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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
4 ? Ruben Stynton, clerk and bailiffs of Bridgenorth v. Roger Smythe, esq. Control of alleged 'Hospital’ of St. James near Bridgenorth. Already heard before Council in the Marches. [Salop]. Dismission. C78/21, no. 7 [2]
1562 31 Jan 4 Richard Walaston v. Nicholas More. Bond for the completion of a sale of wheat and barley. C78/33, no. 17 [3]
1562 [?]Feb 4 Sir Richard Fulmerston v. Simeon Steward. Manor of Rushford, Norf. with appurtenances called the manor of Elveden, Suff. Validity of conventual lease granted by dissolved college of Rushworth to defendant. Dismission. C78/33, no. 7 [4]
1562 3 Feb 4 Edward Boiler and wife Elizabeth v. Humphrey Essex, esq. Lease of messuage called Maggotts Myll in Wilts. [place not given]. C78/22, no. 4 [5]
1562 3 Feb 4 Sir Robert Tyrwhyte of Kettelby [Kettleby], Lincs v. Hamond Whychcote, esq. Entailed manors of Dunston, Anwick, Hapswell [Harpswell], and Melton with lands in Spytlestrete [Spital in the Street], Upton and Helmswell [Hemswell], Lincs. Dismission. C78/22, no. 6 [6]
1562 5 Feb 4 Robert Chatterton and William Chatterton v. Richard Kelso; Geoffrey Coo; Reignolde Hygenson; Hamlett Rede; Alice Assheley; Henry More Possession and rent from messuages and lands in Altrincham and Ashley, Ches, allegedly the property of Edmund Chatterton of Nuthurst, Lanes, dec. C78/22, no. 51 [7]
1562 9 Feb 4 Stephen Keble v. Henry Blage; Robert Morwell; Edmond Cockerall Copyhold lands in manor of Mendlesham, Suff, and mortgage raised on them. Involves forgeries of manorial court rolls. C78/21, no. 19 [8]
1562 10 Feb 4 Parsons & churchwardens of St Mary Magdalen in Milk Street, St. Nicholas Acon beside Lombard Street, St. Benet Fink, and St. Olave in Hart Street v. Thomas Altham and Richard Palladye. Legacies in will of Sir John Allen, Alderman of London to the poor of the four parishes, endowed by his lands in Plumsted and Wickham, Kent, which he bequeathed to Sir William Gray for that purpose. C78/19, no. 3 [9]
1562 10 Feb 4 John Harvye v. John Blackcaller. Lease of closes of land called Assherudge in Harbeton, Devon, and fine paid to obtain the lease. C78/22, no. 5 [10]
1562 10 Feb 4 Thomas Fransham, gent. v. Edward Harvye. A water mill and fulling mill at Woodford, Glos. Dismission. C78/22, no. 7 [11]
1562 10 Feb 4 Anthony Haydon of Holbeach, Lincs, gent. v. Jacomyn Goodyere, widow. The third part of a tenement and 4 acres of land in Thorney and Iver, Bucks. Dismission. C78/22, no. 8 [12]
1562 12 Feb 4 Robert Wingefield of Upton, Northants., esq. v. Edward Gierke, of Hadleigh, Suff., esq. The ownership of the third part of Moche Wood in the manor of Layham, Suff. C78/20, no. 25 [13]
1562 Easter Term 4 James Courtney, esq. and Ellis Crymes for children of John Prediaux v. Thomas Godwyn and Robert Prediaux, administrators of goods of John Prediaux, Serjeant at Law. Alleged omissions on inventory and underpricing of goods. Decree lists debts due to the Serjeant as well as goods and leases. C78/33, no. 27 [14]
1562 15 April 4 Peter Marew v. John Fatt. Lease of messuage called The Swan and a garden in St Katherine-by-the Tower, London. Enforcing a decree of 25 Nov, 4 Eliz. C78/21, no. 2 [15]
1562 15 April 4 George Parker of Northchurch, Herts, tanner v. John Newdigate, esq. Customary holdings of the manor of Harefield in Harefield, Midd. C78/21, no. 8 [16]
