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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1561 20 Jan 3 Thomas Cromer, gent. v. Stephen Hadnall, gent, and wife Margaret, executrix of will of Thomas Huys, dec. Messuage in Little Woodstreet, London; lands and tenements in South Mimms, Midd. late of Walter Cromer, dec. father of plaintiff, Huys held wardship of plaintiff. C78/41, no. 45 [2]
1561 27 Jan 3 John Deye v. Thomas Daye of Scoulton, Norf. John Deye late of Badwell Aysshe, Suffolk, decd father of the complt. Messuage and 30 acres of land in Badwell Ash, Suff, another messuage in Huston, Suff. Defendant is guardian of Edmund Daye, a minor. C78/18, no. 5 [3]
1561 28 Jan 3 Frances Chauncy and wife Alice, widow of Humphry Tyrell, esq. v. Benjamin Gonson, esq. Three hundred acres of wood and 200 acres of heath in Shenfield, Essex, contested as part of the manor of Great Warley, Essex. Dismission. C78/17, no. 37 [4]
1561 1 Feb 3 Joan Gravenor, widow v. Lewes Ap Williams alias Robert Lewes. A tenement in the High Street, Stratford upon Avon, Warw. Dismission. C78/18, no. 7 [5]
1561 1 Feb 3 Robert Bagshawe of the Chapel in the Frith, Derb. v. Christopher Bagshawe. Messuage and 200 acres of land in Tideswell, Derb., and a messuage and 100 acres of land in Chapel in the Frith, Derb, estate of Edward Bagshawe, dec. C78/18, no. 10 [6]
1561 3 Feb 3 Anne Draycote, widow of Mark Draycote and Richard Draycote, their son v. Henry Draycote, eldest son. Estate of Mark Draycote, dec. with lands in Lastowe, Cadner, Draycott, Dertie, Kilburn and Heige, Derb. and customary lands held of manors of Horsley, Duffield, and Harston. C78/18, no. 4 [7]
1561 3 Feb 3 Sir John Rogers and wife Katherine v. Richard Rogers, their son, and John Chettell. Life interest of Dame Katherine in manors of Lanckton and Littleton, Dors, their mortgage and alternative financial arrangements for Dame Katherine. C78/18, no. 11 [8]
1561 4 Feb 3 Mary Blounte, daughter & heir of Henry Blounte decd v. Edward Popham, esq. Reversion of the moiety of lands in Salisbury, Wilts, late of Alice, widow of Humphrey Blounte. C78/20, no. 17 [9]
1561 8 Feb 3 William Hodges of Middle Chinnock, Som, gent v. George Payne, John Bellowe and John Broxholme. Purchase of rectory of Charlton Adam, Som, from Crown, through other parties (i.e. two of the defendants), including charges of forged deeds and secret conveyances. C78/18, no. 6 [10]
1561 10 Feb 3 Robert Coxe alias Cokes, John Goodman the elder, dec. and Thomas Pawlyn, dec. v. Ingram Wood (dec.) and John Wood. A messuage and 40 acres of land in Alkham, Kent. Dismission. C78/17, no. 40 [11]
1561 10 Feb 3 Edward Bostock of Canterbury, John Vawce and Thomas Saunce v. George Broughton. Office of Keeper of Canterbury gaol: subject of involved private bargains, and leased for £30 p.a. to plaintiff. C78/18, no. 12 [12]
1561 10 Feb 3 John Jeffrey v. Sir Henry Tyrrell. Plaintiff exhibited a bill to the Queen's commissioners appointed to redress injuries to subjects whose goods had been unjustly taken from them in Mary's reign. Plaintiff claims he was then accused of heresy and left Essex, and lost his lease of a farm called Saint Margarets, in Little Burstead, Essex. C78/18, no. 36 [13]
1561 10 Feb 3 Richard Wheler and Joan his wife, executrix of John Smythe decd and Richard Smith another executor of the said John Smythe v. John Tirrell and wife Christian. Settlement of the estate of John Smith, dec. late husband of defendant, Christian. C78/20, no. 29 [14]
1561 11 Feb 3 William Smyth of London, 'broderer' v. John Sayer, Anthony Caterycke and Michael Wamforde, executors of John, Lord Conyers, dec. Debt of late Lord Conyers. C78/18, no. 8 [15]
1561 11 Feb 3 John Bouth of London, merchant taylor v. John Sayer, Anthony Caterycke, Michael Wamforde, executors of John, Lord Conyers. Debt of Lord Conyers. C78/18, no. 9 [16]
