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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
No Year 30 June John Jelye and wife Joan, Margery Heywood, Agnes Maltus, Thomas Herd and wife Margaret, and William Legge v. Richard Mathie. Land in Chigwell, Essex, see C78/33/33. Dismission. C78/33, no. 33 [2]
1565 25 Jan 7 Edmund Thurbarne, servant to the earl of Hunts v. John Graunger alias Bugge and Robert Laundes alias Pallant. Customary holding in manor of Cotton Hempnall in Wickham, Cotton, Thornham, etc., Suff. Question of borough English. Dismission. C78/26, no. 19 [3]
1565 26 Jan 7 Thomas Dowryshe of Dowrich [in Sandford], Devon, esq. v. George Ford, John Seyntclere, Gabriel Seyntclere and Nicholas Adams. Manor of Kennerleigh, Devon. C78/25, no. 18 [4]
1565 26 Jan 7 William Rudston of Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambs, esq. v. Richard Drewrye and John Backhouse. Lease of liberty of foldcourse and pasturage for 400 sheep in manor of Swaffham Priors, Cambs, made to plaintiff's father, Thomas Rudstone, esq, now dec. C78/25, no. 20 [5]
1565 29 Jan 7 Master and scholars of Corpus Christi, Cambridge v. Richard Ravenor. One chief messuage and two other messuages and gardens in St. Margaret's, Westminster, Midd. C78/29, no. 28 [6]
1565 29 Jan 7 William Hoppeley son of Richard Hoppeley decd, William Callowe son of Walter Callowe decd and William Smyth son of Thomas Smyth decd v. Gilbert Talbot, esq., William Robbyns, William Amflete, Johan Callowe, Walter Dugarde Customary holding in manor of Salwarpe, Worcs. Alleges violence and intimidation. Already heard by the Council in the Marches. C78/26, no. 11 [7]
1565 29 Jan 7 Edward Lloyd, of London, baker v. Ellis Ap Griffith Lloyd and Roger Ap Edward Ap Griffith. A messuage with appurtenances in Fentrobin and Eston, Flints, and a messuage and appurtenances called Tydden Kaylloyd in 'Ywchymyned’ and Hope, Flints; another messuage and parcel of land in Hope, all estate of Robert Ap Griffith Lloyd, plaintiff's father. Dismission. C78/26, no. 13 [8]
1565 30 Jan 7 Robert Nicolls of London, merchant taylor and John Gaddesden of Hitchin, Herts, yeoman, executors of William Brockett of Hitchin, yeoman v. Edward Brockett, esq. Debts owed to William Brockett of Hitchin, dec, who died 1556, by Edward Brockett, dec. C78/25, no. 17 [9]
1565 30 Jan 7 John Bowyer of Beare, Som, gent. v. Agnes Pulman, widow, John Pulman, John Borough and William Exall. Lease of two watermills in Martock, Som, part of the

manor of Martock. Dismission.