1562 16 April 4 Joan Gibbes of Rickmansworth, Herts, widow, executrix of Agnes Peterson, dec. v. William Samon of Lee, Kent. Failure of defendant to complete a bargain to supply 25,000 boards called barrel sides to Robert Peterson of London, cooper. C78/21, no. 4 [17]
1562 18 April 4 John Savage of Reymerston, Norf. and Thomas Crane of Norwich v. Sir Richard Southwell of Woodrising, Norf. Rights of timber, common grazing and intercommoning in waste grounds between manors of Reymerston alias Calverley Hall and Cranworth, Norf. C78/22, no. 10 [18]
1562 20 April 4 Sir Henry Bedingfeld and Osbert Mounford, esq. for Thomas Graye and Edmund Gray v. Sir Thomas Knevett. Annuity of £10 from lands in Wymondham and Old Buckenham, Norf. C78/33, no. 22 [19]
1562 23 April 4 James Way, son of John Way of Upton Noble, Som. v. John Pypett, Vincent Mompesson and John Tracye. Lease of parcel called Hickes Park in Witham Friary, Som. Dismission. C78/19, no. 4 [20]
1562 23 April 4 Richard Braken, esq. v. Godfrey Swayn of the Middle Temple. Dispute over various lands and tenancies claimed by both parties in Chesterton, Cambs, subject of an earlier agreement between the parties. Plaintiff seeks enforcement of the agreement. C78/19, no. 28 [21]
1562 23 April 4 Nicholas Sympson v. Hamnet Bracy. The estate of Nicholas Sympson, dec, including a messuage called Tychemarshe with 300 acres of land in Chigwell, Essex and an inn called The Sign of the Crucifix, in Southwark, Surrey. C78/19, no. 32 [22]
1562 23 April 4 Ellen Hopkyn, widow of Wolfrey Hopkyn of Swaffham Prior, Cambs v. John Adams. Lease of manor of Shadworth, with appurtenant lands in Combs, owned by Queen's College, Cambridge. C78/19, no. 33 [23]
1562 25 April 4 John Stowell, esq. v. George, Lord Zouche. Manor of North Molton, Devon and. advowsons of North Molton and Black Torrington, Devon. Revival of case first heard in 28 Hen. VIII between John Zouche, grandfather of the deft & John Stowell, grandfather of the complt. Dismission. C78/19, no. 7 [24]
1562 25 April 4 Lady Jane Cotton, widow of Sir Richard Cotton v. Robert Fletcher, gent. Lease of the manor of Ince, Ches, and rent due. C78/21, no. 5 [25]
1562 25 April 4 John Browne of Horton, Kent, esq. v. Richard Blaston and Elizabeth and Mary Dawkes. A recognizance made by William Stanley, Lord Monteagle to William Dawkes, now dec. Dismission. C78/22, no. 49 [26]
1562 25 April 4 William Johnson of London, haberdasher, administrator of estate of Thomas Arderne, dec v. Richard Tewson. Lease of 9 acres of meadow in Deptford, claimed as part of estate of Thomas Arderne, dec. C78/22, no. 50 [27]
1562 27 April 4 Anthony Hydden alias Clyddisdale v. Henry Clifford, esq. and Anthony Clifford. Lease of manors of Hidden and Eddington, Berks. Involves a conventual lease. Already heard in Requests. Defendant is plaintiff's uncle. C78/21, no. 1 [28]
1562 28 April 4 Margaret Cousin alias Chapman of Marlborough and Richard Grey of London v. John Cousin alias Chapman. Three messuages and 2 cottages in Marlborough, part of estate of William Cousin alias Chapman, dec. C78/22, no. 9 [29]
1562 29 April 4 James Harvye v. Margaret Boughton; Oliver Dawbney; William Crompton & Elizabeth his wife Debt of £600 owed by Thomas Boughton, dec. to plaintiff. Boughton died intestate, leaving plaintiff with an interest in his manor of Mardyke in Hornchurch, Essex. C78/19, no. 27 [30]