1561 11 Feb 3 George West, gent and wife Anne Cresacre v. William Lovelace of Henley, Oxon, gent. Jewels and ornaments of Anne West, which in her widowhood she delivered to defendant for safekeeping. Later she conveyed them to her eldest son Thomas More, and after that married George West. Dismission. C78/18, no. 38 [17]
1561 11 Feb 3 Thomas Bennet and wife Cicely, one of the daughters & heirs of Johanne Marshe, widow decd v. Robert Lyllye and wife Rose. Messuage and 40 acres of arable in Bramford, Suff. Dismission. C78/20, no. 28 [18]
1561 11 Feb 3 Rowland Okever and wife Sibil, daughter of Henry White, dec. v. Roger Jones and Giles White. Lease of a messuage on the bridge within the city of Bristol. C78/41, no. 44 [19]
1561 12 Feb 3 John Devyke, gent v. William Burnell; William Humberston; Samuel Cordell Lease of a tenement and 2 gardens in St. John Street and in St. John's Lane, Midd., late owned by Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. Dismission. C78/17, no. 38 [20]
1561 12 Feb 3 John Gardener of London, grocer v. Thomas Stambridge and James Bacon. Debts owed to plaintiff for goods sent to Edmund Gardener, grocer of London, in Barbary. Edmund Gardener, who died 1557, left a messuage in Budge Row, London, to the defendants for the purpose of paying his debts to plaintiff. C78/17, no. 39 [21]
1561 12 Feb 3 Elizabeth Marten, widow v. Thomas Beard and wife Jane. Both women are daughters and co-heirs of Christopher Carye, dec, whose estate was worth about £20 p.a. from various lands in Chipping Wycombe, Quainton, Lee and Chalvey, Bucks. Dismission. C78/18, no. 37 [22]
1561 12 Feb 3 Richard Calton, gent. v. Joan Lovys, widow. Mortgage and redemption of four messuages in St John's Street in St Sepulchre without Newgate, London. C78/20, no. 9 [23]
1561 12 Feb 3 John Manley of London, innholder v. George Sympcotte and wife Cicely. Lands and tenements in Potton, Wrestlingworth and Tempsford, Beds., late of William Manley, clerk, plaintiff's brother. See C78/41/41. C78/41, no. 25 [24]
1561 12 Feb 3 John Manley of London, innholder v. George Sympcotte and wife Cicely. As C78/41/25. C78/41, no. 41 [25]
1561 12 Feb 3 Richard Mogeridge of Winterbourne Stoke, Wilts. v. Thomas Fraunces and John Plomley. Non-payment for a sale of wool by George Mogeridge dec, father of plaintiff, to defendants. C78/41, no. 26 [26]
1561 12 Feb 3 Sir John Guildford v. Thomas Thompson. Marsh of 240 acres near Winchelsea, Sussex claimed by plaintiff to be called Northmarsh and to lie within the liberty of the Cinque Ports. Dismission. C78/41, no. 43 [27]
1561 25 Feb 3 George Pilkington and wife Mary v. James Altham and Thomas Altham. Four messuages and 80 acres of land in Plumstead and Wickham, Kent, late of Richard Gibson, dec., Serjeant at Arms to Henry VIII, and legacy of 50 marks from Gibson to plaintiff Mary. C78/41, no. 22a [28]
1561 24 April 3 Robert Harryson v. Sir George Harbart. Debts owed by John Craddock, gent, plaintiff's employer. Defendant is one of the executors of Craddock. Debts over sale to Richard Hackletts of London, skinner, of Welsh merchandise C78/18, no. 14 [29]
1561 24 April 3 Sir Christopher Allen v. Francis Swanne of Lydd, Kent. Possession of 30 acres of land in Old Romney, Kent and of 40 acres of land in Lydd, Kent. C78/18, no. 15 [30]
1561 24 April 3 William Flett v. William Osborne. Two tofts and gardens and 24 acres of land in Hambledon, Denmead and Glidden, Hants. Dismission. C78/18, no. 21 [31]
1561 24 April 3 Churchwardens of All Saints, Hastings, Sussex v. Edward Durrunt. Rent from messuages and lands in Hastings, Gesbyng' [? Gensing) and elsewhere in Sussex: modification of a decree of 16 Feb. 37 Henry VIII re case of Michael Knight et al v. Churchwardens of All Saints. C78/20, no. 32 [32]
1561 24 April 3 John Baker v. Ralph Symondes, Thomas Hopper and Anthony Lede. A capital messuage, another messuage in Maidstone, and 3 pieces of pasture in Marden, Kent. Dismission. C78/22, no. 34 [33]
1561 26 April 3 John Comber, son & heir of William Comber decd, by Thomas Fuller his guardian v. Thomas Poyntz and Richard Jackson (guardian to Thomas Chanks, an infant). Customary lands of a messuage and 45 acres of land held of Poyntz' manor of North Ockendon, Essex. See C78/24/2. C78/18, no. 13 [34]