C78/26, no. 18 [10]
1565 30 Jan 7 William Herbert, esq. son of Sir Walter Herbert and wife Jane, William Herbert, son of Matthew Herbert, esq. and wife Katherine, and Sir Nicholas Bagnall and wife Ellen v. Sir Rice Griffith Descent of manors of Penrhyn, Gaern, and 'Penwynllys', Angles, with other lands (named) in same counties allegedly the inheritance of female plaintiffs. C78/30, no. 1 [11]
1565 1 Feb 7 Joan Prideaux, widow v. Robert Prideaux, her son. Lease of park and lodge of Holne, Devon, and estate of late Thomas Prideaux. Dismission. C78/25, no. 3 [12]
1565 1 Feb 7 George Rotherham of Luton, Beds, gent. v. William Deremer. Lands allegedly owned by the chapel of Farley in Luton, Beds. Plaintiff is recent purchaser of the lands from the Crown. Dismission. C78/26, no. 17 [13]
1565 1 Feb 7 John Smith of Kingston upon Hull, merchant and wife Jane, widow of John Turney of Lincs, esq. v. Anthony Turney, esq. Estate-of John Turney: life interest in the manors of Osgodby, Owersby, Kirkby, Osselby [Usselby] and Cabourn, Lincs, or an annuity of £20. C78/30, no. 8 [14]
1565 5 Feb 7 John Stone v. Henry Stone. Messuage and 56 acres of land in Yetminster, Dors. Dismission. C78/25, no. 6 [15]
1565 6 Feb 7 Edmund Babington, gent. and wife Joan v. Sir John Fulforde. Moiety of manor of Buckerell, Devon, in right of plaintiff's wife, Joan Fortescue. Dismission. C78/25, no. 4 [16]
1565 6 Feb 7 William Harrys of Walden, Essex, gent, son and heir of William Harrys, esq., dec. v. Vincent Harrys, younger brother of William. Customary holding of two messuages called Great Cookes and Barrockes in manor of Cold Norton, Essex. Dismission. C78/29, no. 14 [17]
1565 6 Feb 7 George Atwell v. William Prestwood. Messuages and lands in Earls Barton, Northants. Dismission. C78/33, no. 39 [18]
1565 6 Feb 7 Nicholas Merchaunte alias Tiler v. Richard Sherrarde. Purchase of a messuage with lands and appurtenances in Southolt, Worlingworth and Bedingfield, [Suff.] C78/33, no. 40 [19]
1565 8 Feb 7 Roger Jolyffe and wife Ellen and Thomas Parkyns and wife Alice v. Thomas Whyte. Customary holding of 184 acres in manor of Stuxminster Newton, Dors. Defendant claims lands were part of demesne. C78/25, no. 5 [20]
1565 10 Feb 7 Agnes Hayte, widow v. Edmund Plumley. Tenement called Betishams with lands in parish of Westerham, Kent. Dismission. C78/33, no. 42 [21]
1565 12 Feb 7 Margaret Grymston, widow and Robert Formage, gent. v. Roger Legge. Estate of John Watts, dec, of a tenement and 140 acres of arable, 20 acres of 'enclosed pasture' and 160 acres of ‘sheepspasture' and liberty of foldage for 600 wethers, in Great Bircham, Bircham Newton and Bircham Tofts, Norf. Dismission. C78/25, no. 19 [22]
1565 12 Feb 7 Nicholas Wheatley and wife Jane v. John Whytnam alias Whyttenham of 'Mendham' Suff. Small customary holding in manor of Whittingham Hall, Suff, in right of Jane Wheatley. C78/26, no. 16 [23]
1565 10 May 7 Richard Garthe of London, gent, a clerk of Chancery v. George Broke, esq. Lease of rectory of Northfleet, Kent; involves archiepiscopal lease and Crown lease in reversion. C78/25, no. 9 [24]
1565 15 May 7 Stephen Bethell, son of Robert Bethell of Winchester deceased, by Richard Bethell the younger v. Richard Bythell the elder of Hide near Winchester, William his son, Johan Bethell, widow, late wife of the said Robert, Peter Symondes of the City of London, merchant, son of the said Johan Purchase of diverse lands and tenements in Winchester, Hants. C78/29, no. 22 [25]
1565 17 May 7 Edward Hardwyck and wife Elizabeth v. John Baker of London, haberdasher. A messuage with appurtenances in Dunstable, Beds. Dismission. C78/26, no. 20 [26]