1562 29 April 4 Sir Edward Rouse v. Thomas Girlinge. Customary holding in Hinton, Suff. Alleged failure of one William Wade to surrender the property in obedience to an earlier order and failure of the defendant to repay money paid by plaintiff in return for surrender. Dismission. C78/33, no. 16 [31]
1562 30 April 4 William Sulyard and wife Joan, daughter of Silvester Todde of London, dec. v. Walter Jobson. Validity of a conventual lease, granted by William Todde, prior of Old Malton, Yorks., of the manor or grange of Maltropp in parish, of Kirby, Yorks. C78/33, no. 19 [32]
1562 1 May 4 Sir Edward Fynes, Lord Clinton and Say v. Nicholas Bunney and Anthony Wylson. Lease of Epworth manor, Belgrave Park, and lands in Belton, etc. in the Isle of Axholme, Lincs. Leases originally to Alexander Banester, dec, formerly husband of Margaret Bunney. C78/21, no. 6 [33]
1562 2 May 4 Richard Ivott v. Thomas Parnell of London, sadler. Lease of a farm in Grays Thurrock, Essex, by defendant to plaintiff. C78/21, no. 10 [34]
1562 4 May 4 John Statham, gent. v. John Sacheverell, esq. Two messuages and 540 acres of land in Alsop, Snelston and Rosington, Derb. See also C78/21/30. C78/21, no. 12 [35]
1562 5 May 4 Robert Lynsey v. Richard Wyeth. Manor of Buckenham in Horham, Suff. Dismission. C78/21, no. 3 [36]
1562 5 May 4 Jasper Strowde of Bedminster, Som. v. Thomas Burley. Lease of 2 messuages and farms, one called Garrardes Holde [no place stated] made by monastery of Milton, Dors, in Dec. 29 Hen. VIII. Dismission. C78/19, no. 6 [37]
1562 5 May 4 Jane Sarger of Sherbourne, Dors, widow v. Thomas Chaffyn the younger and wife Anne. Fulfillment of terms of a conveyance of lease of manor of Sherbourne, Dors., by which plaintiff gave farm to her daughter, now Anne Chaffyn. C78/21, no. 13 [38]
1562 8 May 4 William Cade v. Margaret Kempe, widow, Thomas Kempe and others (not named). Lease of a farm with 800 acres of land in the parish of Burnham, Bucks., originally granted by George, earl of Huntingdon. C78/33, no. 2 [39]
1562 9 May 4 Richard Bowland v. John Glascocke. Deeds concerning lands and tenements in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, once belonging to John Chalke, dec. C78/33, no. 10 [40]
1562 10 May 4 John Tanfeld v. William Lemond. Salt marsh called Henning Beare in parish of St. James in Isle of Grain, Kent. C78/33, no. 21 [41]
1562 11 May 4 Sir Thomas Newman v. Richard Boney. Acquittances and debts claimed by plaintiff, once Receiver-general of Crown lands north of the Trent from defendant, a particular receiver. Dismission. C78/19, no. 5 [42]
1562 28 May 4 Richard Walker v. Reynold Braye. Conventual lease, by copy of court roll, of land in the manor of Barrington, 'Berks, and Glos.' lately belonging to Priory of Llantony. Defendant claims land was part of the demesne and not leasable by copy of court Roll. See C78/33/18. C78/33, no. 11 [43]
1562 28 May 4 Richard Cooke v. Reynold Braye. Copyhold lease of property in Barrington, 'Berks, and Glos.' See C78/33/11. C78/33, no. 18 [44]
1562 29 May 4 John Cavell and wife Alice v. Robert Golder. Lease of 16 messuages in the Strand in the parish of St. Savoy [St. Mary le Strand], already heard in Requests. C78/21, no. 9 [45]