1561 28 April 3 Ralph Bradbury and wife Maud v. Thomas Homersley & Agnes his wife; Thomas Smythe; Richard Smythe Interest of plaintiff's wife in estate of John Leeke, dec, a messuage and 100 acres of land in Cheddleton, Staffs. C78/18, no. 16 [35]
1561 28 April 3 Thomas Cote, clerk, vicar of Stoke Gabriel, Devon v. Richard Holoway, gent. Thirty acres of land in Stoke Gabriel, Devon, claimed as part of the glebe lands. Dismission. C78/18, no. 22 [36]
1561 28 April 3 Robert Goodyer and wife Ellen, widow of Thomas Wynne of Whitechurch, Salop v. James Wynne. Discharged bonds of Thomas Wynne, dec to James Wynne, on which defendant has begun an action of debt against his mother. C78/18, no. 39 [37]
1561 29 April 3 Richard Kynge v. John Foster. Messuages, lands and a sheepcourse for 360 sheep in Exning, Suff. Dismission. C78/20, no. 30 [38]
1561 1 May 3 Harry Grene v. John Sherford and wife Elizabeth, executrix of Thomas Stevens, dec. Debts due to plaintiff from Thomas Stevens, dec, for whom Grene was 'servant and beer brewer'. C78/18, no. 20 [39]
1561 6 May 3 Leonard Maton of Enford, Wilts. v. Thomas Maton and William Leversage. Lease of pasture called Sewels in Westbury, Wilts. C78/20, no. 10 [40]
1561 6 May 3 Christopher Coote, esq. and wife, Dame Anne, widow of Sir Edmund Knyvet and John Flowerdewe, esq. v. Francis Southwell, esq. and Barbara his wife, late the wife of Richard Catlyn decd. Wardship of Richard Catlyn and the manor of Hethersett, Norf. C78/20, no. 11 [41]
1561 6 May 3 John Edmeade v. William Edmeade. Sixteen acres of land in Horsemonden, Kent, late of Robert Edmeade, brother of plaintiff and defendant. C78/41, no. 24 [42]
1561 7 May 3 Leweys Lobo for & in the name of Benedict Rodrigues and Emmanuel Caldera, merchants of Spain v. The company of Fifteen Assurers of the city of London and the Company of Bonaventures. Insurance of a ship loaded at 'Calicut in the Indias': names the brokers. Involves a commission of London merchants appointed to hear the dispute. C78/20, no. 33 [43]
1561 8 May 3 Thomas Cole of Newport, Essex, husbandman v. Margery Foxe and son John, and Dr. White, warden of New College, Oxford. Customary holding of the New College manor of Stonehall, in Widdington, Essex. C78/41, no. 22c [44]
1561 10 May 3 William Edden and wife Katherine v. Elizabeth Bleke, widow. Land and wood in Norton Lindsey, Warw, together with a common of pasture for 8 great beasts and 40 sheep. Dismission. C78/18, no. 19 [45]
1561 12 May 3 Oliver Carmynowe and wife Mary v. Richard Coryton; Walter Code; John Trevylyan; Robert Becket Legacy of 200 marks left to Mary Carmynowe by her father, Peter Coryton of West Newton, Corn, dec (See also C78/l8/l8). C78/18, no. 17 [46]
1561 12 May 3 John Curtys and wife Katherine v. Richard Coryton; Walter Code; John Trevylyan; Robert Beckett Legacy of 200 marks left to Katherine Curtys by her father, Peter Coryton, of West Newton, Corn, dec (See also C78/18/17). C78/18, no. 18 [47]
1561 13 May 3 Margaret Christofer v. Margery Dyggens; Clemence Dyggens; Margery Olyffe; John Challenger. Copyhold lands of,manor of Doddeswell in West Hoathly, Sussex, held previously by plaintiff's cousin John Christofer. Dismission. C78/22, no. 30 [48]
1561 17 May 3 John Ap Richard Ap Hoell alias Whytford v. William Ap Merideth & Dowce his wife. Twenty seven acres of land in Llewerllid and Diserth Flints. C78/22, no. 31 [49]
1561 [?] June 3 William Burbage v. Thomas Thorneton. Lease of manor of Greenford, Midd. C78/41, no. 37 [50]
1561 10 June 3 William Barrantyne v. Anthony Norman; Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Sheyffe, widow; Edmund Dann A messuage and several parcels of land in Brenchley, Kent, estate of Robert Kippinge of Brenchley, dec, allegedly to plaintiff as Kippinge's godson. C78/18, no. 23 [51]