1565 17 May 7 Henry Mason v. Bartholomew Pope, Joan his wife and Thomas Sterte. Five tenements and 500 acres of land in Ugborough, Harford, Cornwood and Plympton, Devon. C78/29, no. 21 [27]
1565 17 May 7 Thomas Westdeane v. Francis Chaloner. Rent of £10 from manor of Thoresby, Lincs. C78/33, no. 44 [28]
1565 19 May 7 John Betty v. Henry Betty, his brother. A tenement curtilage, stable and dyehouse in Exeter, and debts and obligations between the two parties. C78/26, no. 25 [29]
1565 19 May 7 John Fraunces v. Robert Gowge son of Robert Gowge, Helen Gowge and William Gravenor. Capital messuage called Wesenhams, one tenement, two closes, and other lands in the parish of Paddington, Midd. Dismission. C78/29, no. 12 [30]
1565 21 May 7 Sir John Butler v. Thomas Jennynges, William Jennynges, Thomas Davies the elder, Thomas Davies the younger, Rowland Cowper, Robert Taylor, George Perse, Thomas Merche, Thomas Browne, John Corbett Enclosing and felling of trees on land called Bromehill and Hugelethe, and in a wood called Steplewood in the manors of Castle Pulverbatch and Church Pulverbatch, Salop. C78/29, no. 23 [31]
1565 22 May 7 William Dale of Fyfield, Hants, gent. v. John Cooke, esq. Manors of South Tidworth, Hants. Defendant is widower of plaintiff's niece. Dismission. C78/25, no. 8 [32]
1565 24 May 7 William Hoskyns v. Christopher Frye. Two tenements in Farway, Devon and two tenements in Sidbury, Devon. C78/25, no. 7 [33]
1565 24 May 7 John Darlyngton v. Thomas Comber and Joyce Comber. Messuage called Beeland, and land and a croft called Berycroft in Dimsley, customary land of manor of Kinver, Staffs. Dismission. C78/29, no. 26 [34]
1565 24 May 7 Henry Savell, esq. and wife Dorothy and William Leversyche, esq. v. Margaret Wilbram, widow. Settlement of estates of Richard and Thomas Wilbram, esqs. and arguments concerning the performance of certain covenants and an award. Recital and confirmation of the latest set of arbitration articles. C78/30, no. 3 [35]
1565 26 May 7 John Bolney of Bolney, Sussex, esq. v. George Withers. Twenty-four acres of land and wood in parish of Pett and Farleigh, Sussex. Dismission. C78/25, no. 22 [36]
1565 26 May 7 Henry Suckley and wife Alice, executrix of Thomas Pannell, clerk, late parson of All Saints, Honey Lane, London; Thomas Moore & Richard Barnes, mercers, churchwardens of the said parish v. Thomas Burgeant and wife Agnes. Rent of six marks out of messuages etc. in Milk Street and Wood Street, London as in C78/29/34. C78/29, no. 36 [37]
1565 28 May 7 Sir James Dyer, C.J. Common Pleas and wife Margaret and John Bowyer, esq. v. Robert Raye. Intercommoning between manors of Impington and Histon St. Andrew, Cambs. [some parts illegible]. C78/25, no. 29 [38]
1565 28 May 7 Thomas Chambers of London, clothworker v. John Chambers. Will of William Chambers and two messuages with lands in Llansannan, Denb. C78/30, no. 2 [39]
1565 29 May 7 Richard Hunsdon v. Thomas Hunsdon and Henry Hunsdon. Messuages and lands in Enfield, Midd., once of John Hunsdon of Enfield, yeoman, dec. Dismission. C78/33, no. 41 [40]
1565 30 May 7 John, Lord Latimer v. Elizabeth Nanton, widow of William Nanton, esq. Third part of manors of Knapton, Middleton, Scales-How and Tittleshall in Norf., Chelsworth,Walsham and Preston in Suff., Saxton, Hauxton and Dullingham in Cambs., Wigston in Leics., Kensington in Midd., Calverton and East Stratford in Bucks. C78/29, no. 11 [41]
1565 2 June 7 Robert Decro v. Katherine Lounde, widow. Profits of a lease of five tenements in Lombard Street, parish of St. Edmund, London, late of Thomas Lounde, dec., defendant1s husband. C78/36, no. 1 [42]