1562 29 May 4 Alexander Shepperd, son and ward of Robert Shepperd of Peasmarsh, Sussex, gent. v. John Muddle, Avis his wife, John Lorkyn, Robert Lorkyn, Thomas Bythill & Elizabeth his wife Property in Rye, Sussex. C78/33, no. 3 [46]
1562 1 June 4 Sir John Horsey v. Thomas Phillipps, esq of Montacute, Som. Obligation in sum of £300 held by defendant who is plaintiff's brother-in-law, that plaintiff will not play at dice. C78/19, no. 12 [47]
1562 1 June 4 Edmund Chapman and wife Anne, daughter & heir of Robert Brightyewe decd v. Thomas Rowse, esq. Estate of Anne Chapman's father, Robert Brightyewe, dec, in manor of Sotherton, in Sotherton, Suff. Dismission. C78/21, no. 11 [48]
1562 2 June 4 John Bastwicke, son & heir of John Bastwicke of Romford, Essex, carpenter v. John Monnes. Sale of five parcels of land in Romford, Essex. C78/21, no. 21 [49]
1562 2 June 4 Richard Joyner, late son of Robert Joyner late of Dorchester, Oxon decd v. Luke Beauforest. Profits and repairs of the manor of Guddesdon, Oxon, purchased by plaintiff's late father and leased to defendant for term of years. C78/22, no. 11 [50]
1562 3 June 4 Richard Cowper v. Joan Cowper now wife of Bartholomew Runnynge. Messuage and 100 acres of land in Ridgwick, Sussex, lately belonging to Robert Cowper, defendant's late husband. C78/33, no. 8 [51]
1562 4 June 4 Corpus Christi College, Cambridge v. Francis Hynde of Maddingley, Cambs., esq. A rent of 50s p.a.claimed by the College out of the manor of ‘Gretton', Cambs. C78/21, no. 22 [52]
1562 4 June 4 Isabel Byrde and Barbara Byrde, daughters & heirs of Peter Byrde decd, by Lawrence Gardiner and wife Elisabeth, their guardians v. Isabel Byrde, widow and Edward Birde. Messuage in Rugby, Warw. once belonging to Richard Byrde, dec. C78/33, no. 9 [53]
1562 5 June 4 William Barrington v. John Rode. Capital messuage and 320 acres of land called the manor of Mooresbarrow, Ches. Dismission. C78/33, no. 13 [54]
1562 5 June 4 John Atwood v. John Pellham, esq. Customary holding in manor of Bivelham, [in Mayfield], Sussex. C78/33, no. 23 [55]
1562 6 June 4 President, Fellows & Scholars of Trinity College, Oxon v. Richard, Lord Riche. Lands of the Rectory of Great Waltham, Essex, purchased from Riche previously by Sir Thomas Pope, and granted by Pope as part of endowment of his college, Trinity College, Oxon. C78/19, no. 9 [56]
1562 9 June 4 Thomas Audley of Berechurch, Essex, esq, son & heir of Thomas Audeley decd, brother to Sir Thomas Audeley, Lord Audeley of Wallden decd v. Sir George Norton, Thomas Gymbelett als Barber, William Andrewes als Pyers Alleged promise to lease manor of Woodham Ferris, property of plaintiff, to one of defendants. Dismission. C78/19, no. 10 [57]
1562 9 June 4 Vincent Warner, son of William Warner v. William Saunders. Manor of Parrock Iriham with 6 messuages, an iron mill and 400 acres of land in Hartfield, Sussex, involving a mortgage. Dismission. C78/19, no. 29 [58]
1562 10 June 4 Elizabeth Rollesley, Roger Dorris and wife Margaret v. Thomas Rollesley. Capital messuage or brewhouse called Harteshorne in parish of St. Benet at Paul's Wharf, London. Dismission. C78/33, no. 14 [59]
1562 10 June 4 Sir Robert Chester v. Sir Edward Hastings, Lord Hastings of Loughborough. Office of the receivership of the royal revenues in Midd., Herts., Essex and city of London. C78/33, no. 24 [60]
1562 13 June 4 Alice Higham, widow of Thomas Higham of Shudy Camps, Camb. and Robert Higham v. George Higham. Widow and younger son claim two messuages and lands in Shudy Camps, Cambs, according to will of Thomas Higham, dec. C78/19, no. 34 [61]