1561 10 June 3 Jane Lady Brereton, widow of Sir William Brereton v. Sir Ralph Bagnall. Lease of the grange of Westwood and Woodcraft in Lowe, Staffs. Defendant is owner of the property through a grant by the Crown, temp. Edw. VI. C78/18, no. 40 [52]
1561 10 June 3 Elizabeth Comes alias Combs, widow, late wife & administratrix of Thomas Comes of Chesilhurste, Kent decd v. Thomas Walsyngham of Chislehurst, Kent. Debts and obligations owed by defendant to Thomas Combs alias Comes of Chislehurst, Kent, dec. Dismission. C78/22, no. 32 [53]
1561 10 June 3 Edward Herbert, esq. v. Richard Ap Thomas and John Huys. Messuage and 80 acres of land in Weston Madoc, Mont. Defendants disclaim any interest. C78/22, no. 33 [54]
1561 10 June 3 Parnell Wadley, widow of William Wadley of London, tailor, and John Gifford and wife Susan, daughter of William Wadley v. Charles Fox and John Brampton. Land in Stanton Lacy, Salop, claimed by plaintiff to belong to the farm of Ruckley and by defendant to belong to the farm of Langley. C78/41, no. 34 [55]
1561 14 June 3 William Harris of Walden, Essex, gent. v. Vincent Harris, his younger brother. Copyhold lands called Great Cockes and Barrockes with lands in Cold Norton, Essex, held of manor of Cold Norton. C78/18, no. 24 [56]
1561 16 June 3 George Magnus v. Simon Suell and wife Katherine and Rose Edwards. Moiety of 1 messuage and 30 acres of land in Gosberton and Quadring, Lincs. Plaintiff conveyed moiety of his property to another when he fled for fear of persecution for religion. Defendants are daughters of Thomas Edwards, to whom plaintiff conveyed the property. C78/18, no. 41 [57]
1561 16 June 3 Richard Over of Beaconsfield, Bucks, yeoman v. Christopher Fyssher. A grove of wood called Lynchewell Grove in Wooburn, Bucks and a field adjoining called Lynchewell Field. Dismission. C78/18, no. 42 [58]
1561 16 June 3 John Jakes of London, merchant taylor v. Christopher Wilford. The estate of John Jakes, plaintiff's father: debts and obligations of several merchants in the Dansig trade. C78/20, no. 23 [59]
1561 17 June 3 William Mordaunte of Turvey, Beds. esq. and wife Agnes v. Thomas Trotter and wife, Jane. Eight messuages with lands in Westmorton, Elwick, Sheraton, Hutton and Castle Eden, Durh. C78/20, no. 12 [60]
1561 17 June 3 Richard Lovejoy of Little Karlow, Bucks, husbandman v. John Burlacye. Lease of Monkton Farm in Little Marlow. C78/20, no. 34 [61]
1561 18 June 3 William Lacy of Hartrowe, Som, and wife Joan, late wife of John Swayng decd v. John Brimsmeade. £365 delivered by Joan Lacy while she was a widow to defendant, in order to purchase lands for her son, then under age. Defendant bought some customary lands in the manor of Taunton Deane, Som, but has not conveyed them to the child. C78/22, no. 29 [62]
1561 19 June 3 John Danbye of London, tailor v. Thomas Mettam. Possession of, and access to, Wyske Close in Little Danbye, Yorks. Dismission. C78/20, no. 36 [63]
1561 19 June 3 Richard Roger of Ewell, Surrey, labourer v. Robert Roger. Messuage with 3 acres of land in Ewell. C78/20, no. 37 [64]
1561 21 June 3 William Hawes and Thomas Eylward, yeomen, wardens of Sevenoaks Free School; Ralph Bossevyle, John Pett, Thomas Potkyn, Thomas Locke, assistants of the Free School v. Thomas Smith, Thomas Argall and Edmund Jennye. Dispute over a benefaction by John Potkyn to the 'Freescole' in Sevenoaks. A house called The Starre in Bread Street, London. C78/20, no. 35 [65]
1561 23 June 3 Anthony Stibbinge, gent, and wife Agnes and Margaret Fowntayne, widow v. John Cliffe and wife Joan. Messuages and lands in Dunstable, Houghton and Totternhoe, Beds, and in Caddington and Kemsworth, Herts. [Beds.], late of Elinor Anlabye. C78/41, no. 38 [66]
1561 23 June 3 Richard Blake v. Geoffrey Cowper and wife Joan, William Shorter and Andrew Rider. Four acres of land in Whitley in parish of St. Giles, Berks and two messuages in Reading, Berks. C78/41, no. 39 [67]
1561 25 June 3 Edward Carde v. Anthony Cole. Copyhold lands in E. Bergholt, Suff, held of manor of Spencers. C78/18, no. 25 [68]