1565 4 June 7 Richard Disney, esq., Daniel Disney, son and heir of Richard, Neale, late wife of Richard and daughter and heir of Sir William Hussey, Francis Columbell, gent, and Anne his wife v. Parnell Legatt, widow. Manors of Dagnams and Cockerell in Havering-at-Bower, Essex. Dismission. C78/29, no. 24 [43]
1565 25 June 7 Thomas Reymon v. Walter Shapton. Moiety of a term of years in a messuage called Lattyngton and Hilland in Broadcliff, Devon, late of the estate of Thomas Halfyard, dec. C78/26, no. 21 [44]
1565 25 June 7 Elizabeth Pollarde, widow v. Erasmus Pymme. Rent of £7.2.0. from the lands called Stone in the manor of Sidbury, Devon. Freehold, of the manor of Sidbury belongs to dean and chapter of Exeter. C78/29, no. 17 [45]
1565 26 June 7 Richard Bulstrode and wife Christian, widow of Henry Fayrfeld v. Robert Grevyll, esq. son of Sir Folk Grevyll. Lease of manor of Latimer [in Chesham], Bucks. C78/26, no. 22 [46]
1565 26 June 7 Henry ap John v. Nicholas Watkynson and wife Elizabeth. Capital messuage called Elton Hall in Notts., estate of Thomas Ap John, whose widow has married Watkynson. Plaintiff, the son of Thomas ap John has just come of age. Case over same property heard in Watkynson. v. Forster, May 4 and 5 Ph. and M. C78/26, no. 24 [47]
1565 26 June 7 Thomas Marshe v. Roger Carewe and wife Dame Alice. Lease of a farm called Darkes in South Mimms, Midd. Dismission. C78/33, no. 43 [48]
1565 27 June 7 Robert Gedney of Cheshunt, Herts, husbandman v. Nicholas Hudson and wife Ellen. Chattels of Margaret Geton, dec, which plaintiff alleges were given to him in return for supporting her for 3 years. Decree overturns ecclesiastical court award. C78/25, no. 11 [49]
1565 29 June 7 Nicholas Geve v. Thomas Rumbolde. Payment of annuity of 26s 8d left in testament of plaintiff father. Defendant has married plaintiff’s mother. Both parties of Cambs. C78/25, no. 23 [50]
1565 2 July 7 John Andrewes and wife Ellen v. Clement Paston, esq. Customary holding of two messuages in Korton, Gloucs. C78/29, no. 27 [51]
1565 3 July 7 William Perye; Robert Mathewe; William Waller; John Waller; Thomas Waller; John Bullocke of Sawbridgeworth, Herts v. Lady Anne Boucher. Admittance to customary holdings of the manor of Sawbridgeworth, Herts. C78/30, no. 4 [52]
1565 5 July 7 Thomas Haynes v. Hugh ap Jenner alias Hugh Taylor, and Walter Jones and wife Margaret messuage with appurtenances in Ludlow, Salop. [See C78/25/27]. C78/25, no. 24 [53]
1565 5 July 7 Bartholomew Pygott and Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of John Stretley; Richard Lee and wife Margaret another daughter of the said John Streteley decd, eldest son of Edmund Streteley late of Whitfeld, Oxon decd v. Anthony Carleton; Nicholas Streteley; George Streteley; Christopher Betham; Richard Benyson Estate of Edmund Stretely of Wheatfield, Oxon, gent, dec, with various lands and a watermill in Wheatfield, Oxon. Dismission. C78/26, no. 23 [54]
1565 5 July 7 John Towneley, esq. and Mary his wife v. Alexander Ratcliffe, esq. and Dame Frances Towneley his wife, widow of Sir Richard Towneley. Dispute over Mary Towneley's inheritance as daughter and heir of Dame Frances. Dame Frances is herself the daughter and coheir of Thomas Wynbishe. Moiety of divers manors in Lincs., Yorks., Notts., and Cambs. Manors of Nocton and Dunston, Lincs. C78/29, no. 18 [55]
1565 5 July 7 John Cocheford v. William Bowier. Tenement called Cocheford in Hartfield, Sussex. ? Dismission. C78/29, no. 25 [56]