1562 13 June 4 Agnes Casselake, widow, John Zelake & Agnes his wife, and John Richarde v. Richard Martyn. A messuage and 68 acres of land in Parringdon, Devon. Dismission. C78/22, no. 13 [62]
1562 15 June 4 Simon Norwiche, son of John Norwiche of Brampton, Northants v. Alice Norwiche, late wife of John Norwiche. Manors of Brampton Overhall, Brampton Netherhall and Brampton Stacie, Northants. C78/19, no. 11 [63]
1562 15 June 4 Jasper Fyssher, a Six Clerk of Chancery v. Robert Constable, esq. Lease of two parcels of pasture called Newmyll Field & Newmyll Meadow, in Nuneaton, Warw., claimed to have been leased by Sir Marmaduke Constable, father of the deft. C78/22, no. 12 [64]
1562 16 June 4 Harry Macye v. Andrew Baynton and William Browne & Margaret his wife. Lease of pasture and meadow ground called Woodraede in Bremhill, Wilts and an annuity of 10 marks out of manor of Bremhill. Baynton is owner of the lands. Wrongful detention of deeds. C78/19, no. 8 [65]
1562 18 June 5 Roger Welles of Hunworth, Norf, husbandman v. Richard Bolton. Hundred acres of heath and 20 acres of arable land in Hunsworth, Norf, first mortgaged by plaintiff and then sold to defendant who allegedly hasn't paid purchase money. C78/27, no. 9 [66]
1562 Michaelmas term 4 Edward Rye v. Richard Whalley. Manor of Whitwell, in Whitwell, Creswell, Barlborough and Harlesthorpe, Derb, and earlier bargains of sale. C78/21, no. 16 [67]
1562 Michaelmas Term 4 John Clerke v. John Abancke. Parcel of 32 acres called Chapel Land in the manor of Colyton, Devon; but also a grant of same by copy of court roll of manor of Whitford, Devon. C78/24, no. 24 [68]
1562 10 Oct 4 Thomas Wraynforde and Florie Barstone v. Sir Robert Stafford and wife Jane. Evidences for manor of Chelvey and advowson of church of Chelvey, Som. Dismission. C78/19, no. 23 [69]
1562 10 Oct 4 Thomas Partshill alias Partesoil, gent. v. Sir Humphrey Ratclif. Manor of Riseley alias Partsoil in Riseley, Beds, Dismission. C78/21, no. 18 [70]
1562 12 Oct 4 Gabriel Pledall of Moncton in the parish of Chippenham, Wilts, gent v. John Saynt John, esq., Nicholas Saynt John, John Rycheman, Gefferey Wallis, William Bath, James Mydleton, William Bolton, Thomas Churcher, Thomas Wilkes, William Franncys Rights of common in the forest of Braydon, Wilts, of the tenants of the manor of Midgehall in Lydiard Tregoze, Wilts. Dismission. C78/19, no. 15 [71]
1562 12 Oct 4 John Patricke v. Roger Dowcett and Richard Vicars. Three messuages, 2 tofts, 5 crofts, and 220 acres of land in Ging Ralph, Essex. C78/24, no. 22 [72]
1562 13 Oct 4 Thomas Onslowe of London, grocer (now dec) and his son Thomas Onslowe v. John Warde and son Francis Warde. Lands in Baschurch, Salop. Dismission. C78/21, no. 17 [73]
1562 14 Oct 4 Lewis Forde v. Robert Constable, esq. Lease of several pastures in Eaton, Warw., made originally by Sir Marmaduke Constable. See also C78/22/12. C78/22, no. 16 [74]
1562 14 Oct 4 Dr. [Thomas] Thurleby [Thirlby] v. Richard Coxe, Bishop of Ely. Plaintiff's goods and chattels, allegedly remaining in Ely House, London and in diocese of Ely, detained by defendant. See decree in earlier action: C78/16/29. C78/24, no. 27 [75]