1561 25 June 3 John Blunt, esq and wife Elizabeth, widow of Henry Peckham, esq. v. John Cosworth. Moiety of a life term in the manor of 'Lanteayn’, Corn, owned earlier by Lord Clinton. C78/18, no. 26 [69]
1561 25 June 3 Sir Henry Sydney v. Thomas Southwell, esq. Estate of Sir Robert Southwell, dec. and the conveyance of the site of the monastery of Bermondsey, Surrey. C78/20, no. 13 [70]
1561 13 Oct 3 Alexander Cotton and wife Mary, late wife of Thomas Barne decd v. Owen Clune of London, draper. Messuage in St Andrew Hubbard, London. Dismission. C78/20, no. 6 [71]
1561 14 Oct 3 Isabel Cole, widow of William Cole of Nempnett, Som v. John Bavor; Nicholas Crosman; John Egyll; John Eyles; John Hippisley Possession of a customary holding during widow's life, in the manor of Regilbury, Som. Case already heard in Requests, 10 May, 2 Eliz. Dismission. C78/18, no. 32 [72]
1561 14 Oct 3 Master and Fellows of Caius and Gonville, Cambridge v. Sir Thomas Ragland and wife Dame Anne. Land belonging to the manor of Houghton, Norf. Detention of deeds and enclosure of waste. C78/20, no. 1 [73]
1561 16 0ct 3 Anthony Cope v. Joyce Cope, widow; Frances Cope; Robert Totty & Alice his wife; Mathew Somerscales & Dorothy his wife, daughters of the said Joyce Messuage and shop, in the shambles at Banbury, Oxon. with land in Banbury and elsewhere and an annual rent of £5 from the manor of Hanwell, Oxon. Dismission. C78/20, no. 3 [74]
1561 16 Oct 3 William Grice, gent, and wife Katherine, widow of Anthony Totto late of Fleet Street, London v. William Glaseor, gent. Lease of a messuage with lands in Kiteham, Surrey; 6 acres of customary land belonging to the manor of Ravensbury, Surrey. C78/20, no. 26 [75]
1561 17 Oct 3 Richard Brent, esq. v. Thomas Broughton, esq. Possession of evidences for properties of the late Paul Taverner's in Bristol and Som. (lands not specified). Dismission. C78/18, no. 28 [76]
1561 18 Oct 3 George Burton of Threapland, Yorks, the elder and George Burton the younger v. Thomas Clyfford and Henry Moreby. Lease of manor of Threapland, Yorks with a corn mill. Involves a conventual lease. C78/22, no. 44 [77]
1561 20 Oct 3 Rice Meredith David ap Ithell of London v. Jenner ap Meredith ap Gruff and Robert ap John ap David ap Ithell. Two messuages with lands in Llaniestyn, Caern. Dismission. C78/20, no. 4 [78]
1561 20 Oct 3 John Cavell and Alice his wife, administrators of William Rawlyns late citizen & vintner of London decd v. Robert Golder. Lease of 16 messuages and tenements in the Strand in parish of St Savoy, Kidd. Case heard previously in court of Requests. Dismission. C78/20, no. 22 [79]
1561 21 Oct 3 Laurence Coxton v. Thomas Rowse. Messuage called Welbecks and a pasture called Homefield in parish of St. James, in Colchester, Essex. C78/18, no. 27 [80]
1561 21 Oct 3 William Webbe v. Richard Rombold and wife Joan. Customary holding of the manor of Hinxton, in Hinxton, Cambs. C78/18, no. 43 [81]
1561 21 Oct 3 William Berryman ...... of Ensham, Surrey v. Sir Urian Brereton and wife Lady Jane, widow of Edmund Lord Bray. Manor of Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey. Dismission [badly damaged] C78/18, no. 47 [82]
1561 21 Oct 3 John Mimes of London, gent. v. George Watton. Messuage in Noak Hill and other lands in Haveringwell and Dagnams, [Essex]. Dismission. C78/20, no. 7 [83]
1561 23 Oct 3 John Truslowe, administrator of William Jenyns decd, during the nonage of Edmund Jennyns v. Thomas Holloway. Lease of a capital messuage and 280 acres of land in Mildenhall, Wilts, alleged as of the estate of William Jennyns,dec. Widow of Jennyns subsequently married defendant. C78/18, no. 34 [84]
1561 24 Oct 3 Thomas Armorer and Stephen Prowde, churchwardens of St. Augustine's, Watling Street, London v. Oliver Hyde, gent. Legacies and conveyances of the late John Malte, merchant taylor of London to the parish of St. Augustine's Watling Street, including a 10s annual rent from his manor of Fulbrooke, Oxon C78/18, no. 33 [85]
