July 33 John Haselwode of Maidwell, Northants, esq. v Edward Haselwode, esq of London, his brother. Manor of Trafford, one messuage, a water mill and 400 acres of land in Byfield, Northants. C78/2, no. 74 [16]
1541 27 July 33 Richard Reynoldes of London, mercer v Olyver Leder, one of the Six Clerks of Chancery and wife Frances, heir of Francis Bawdewyn dec. Estate and chattels of late Francis Bawdewyn. In return for dropping all suits, etc., Reynolds to pay Leder 300 marks. C78/2, no. 99 [17]
1541 20 Oct 33 William Wynne v Humfrey Farley. Three messuages and appurtenant lands held in copyhold of the manor of Upledon. Wynne was outlawed and lands granted by copy to Farley in the meantime. C78/2, no. 76 [18]
1541 20 Oct 33 Richard Pynnell and wife Benedict v Richard Draper Messuage and lands, late of William. Merell, in Great Tey, Essex. Latin. C78/2, no. 72 [19]
1541 21 Oct 33 William Lyte, gent v Thomas Boston and William Boston. Lease of manor of Fyfeld, Wilts., previously from Dartford monastery, Kent. Cf. C78 1/3. Latin. C78/2, no. 25 [20]
1541 21 Oct 33 John Rede, son & heir of Edmund Rede decd v Robert Neve and Thomas Shank. Estate of Edmund Clere, dec, husband of Margaret, late wife of the said Edmund Rede, including lands in East Tuddenham, Bixton, Colton, Wicklewood and Morley, Norf. Latin. C78/2, no. 26 [21]
1541 11 Nov 33 Robert Rycardes alias Rychardys, son & heir of John Ricardys alias Rychardys decd v. Roger Pennye and William Davye & Elizabeth his wife. Six messuages in Bristol in Broad Mede street. Latin. C78/2, no. 81 [22]
1541 16 Nov 33 Nicholas Damport v. William Damport and wife Alice. 10 messuages, 200 acres of land, 100 acres of pasture in Weymslo, [Wilmslow], Ches. Latin C78/2, no. 79 [23]
1541 20 Nov 33 Thomas Hyde v Thomas Skypwyth; Hugh Hardyng, clerk; John Kechyn, executors of testament of Gregory Warren, dec. Legacies to Hyde in testament of Warren. Latin. C78/2, no. 78 [24]