1562 18 Oct 4 Joan Hollocke, administratrix of goods of Nicholas Whyte of Winchelsea, Sussex v. Thomas Reather and wife Alice. Debts of Alice Reather's first husband to Nicholas Whyte, dec. C78/19, no. 26 [76]
1562 19 Oct 4 Christopher Barnard of Gray's Inn v. William Casson. Copyhold estate of plaintiff's father, James Barnard of Leeds, Yorks, held of manor of -[blank], Yorks. Dismission. C78/19, no. 18 [77]
1562 19 Oct 4 John Segeswike; John Hargarth; Christopher Mason; John Barton; Ralph Segeswick, tenants of manor of Dent, Yorks v. William Redmayne, esq. Enforcement of a previous agreement concerning the customs of tenant right and rents and services due to defendant as lord of the manor. C78/21, no. 14 [78]
1562 20 Oct 4 David Taylour v. John Taylour and John Copner. Sixteen acres of land in Pembridge, Heref. Dismission. C78/22, no. 14 [79]
1562 22 Oct 4 William Adam of Tydd Wytham, Cambs, gent. v. Geoffrey Colvyll of Newton [Cambs], gent. Twenty three acres of land in Newton, Cambs, claimed by plaintiff as cousin and right heir of a previous holder, but claimed as an escheat by defendant, lord. C78/19, no. 35 [80]
1562 22 Oct 4 William Cuff v. Nicholas Wadham, esq. and wife Dorothy; Thomas Isham; George Wadham; William Hucke; Henry Browne; John Browse; Luke Eston; Nicholas Jones Right to a customary holding in the manor of Ilton, Som, and rents owing. C78/27, no. 8 [81]
1562 24 Oct 4 Griffith ap David of Kent, son & heir of David ap Rogers v. Roger ap Roberte and Lewes John Davie. ‘Higgins Lands' (40 acres) in 'Beans', in Clyro, Radnor. C78/19, no. 20 [82]
1562 26 Oct 4 Humphrey Walrond, one of the Six Clerks of Chancery v. Robert Cuffe and Peter Dwelly. Evidence concerning 6 acres of land in Ashill, Som. C78/19, no. 19 [83]
1562 27 Oct 4 John Synfer v. John Blagrave. Possession of a tenement in Reading, Berks, demised by defendant to plaintiff by word of mouth only at a small rent as part of a marriage arrangement. C78/19, no. 36 [84]
1562 28 Oct 4 Henry Hynde of Finchamstead, Berks, gent. v. Gerard Salvyn, Rowland Harryson, Rauffe Harryson & Thomas Watson. The administration of estate of Matthew Hynde, decd, brother of the plt. refs Jane Hynde and Matthew Hynde, widow & son of the decd. Defendants were given administration of the estate by Anthony Salvyn, M.A., official of the bishop of Durham, and uncle of the deft Gerard Salvyn. C78/22, no. 17 [85]
1562 28 Oct 4 Ralph Bourchier, esq, son of James Bourchier, dec. v. William Addersegge. A messuage with diverse lands in Haughtori and Bristnail, Staffs. Decree involves division of the lands. C78/24, no. 20 [86]
1562 31 Oct 4 William Halam and wife Anne, daughter of Thomas Church, dec. v. John Goodwyn. Estate of Thomas Church, dec, with lands in Crayford, Kent. Dismission. C78/19, no. 13 [87]
1562 31 Oct 4 John Tyrrell of Bridgewater, Som and wife Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Kent v. Reynold Warner and Thomas Nosse. Lease of rectory and tithes of Milverton, Som. C78/19, no. 16 [88]
1562 31 Oct 4 John Heathe v. William Tucker. Alleged failure of defendant to obey an Award following an action for trespass into the plaintiff's property in Chertsey, Surrey. C78/33, no. 20 [89]
1562 Nov 4 Thomas Webbe v. Margaret Webbe, widow, executrix of John Webbe of Shepton Mallet, Som. Plaintiff claims legacies left in testament of John Webbe, clothier, for his service as an apprentice for many years. [partly illegible] C78/19, no. 37 [90]