1561 27 Oct 3 Robert Dawton and Agnes his wife, late wife and administratrix of Robert Wynter, dec. v. Sir Thomas Sparke, clerk and Sir George Wynter, clerk. Lease of 12 tenements and a mill in Fenham, Northumberland, parcell of the possessions of the dissolved Priory of Holy Island. Robert Wynter was slain in service against the Scots. Deft George Wynter is brother to the decd. Dismission. C78/20, no. 40 [86]
1561 27 Oct 3 Richard Dowse of Chilworth, Hants, yeoman v. Robert Hybbard. Messuage in Anton, Hants. Dismission. C78/20, no. 45 [87]
1561 27 Oct 3 Laurence Hyde of Temple Combe, Som, gent. v. Anthony Venables. Ex-chantry property in Aston and Pickmere in parish of Great Budworth, Ches, late belonging to chapel in Stretford in Manchester, and another messuage with appurtences in Budworth. C78/22, no. 40 [88]
1561 27 Oct 3 John Atwell of Earls Barton, Northants, yeoman v. William Prestwood of London, leatherseller. Loan, bound by a statute merchant, made by defendent to plaintiff. Loan was in goods delivered to Atwell; also involved a mortgage of Atwell's lands, [text damaged and partly missing]. C78/22, no. 52 [89]
1561 27 Oct 3 William Peke of London, goldsmith v. Gregory Warnar. Estate of John Peke of Wellingborough, dec, plaintiff's father, including lease of site of manor of Wellingborough, Northants and chattels. C78/22, no. 42 [90]
1561 27 Oct 3 Robert Knight and John Austen v. John Richardes alias Glover. Bond for a debt of £21 and a customary holding in manor of Tirrington Lovell or Tirrington Richards in Walpole, Norf. C78/41, no. 36 [91]
1561 28 Oct 3 Henry Fallowfeld of London v. Thomas Garnon and wife Edith. Messuages and lands in parishes of Bray, Cookham and Winkfield, Berks., once of William Brownsoppe of Bray, Berks., esq. C78/41, no. 35 [92]
1561 29 Oct 3 William Sowthacke and George Sowthacke v. John Leygh; John Sympson; Anthony Rothery; John Bwescale; Nicholas Buntyng; Richard Orsford; Thomas Bowman; Robert Dyckynson; William Syllam als Gyllam; John Robynson; John Tollynge and others (not named) Possession of the rectory of Isell, Cumb. Only John Leygh is a party to the suit, while rest of defendants are merely tenants. Dismission. C78/18, no. 30 [93]
1561 30 Oct 3 Anne Penny, widow of Giles Penney, and her son Giles Penney v. Thomas Stempe, clerk. Lease of parsonage of Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorset and its tithes. Involves a late conventual lease of Milton Abbey, Dors. Defendant is Warden of Winchester College, new owner of the rectory. C78/18, no. 29 [94]
1561 30 Oct 3 Robert Woodman, executor of Thomas Woodman, dec. v. Thomas Woodman, his brother. Disputed claims to be executor of the testament of Thomas Woodman, dec. [partly illegible] C78/18, no. 46 [95]
1561 3 Nov 3 John Teyler v. Richard Pulhowse. A messuage called Grene Place alias Pulhowse Lands with lands in 'Stanward', Heref or Herts, [county partly illegible]. Dismission. C78/18, no. 31 [96]
1561 4 Nov 3 Cuthbert Vaughan and wife Elizabeth, widow of William Twysden, esq. v. Thomas Twysden. Messuage called Chelmyngton and 500 acres in Chart, Kingsnoth, Shadoxhurst, Ivychurch and Eastbridge, Kent. C78/20, no. 5 [97]
1561 4 Nov 3 Alice Lovell, widow of John of Shepton Mallet, Som. v. Alice Strowde, widow. Customary land called Rowley belonging to the manor of Shepton Mallet. C78/20, no. 43 [98]
1561 6 Nov 3 Henry Parry, James Williams v. Robert Okey alias Norris. Conventual lease of a tenement called The Lamb in the Hoop in Abchurch Lane, London. C78/20, no. 2 [99]
1561 8 Nov 3 Nicholas Prowse of Totnes, Devon and Alice his wife, and Peter their son v. Walter Cosbye of Totnes, Devon. Lease of a messuage and garden in Totnes, Devon, and secret conveyances to defeat intent of plaintiff's agreement. C78/18, no. 35 [100]
1561 8 Nov 3 Edmund Wakeham and wife Katherine v. Thomas Stewkeley, gent and wife Alice. Legacy to Katherine Wakeham, daughter of John Burley of Devon, dec. Defendant's wife is widow of Burley. C78/18, no. 45 [101]