1565 7 July 7 Anthony Maunxell and wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Thomas Bassett decd v. Sir Richard Walwyn and wife Dame Elizabeth, late the wife of the said John Thomas Bassett. Possession of the lease of the rectory of Conwil and chapel of Llansawel, Carm. and of certain other goods as assigned to plaintiff Elizabeth by deed of gift from her mother, the defendant Elizabeth, before her marriage to Walwyn. C78/30, no. 5 [57]
1565 9 July 7 Fremond Irishe, gent, and Margaret his wife, late the wife of Thomas Wright v. Walter Busshe. Customary holding of two messuages and 5 cottages with a pasture and a meadow, in manor of Rowley [Wilts]. C78/25, no. 10 [58]
1565 9 July 7 Richard Cust v. Richard Gyll and wife Beatrice. Two acres of land in Pinchbeck, Lincs, part of estate of Richard Cust, dec. Defendant’s wife is the elder Gust's daughter. C78/25, no. 21 [59]
1565 11 July 7 Richard Spenser and wife Margaret, daughter of Richard Cleburie, dec. v. Edward Leveson. Brocton farm in Sutton Maddock, Salop. Dismission. C78/25, no. 12 [60]
1565 11 July 7 Hawis Harward v. Peter Wood, sen., John Wood, Peter Wood, jun. and Thomas Haley. Customary holding of a messuage, garden and 40 acres of meadow and pasture in Clown in Lordship of Bolsover, Derb. C78/29, no. 10 [61]
1565 11 July 7 Henry Suckley, citizen and merchant taylor of London and Alice his wife, executrix of the will of Thomas Pannell, clerk, parson of the church of All Saints, Honey Lane, London and Thomas More and Richard Barnes, mercers, church wardens of the parish v. Thomas Burgeant, Agnes his wife, Richard Folkes, Morrice Long, Katherine Lunne Rent of six marks out of two messuages, a warehouse, a shop and a cellar in Milk Street and Wood Street, London, dedicated to the use of the church. See C78/29/36. C78/29, no. 34 [62]
1565 11 Oct 7 John Bent, clerk v. Thomas Anturbus and Vincent Rawson. Debts claimed as owing to plaintiff by Ralph Anturbus, dec. Defendants are executors. C78/26, no. 27 [63]
1565 13 Oct 7 Dorothy Dalton, widow v. Thomas Barnes, Richard Coke and John Gessam. Messuage called Stanleys and 24 acres of land in Fullwellhatch in parish of Barking, Essex. C78/25, no. 25 [64]
1565 13 Oct 7 Ellis Wynne of London, gent. v. John Trevor. Lease of rectory of Gresford, Denb. and tithes in Gresford allegedly once belonging to a chantry in 'Lyons Castle' [Holt], Denb. Dismission. C78/30, no. 11 [65]
1565 16 Oct 7 Ralph Waller v. George Baker. Lease of a farm and sale of a crop of corn in parish of Gayton, Norf., to John Parker, dec. by plaintiff. Dismission. C78/36, no. 3 [66]
1565 22 Oct 7 Robert Humphrey and Christopher Kervile v. Philip Curson. Estate of Thomas Kervile, dec., including a farm in Tottenhill, Norf, and chattels. Plaintiffs are his brothers; defendant married Thomas Kervile’s widow. C78/26, no. 26 [67]
1565 22 Oct 7 Humphrey Robyns v. Francis Ward, gent. A messuage with land and meadow in 'Tolling', Staffs. Defendant alleges it belongs to manor of' Tillington, Staffs. Removal of boundary markers. Dismission. C78/30, no. 9 [68]
1565 23 Oct 7 James Reynoldes and wife Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Pyke of Pykash, Som, dec. v. John Popham and Simon Court. Estate of Thomas Pyke, dec., and its alleged enfeoffment to Sir William Portman and Alexander Popham, both now dec, in 34 Hen. VIII. Defendants claim possession of manor of Pykash in Martock, Som. and lands in Devon only by virtue of a different conveyance from Pyke. Dismission. C78/25, no. 14 [69]
1565 24 Oct 7 Hugh Crosse and wife Anne v. John Bowyer, gent, and Geoffrey Grove. Customary holding of a tenement and three closes of land in manor of Idstoke-Inverne and Bere, Som. Defendant Bowyer is new landlord and Grove, his tenant. C78/25, no. 13 [70]