1562 3 Nov 4 John Dutton of London, apprentice and his sister Alice Dutton of Chester, younger children of Foulke Dutton of Chester, dec., John Legh of the Rydge, Cheshire & Elizabeth his wife, John Lawton of Lawton & Margaret his wife, Maurice Wilkins of Chester & Cycyley his wife, three other of the children of the said Foulke Dutton v. Richard Dutton. Abbots Hall and other premises in Chester, part of estate of Fulk Dutton of Chester, dec. Dismission. C78/19, no. 14 [91]
1562 3 Nov 4 John Atwood v. Ralph Dyne. Customary hoding in the manor of 'Burghasse', Sussex. C78/33, no. 4 [92]
1562 4 Nov 4 Thomas Tubbe v. William Wirdman. Copyhold estate of a cottage and 12 acres in manor of Charlton in Charlton, [county not stated]. C78/19, no. 22 [93]
1562 4 Nov 4 Elizabeth Hill, widow of Thomas Hill v. John Reste. A cottage with lands appurtenant in Redmile, Leics. C78/24, no. 21 [94]
1562 9 Nov 4 John Hollowaye v. Andrew Queney. Claims defendant, a bailiff of Stratford upon Avon, corruptly aided Thomas Rawlins to avoid a judgment of debt in favour of plaintiff in town court of Stratford. Dismission. C78/19, no. 24 [95]
1562 9 Nov 4 Thomas White, executor of Thomas White, dec. v. Thomas Philipps, executor of Richard Philipps, esq., dec. Debt of £40. C78/24, no. 25 [96]
1562 9 Nov 4 Margaret Goldinge, widow and Robert Goldinge v. Andrew Ryvett. Customary holding called Melfelde in the manor of Brandeston, Suff. Borough English. C78/33, no. 15 [97]
1562 10 Nov 4 Anthony Carleton v. William Fawknor, esq. Customary holding of manor of Waterfield Esher, in Surrey. C78/19, no. 21 [98]
1562 10 Nov 4 Roger Thornes v. Hugh Prynne. Five closes in Severn fields in lordship of Bridgnorth, Salop. C78/24, no. 23 [99]
1562 13 Nov 4 John Gentyll; William Cutler; John Smythe; William Wilkes; William Adams, inhabitants of hamlet of Over Atberie in parish of Trent, Som. v. Robert Eliott, clerk, rector of Trent. Obligation to support a priest at chapel of Over Atberie, Som. [Dors.] C78/19, no. 25 [100]
1562 13 Nov 4 Robert Steward v. Richard Smythe, Nicholas Norris and Richard Tailoure. Lease of lands in parishes of West Wickham and ‘Heires', Kent. C78/33, no. 5 [101]
1562 14 Nov 4 Philip Manwaryng, esq. v. Anne Manwaryng, widow of Randal Manwaryng, and son Henry Manwaryng. Swanley Hall and other lands of the Manwaryng family in Acton, Ches. C78/19, no. 17 [102]
1562 15 Nov 4 Philip Curson v. Robert Karvyle alias Carvile, Humphrey Carvile, Christopher Carvile. Lease of a farm and lands in Tottenhall, Norf. C78/21, no. 15 [103]
1562 16 Nov 4 Thomas Taylour of London, capper v. Roger Wright of Nantwich, Ches. A 'whiche house of 6 leeds’ in Nantwich, Ches. Dismission. C78/22, no. 15 [104]
1562 17 Nov 5 Elinor Lambe, widow of Anncell Lambe, gent, dec. and Joan Lambe and Agnes Lambe, executrices of the said Anncell Lambe v. William Longe and John Longe & Praxsyde his wife. Interest of Auncell Lambe, dec. in lease of manor of Potterne, Wilts, which he purchased from original lessee, Sir John Tregonwell, and administration of estate of Aldam Lambe, dec. Lambe's widow has since married Nicholas Fyrry of the Middle Temple. C78/23, no. 1 [105]
1562 18 Nov 5 Richard Lewis v. Hugh Parry, esq. Lease of small parcels of land in Kivernoll, Heref, part of manor of Kilpeck, Heref. C78/21, no. 28 [106]