1561 10 Nov 3 William Harrys of Malden, Essex, son & heir of William Harrys decd v. Arthur, Christopher and Edward Harris. Recognizance whereby plaintiff and George Harris, dec. were bound to William Harris, dec. Defendants are William's executors. Dismission. C78/20, no. 8 [102]
1561 11 Nov 3 Robert Palmer of Doncaster, Yorks, butcher v. Germain Pynder, Katherine Pynder and Robert Pynder. Rectory of Crowle, Lincs, and tithes of Eastoft, Lincs. C78/18, no. 44 [103]
1561 11 Nov 3 John Crofte of Walpole, Norf. yeoman v. Richard Rede. Bargain and sale of Lawgate Farm in Wrangle, Lincs C78/20, no. 44 [104]
1561 12 Nov 4 Robert Davy, clerk v. Thomas Ferrer. Three tenements in Norwich. Dismission. C78/22, no. 48 [105]
1561 12 Nov 3 John Warde and William Tiffyn, churchwardens of Gestingthorpe, Essex v. John and William Parke. House and land in Gestingthorpe, the issues from which were bequeathed by Henry Hale, dec. to the poor of the parish. Former decree of June 7 Edward VI. C78/41, no. 40 [106]
1561 13 Nov 3 Thomas Broxholme of Messingham, Lincs, yeoman v. Nicholas Cooke. Messuage in Messingham. C78/20, no. 41 [107]
1561 13 Nov 3 Joan Venables, widow v. William Stanney and William Ryman. Non-delivery of ten quarters of seed barley as payment for a debt owed to plaintiff's late husband, Walter. C78/41, no. 42 [108]
1561 15 Nov 3 William Dyrdo and wife Katheryn, William Alford and Elizabeth Alford v. Thomas Awbrey and Thomas Olford/Alford. Legacies from testament of Thomas Alford, dec. Defendants are his executors. Involved an arbitration by Charles Lord Stourton. C78/16, no. 24 [109]
1561 15 Nov 3 Robert Harryson v. Leonard Hollynworth. Messuage and land in Everton, Notts. Dismission. C78/20, no. 42 [110]
1561 15 Nov 3 John St. John, son of Alexander St. John, dec. v. John Nicolas and others (not named). Moiety of manor of Webbley with other lands in Llanrhidian, Glam. Dismission. C78/22, no. 47 [111]
1561 17 Nov 4 John Danett, gent and wife Elizabeth v. Richard Mitton, of Oswestry, Salop. Jewels, money and armour, once the property of Sir Thomas Gray, Lord Gray, which were given to defendant by Gray before his attainder to keep. Defendant's wife has a royal grant of June, 1554 to all the goods of the attainted Ld. Gray. C78/22, no. 37 [112]
1561 17 Nov 4 Alexander Crane and wife Agnes and Alice Coleman, daughters of Robert Coleman of Hacheston, Suff, dec. v. John and William Corbold. Messuage and 16 acres of land in Thorndon, Suff claimed by Agnes and Alice as daughters and only children of Robert Coleman, dec. C78/22, no. 41 [113]
1561 18 Nov 4 Sir John Horsey v. George Sydenham, esq. of Cleeve, Som. Failure to complete agreement and seal conveyances, involving obligation to pay £100 each to the daughters of John Stocker, esq. C78/19, no. 1 [114]
1561 18 Nov 4 Peter Horsey, clerk v. William Cifrewast, gent. Parsonage of More Crichel, Dors, exchanged for that of Tollard Royal, Wilts. Presentation of plaintiff voided. C78/20, no. 19 [115]
1561 18 Nov 4 John Glascock, gent. v. Thomas Latham, esq., William Grove and Thomas Thargood. Lease of a moiety of the manor of 'Lyberye' in Little Kundon, Herts, and sale of a moiety of the woods of the manor there. Dismission. C78/20, no. 20 [116]
1561 19 Nov 4 Margaret Bryckilbanck, widow & administratrix of Nicholas Bryckilbancke, and William Bryckelbancke her son v. John Borough. Bills of debts owed to plaintiff's late husband. Dismission. C78/22, no. 3 [117]
1561 19 Nov 4 John Walsyngham of Ryarsh, Kent, yeoman v. Richard and Roger Walsyngham. Lands in Ryarsh and Addington, Kent, of plaintiff's father, Walter Walsyngham, dec. Defendants are the younger sons. C78/22, no. 39 [118]
1561 20 Nov 4 Thomas Jones v. William Ap Richard. Divers messuages, etc. in Llanover, Monm. Dismission. C78/22, no. 46 [119]
1561 22 Nov 4 William, Stephen, Richard, Hugh and Robert Yorke, sons of William Yorke, dec. v. John Forster, Thomas Charlton and William Churche. Term of years remaining on leases of two pastures in Huntington in Wenlock lordship and in Wellington Hay, Salop. Widow of William Yorke, dec. covenanted with Charlton and Churche to take over pastures for a short period, but they leased them to a third party, Forster. C78/22, no. 35 [120]