1565 25 Oct 7 John Pegram v. Richard Archer and Richard Bryde. Lands and tenements, once owned by Thomas Bryde, dec, in lordship of Ware, in the parish of Amwell, Herts, and whether Thomas Bryde could sell them to plaintiff. Dismission. C78/26, no. 28 [71]
1565 26 Oct 7 Humphrey Everard and wife Anne, daughter and heir of Richard Clerckeson, dec. v. Thomas Oteley and Robert Thickens. Profits of lands in Staffs., Warw., Leics., and county of the city of Lichfield [Staffs.] worth £50 p.a. Inheritance of Anne, a minor on the death of her father. C78/29, no. 35 [72]
1565 27 Oct 7 Thomas Sorebye, clerk, parson of Pyecombe, Sussex v. John Shelley and Edward Kempe. Portion of tithe corn allegedly belonging to parish church of Pyecombe. C78/30, no. 7 [73]
1565 30 Oct 7 William Walgrave v. Thomas Brend. 100 acres of land in Brent Pelham, Herts., late of plaintiff's father, William Walgrave, gent., dec. Dismission. C78/36, no. 4 [74]
1565 5 Nov 7 John Man, M.A., Warden of Merton College, Oxon, and Fellows v. James Gage, esq. and wife Ureth[?], executrix of Richard Milles decd. Lease of Merton College lands in Maiden, Surrey, near Nonsuch, made to Richard Milles, whose widow is now wife of defendant. College claims lease obtained fraudulently. C78/25, no. 26 [75]
1565 5 Nov 7 Nicholas Seborne alias Plomer v. John Lane. A tenement and 24 acres of land in Wotton Bassett, Wilts. Dismission. C78/26, no. 30 [76]
1565 7 Nov 7 Thomas Haynes v. Hugh ap Jenner alias Hugh Taylor, Walter Jones and wife Margaret. Messuage in Ludlow, Salop. [See C78/25/24] C78/25, no. 27 [77]
1565 7 Nov 7 Richard Pettye, son and heir of John Pettye of Hexstall, Staffs, gent, deceased v. Dorothy Nowell, widow. A messuage, lands and tenements in Hampton-on-the-Hill, Warw. and a messuage and lands in Burwarton, Salop. C78/29, no. 33 [78]
1565 8 Nov 7 Anthony Machell of Ivychurch, Wilts, gent. v. Miles Brigges. Lease of barn and tithes of Crosthwaite and Lyth in Heversham, Westm, owned by Thomas Lownde of London, grocer, dec. Dismission. C78/25, no. 15 [79]
1565 10 Nov 7 James Heathe and wife Elizabeth, daughter & heir of Anne Brayfeld sometime wife of Richard Brayfeld decd, daughter & heir of John Page decd v. Sir Walter Hungerford. Twelve messuages and lands in Warminster, Wilts and a messuage and four yardlands in Tytherington, Wilts. Dismission. C78/26, no. 29 [80]
1565 13 Nov 7 Ellis Shepperd, executor of Ellen Barrie v. Stephen Ruffyn and William Ruffyn. Lease of two closes of pasture in Eynsham, Oxon. C78/36, no. 2 [81]
1565 14 Nov 7 Dorothy Salter, widow of Robert Salter and previously wife of William Case v. John Whetcombe. Farm of the manor of Wootton-Fitzpaine, Dors. Dismission. C78/25, no. 16 [82]
1565 14 Nov 7 Master, fellows and scholars of Holy Trinity College, Cambridge and Nicholas Stevens, citizen and haberdasher of London v. John Langley, citizen and goldsmith of London and William Allyn. A rent or annuity of £30 out of the manor of Wittersham, Kent. C78/29, no. 29 [83]
1565 14 Nov 7 Dame Agnes Chamberlayne, widow of Sir Leonard Chamberlayne and previously widow and executrix of Thomas Curson, esq. v. Thomas Goodwyn & Anne his wife, Robert Butler and others (not named). Lease of manor of Knotting, Beds. Dismission. C78/29, no. 32 [84]
1565 17 Nov 8 Davye Flower and wife Anne, widow of John Conwey, esq. v. William Somerset., earl of Worcester. Money allegedly owing for corn delivered to the earl. Lease of Woolaston Grange, Glos. and a case previously heard in the council of the Marches. C78/30, no. 6 [85]
