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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1538 12 Feb 29 William Cheke & Anne his wife v. Robert Broun. Chattels of Elizabeth Brograve, dec. Latin. C78/2, no 59 [2]
1538 28 Feb 29 Robert Halley v Thomas Cheyne. Title to manor of Champneis in Tring, Herts. Latin C78/2, no. 20 [3]
1538 20 May 30 John Owtred, now deceased, son & heir of Robert Owtred also decd v Henry Stafford, and wife Joan, daughter & heir of Edmund Ba..ne, and William Petytt. A garden or orchard called 'Charles garden’ in Dartford, Kent. Latin. C78/2, no. 7 [4]
1538 24 May 30 Henry Horton v Richard ap Pytte alias Richardes. Two tenements and lands called Geffrye Land held of manor of Silverton, [Devon] and its owner Sir Nicholas Wadham. Latin. C78/2, no. 34 [5]
1538 26 May 30 Vincent Jomper v Richard Barowe. Lease of Manor of Dounton alias 'Le Newcourte’ [County not given]. Latin. C78/2, no 11 [6]
1538 3 June 30 Thomas Willett & Margaret his wife; Richard Alfeld & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Russham & Anne his wife v Edmund Harvy. Eighteen messuages and two fleshstalls in Sudbury, Suff. and 20 acres of land in Alphamstone, Essex. Latin. C78/2, no. 21 [7]
1538 20 June 30 Richard Wright v Thomas Crathorn. Lease of lands in Saltfleetby, Lincs, for 13 years. Latin. C78/2, no 3 [8]
1538 28 June 30 Thomas Pooles v Peter Troboke. Reversion of a messuage and land in Kyrkton in Holland [Kirton in Holland], Lincs. Latin. C78/2, no. 8 [9]
1538 10 July 30 Richard Plumer and wife Alice v John Smyth, clerk Dogmarsh and other parcels of land called Rydyngs held of the manor of Chingford, Essex. Latin. C78/2, no. 64 [10]
1538 26 Oct 30 Walter Hopton and Joan his wife v Alexander Fettiplace Dismission. Latin C78/2, no. 66 [11]
1538 11 Nov 30 Humfry Mapurley v. Thomas Longford, and others (not named). Messuage and garden in Nottingham. Latin. C78/2, no. 63 [12]
1538 12 Nov 30 William Sagemore and John Lobbe & Joan his wife v John Wattys; Simon Rouell Three messuages and lands in Thornbury and in Holdsworthy, Devon. Latin. C78/2, no 6 [13]
1538 12 Nov 30 Thomas Sheynton v Urianus Brereton Dismission. Latin. C78/2, no. 65 [14]
1538 23 Nov 30 Joan Longe, widow of Robert Longe, previously wife & executrix of Robert Johnson of London decd v Paul Withipoll, and Henry Bradshawe, gents. Inheritance of three messuages in Crooked Lane, London and 20 messuages in Southwark. Latin. C78/2, no 4 [15]