1561 22 Nov 4 Robert Grosse of Muckleford, Dors, yeoman v. Nicholas Megges and wife Jane. Copyhold lands held of the manor of Bradford Peverell, and common of pasture, in Muckleford, Dors. C78/22, no. 38 [121]
1561 24 Nov 4 Henry Norris, esq. and wife Margery, a daughter of Lord Williams of Thame v. William Lenthall. Lands of late abbey of Thame in Latchford, Oxon, and arrears of rent. C78/19, no. 2 [122]
1561 24 Nov 4 Bartholomew Feilde, Katherine Feilde, Anne Feilde v. John Fitz, gent. Lease of 7 messuages with gardens in parish of St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, and their repair. C78/22, no. 1 [123]
1561 25 Nov 4 Sir Thomas Gryffyn and wife Jane, daughter of Richard Newton, dec v. John Horner and Richard Morgan. A watercourse leading to a tucking mill at Babington, Som. Plaintiffs claim that defendant Horner has turned the course of the watercourse towards his own mill. Dismission. C78/22, no. 43 [124]
1561 25 Nov 4 John Frenche and wife Alice v. Thomasine Crokeherne. Messuages and lands in Allisdon and Way, Corn. Enfeoffment to use. Dismission. C78/33, no. 1 [125]
1561 25 Nov 4 Edward Bellingham, esq. v. Richard Scrace. Provisions und6er the will of Richard Scrace of Blatchington, Sussex, gent. Lease of Blatchington, Sussex. C78/33, no. 6 [126]
1561 27 Nov 4 John Surges of Colne, Hunts, gent. v. Elizabeth Lynne, widow. Evidences relating to the manors of Colne, Hunts, and 'Colne' in Caxton, Cambs. C78/20, no. 18 [127]
1561 27 Nov 4 John Hill of London, cutler and wife Joan v. Walter Welles. Messuage in Woodstaff Street in the city of Worcester. Dismission. C78/20, no. 21 [128]
1561 27 Nov 4 George Lewes v. Thomas Betelson. Lease of a messuage called Dayehouse with lands in Aston, Salop. Dismission. C78/22, no. 2 [129]
1561 28 Nov 4 Susan Heydon, widow of George Heydon, esq. and son of Edward Heydon v. John Heydon and William Sherman. Execution of certain terms in the testament of George Heydon, esq, dec, involving sale of certain leases to fulfil a debt of £500. C78/19, no. 31 [130]
1561 28 Nov 4 Alexander Horden and wife Dame Dorothy, widow of Sir Robert Broke, (C.J.C.P.) v. Humphrey Moseley and Roger Barney, 2 of executors of Sir Robert Broke, dec. Estate of Sir Robert Broke, dec. Plaintiffs claim that Dame Dorothy has not been fairly treated by other executors. Articles of agreement were drawn up between the parties through mediation of Sir John Thynne. C78/24, no. 19 [131]
1561 5 Dec 4 Richard Blackwall of Calke, Derb, esq. v. William Bradborne; Frances his wife; Henry Bynny; Agnes Laughtenhouse; Millicent Wylne and others (not named) Plaintiff claims his wife Alice, the widow of John Priest of London, dec., allowed a large amount of money, jewels, chattels of plaintiffs to be taken from his house. Defendant Bradborne was married to daughter of John Priest and claimed the chattels as her inheritance. C78/22, no. 36 [132]
1561 9 Dec 4 William [Herbert] earl of Pembroke v. Morgan Mathewe; Maurice Mathewe; William Stradling; Richard Harries; Robert ap William; Mathew Morgan; Thomas Gamage; Richard Hoell; Jevann Codygan; Thomas Hoell; Hoell ap Morgan; Hoell ap Davy Fees (called 'mises') claimed by the earl from inhabitants of the lordships of Miskin and Glyn Rhonda, Glam, granted to him by Crown in July 1547. C78/21, no. 20 [133]
1561 10 Dec 4 John Yong, esq, Richard Wyer and wife Alice, and John Mere v. Richard Bourne of London, merchant taylor and his sons. Parcel of 199 acres of arable land with pastures called Averie, Cunyger and High Park, and the Court Garden with Ashbere Woods, all in Wiveliscombe, Som. Decree recites arbitration agreement made 21 April 3 Eliz, and orders its enforcement. C78/22, no. 45 [134]
1561 18 Dec 4 John Hownde v. Matthew Colclughe. Bargain and sale of a parcel of land in Calkwell in Guisnes in Marches of Calais, just before Calais was lost in 1558. Plaintiff bound himself in £200 to complete the purchase. C78/19, no. 30 [135]