1565 19 Nov 8 William Saull and William Bridge, gent. v. Thomas Selwyn and Thomas Carter. Three acres of meadow in Eastmead in parish of Lechlade, Glos. Dismission. C78/29, no. 20 [86]
1565 19 Nov 8 James Page v. Edward Conwey and wife Elizabeth. Estate of James Page, dec.: messuages, cottages, gardens and a salt pit with six 'leades' and 1,040 acres of land, including woods, in Nantwich, Alpraham and Middlewich, Ches. Dismission. C78/30, no. 10 [87]
1565 19 Nov 7 John Stocker son & heir of John Stocker late of Clyfton, infant (by George Sydenham, esq. and wife Elizabeth, mother of the said John Stocker) v. Sir John Horsey and wife Edith. Estate of John Stocker of Poole, Dors, merchant, grandfather of plaintiff: issues of the manor of Avill and Whitepits [in Dunster] Som. and of manors of Corton and Preston, Dors. Dismission. C78/30, no. 17 [88]
1565 19 Nov 8 Roger Grove, Edward Cuthberte and wife Alice, Richard Gusse, Richard Cott and wife Agnes v. John Stephenson. Messuage and garden in Boston, Lincs. Dismission. C78/31, no. 10 [89]
1565 20 Nov 8 Richard Hatchman and Thomas Stanshawe v. [?] Blagrave. A garden in Reading, Berks. Dismission. [Decree crossed out and 'vacat' written in margin]. C78/25, no. 28 [90]
1565 20 Nov 8 John Wood, gent., William Gryffyth, John Spiller, sen. and John Heller v. John Thomas and Anthony Thomas. Dispute over payment of tithes of the rectory of Tarcombe, Devon. C78/31, no. 1 [91]
1565 20 Nov 8 Richard Hatchman and Thomas Stanshawe v. John Blagrove and wife Anne. Title to an orchard in Reading, Berks., supposedly once belonging to the Grey Friars, Reading. Dismission C78/31, no. 17 [92]
1565 21 Nov 8 Nicholas Bryght v. Robert Deare and wife Elizabeth. Two messuages and 220 acres of land in Fillingham, Lincs. Dismission. C78/31, no. 4 [93]
1565 21 Nov 8 Agnes Laverocke, widow v. John Godfrey; John Clarke; John Abbott; Robert Byrchemore Eight messuages or tenements in St. Albans, Herts. C78/31, no. 18 [94]
1565 22 Nov 8 William Pynson v. Richard Wallowce and Roger Wallowce. One messuage and 70 acres of land in Great Saredon, Staffs. Dismission. C78/31, no. 3 [95]
1565 22 Nov 8 William Goodriche v. Thomas Stile. An obligation concerning plaintiff, defendant and one Robert Colchester. C78/31, no. 19 [96]
1565 26 Nov 8 John Hanby, sen., esq. v. Richard Bartie, esq. and Lady Katharine, duchess of Suffolk, his wife. Right to hold a court Leet in the manor of Alford, and in the manor called Hambres within the same manor of Alford, Lincs. C78/31, no. 20 [97]
1565 27 Nov 8 Nicholas Smythe v. Eustace Pecke. Two messuages and 40 acres of land in the town of Tixover, Rut. Dismission. C78/31, no. 5 [98]
1565 28 Nov 8 Richard Pearle, Robert Jower and wife Elizabeth and Nicholas Smith v. Walter Fysshe of London, merchant taylor. Occupation of copyhold lands in the manor of Ardens, Suff. Question of whether disputed property is part of demesne of manor of Great Finborough. Dismission. C78/30, no. 12 [99]
1565 28 Nov 8 Mary Shelly, daughter of John Shelly and her guardians, Edward Bellyngham, esq., Hugh Coby and Thomas Person v. Elizabeth Bysshoppe; William Stapleton; William Colman Annuity from the manor of Perching [in Fulking], Sussex, originally leased to John Shelly by Sir Anthony Brown. Dismission. C78/31, no. 2 [100]
1565 28 Nov. 7 Thomas Ebden; William Gardyner; William Walward; John Campyon, inhabitants of Sawston, Cambridge, on behalf of themselves and of the poor of the town v. Fardinando Parris; Robert Twyford; John Redston; Arthur Holt; John Cater Two closes of pasture called Sawstons Orchard, in the town of Sawston. C78/31, no. 21 [101]