1562 18 Nov 5 Edmund James of Slapton, Bucks, yeoman and Joan his wife, late one of the daughters of John Kettelbye als Kettelsbye decd v. Andrew Kettelbye als Kettelsbye. Detention of legacy left in the will of John Kettelbye to daughter Joan, one of plaintiffs. C78/22, no. 18 [107]
1562 19 Nov 5 Rowland Bulkeley of London, gent v. Sir Philip Egerton; William Alcock of Barratts Pole, Cheshire; Thomas Tytley the younger; John Alcock, labourer A messuage and lands in Barretts Pole, Ches. Dismission. C78/21, no. 26 [108]
1562 19 Nov 4 Richard Core v. John Chambers, Simon Mawe and William Parkins. Alleged non-payment of rent for a messuage called The Bull in Crooked Lane in parish of St. Margaret in Bridge Street, London. Dismission. C78/33, no. 12 [109]
1562 21 Nov 5 Thomas Knott of Dunstable, Beds, maltman v. Thomas Johnson of St. Albans, innholder. Against defendant's action of debt against plaintiff. C78/26, no. 2 [110]
1562 23 Nov 5 Richard Thornes and wife Anne and Margaret Freston, cousins and heirs of Hugh Phillipps, esq., dec. v. Roger Bolton; William Tilcoke; Thomas Harte; Cycell Browne, widow; John Sharpe; Henry Sharpe; Robert Webster; John Wymbilbye Estate of Hugh Phillipps, son of Sir David Phillipps, dec: 12 messuages, and 400 acres of land in Peterborough, Helpstone and Northborough, Northants, and in Stamford, Lincs. Dismission. C78/23, no. 3 [111]
1562 24 Nov 5 Margaret Byllett, widow; Johane Bysshoppe of Woodforde; Roger Seiante; Richard Chamberlayne; Margaret Woodman; John Jones; Thomas Johannes; Lawrence Nicholas; Robert Nicholas the younger; Agnes Worlocke; Robert Nicholas the elder; William Davys; Clement Kington; William Rede; Thomas Davis; Margaret Nichols; Nicholas Davies; John Bysshoppe of Woodstrete; Agnes Davys; Thomas Bysshoppe; Nicholas Baker; Elizabeth Townnsende; Ellen Crasse; Edith Marche; Edithe Bullocke; Denis Richardes; John Bullocke; Nicholas Woldland; John Powle; William Bysshoppe; Johane Nete; Robert Bullocke; Sale Hames; Robert Longe; John Bysshoppe of Pole; John Neete, tenants of manor of Nettleton, Wilts. (37 named) v. Michael Quyntyne of Bupton, Wilts, esq., lord of the Manor. Pasture rights of copyhold tenants in manor of Nettleton, Wilts. C78/23, no. 2 [112]
1562 25 Nov 5 John Statham v. John Sacheverell. Estate of John Statham decd. Two messuages in parishes of Alsoppe ..alleston and Rosyngton, [county obscured] C78/21, no. 30 [113]
1562 26 Nov 5 John Puleston, gent v. Robert Puleston, esq. Capital messuage and 11 other messuages, a water mill and 326 acres of land in Broughton and Wrexham, Derb. C78/21, no. 23 [114]
1562 26 Nov 5 William Skipwythe, esq. v. Ralph Skipwythe and Edward Skipwythe, his brothers. Possession of their father's lease of manor and rectory of Tring [Herts]. C78/21, no. 24 [115]
1562 26 Nov 5 John Sydey alias Sidaye, son of John Sidey of Whit Calne, Essex the elder decd v. Robert Ball and wife Margery. Capital messuage called Loveney Hall, with appurtenances, in White Colne, Essex. C78/23, no. 4 [116]
1562 27 Nov 5 Nicholas Yarham, son & heir of William Yarham late of Byntre, Norfolk decd v. Henry Yarham. Estate of William Yarham, dec. in Bintree, Norf, including free and copyhold lands. C78/22, no. 19 [117]
1562 27 Nov 5 Edward Lane of Halstock, Dors, yeoman and others (not named) v. Thomas Howard, Viscount Howard of Bindon. Copyhold lands in Winterbourne, Dors, held of the manor of Winterbourne; defendant, lord of Winterbourne. C78/22, no. 22 [118]