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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1558 Hilary Term 4 & 5 P & M Nicholas Bricklebancke of Manningtree, Essex, merchant v John Boroughe and Richard Cole Recovery of plaintiff's recognizance made following an arbitration award concerning debts. C78/12, no. 45 [2]
1558 24 Jan 4 & 5 P & M Francis Temple v Nicholas Egleton. A messuage and 3 yardlands in Ellesborough, Bucks. C78/12, no. 39 [3]
1558 12 March 4 & 5 P & M William Curtopp of Cranbrook, Kent, clothier v Thomas Ormeston of London, clothworker. Debts of defendant to plaintiff, following defendant's undertaking to guarantee debts of Thomas Wygge, clothworker, who fled the realm. C78/13, no. 3 [4]
1558 14 March 4 & 5 P & M Henry Worland of London, cordwainer v John Smythe, esq, son of Sir Clement Smythe, dec. Lease of the manor of Mowden Hall in Hatfield Peverel, Essex with lands and fulling mills, also of certain messuages in St Mary at Hill near Billingsgate, London. C78/12, no. 7 [5]
1558 Easter Term 4 & 5 P & M Thomas Copledyke of Colchester v Ellen Tyson, wid. and John Plane. Estate of John Copledyke, esq., late Lt. of Dover, in Kent. Case already heard in the Court of Requests. Dismission. C78/12, no. 31 [6]
1558 30 April 4 & 5 P & M John Sadler, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Cockes and William Agard v John Sowter and wife Agnes. Parcel of land in Hanbury, Staffs. Dismission. C78/13, no. 5 [7]
1558 2 May 4 & 5 P & M Thomas Chaffyn of Mere, Wilts, gent. v William Dackombe, gent. Lease of parsonage of Mere, Wilts. C78/12, no. 31 [8]
1558 2 May 4 & 5 P & M Richard Wycherley the younger, son & heir apparent of Richard Wycherley of Wycherley, Shropshire, and Jane the wife of Richard the son v Thomas Sturye. Messuage and 88 acres of land in 'Rossall', Salop, which defendant holds under a disputed lease. C78/14, no. 55 [9]
1558 3 May 4 & 5 P & M Fremonde Iryshe v Richard Bager. Lease of a messuage in Downton, Wilts and a messuage with lands in Breamore, Hants, and estate of Maud Barrowe, dec, plaintiff's mother. Dismission. C78/12, no. 9 [10]
1558 4 May 4 & 5 P & M Thomas Chaffyn of Mere, Wilts, esq. v John Dackambe. Lease of the manor of Uffington, Berks, and legacies under the will of Thomas Chaffyn, dec., to his wife, daughter of defendant. C78/12, no. 30 [11]
1558 5 May 4 & 5 P & M Richard Tomyowe, esq. v James Pagett, esq. Lease of certain lands in Poulton [in Mildenhall] Wilts. Involves a conventual lease. Dismission. C78/13, no. 7 [12]
1558 6 May 4 & 5 P & M John Marmyon, gent. v Humfrey Hales. Seven messuages and 860 acres of land in Henley upon Thames and Assendon [in Pishill with Stonor] Oxon. Dismission. C78/12, no. 46 [13]
1558 7 May 4 & 5 P & M Isabel Childe, wid. v Norman Childe. Several parcels of land in Grimley, Worcs, estate of William Childe, dec. C78/13, no. 1 [14]
1558 7 May 4 & 5 P & M Thomas Thorneton, brother & heir apparent of William Thorneton decd, son & heir of Alice Thorneton late wife of William Thorneton decd, and one of the daughters & heirs of of Brian Adcock, dec. late of Hengham, Norfolk decd; Margaret Smeton, another of the daughters & heirs of the said Brian Adcock v John Dogett and Mary his wife lately named Mary Brereton or Thombridge or Adcock. Tenement and land in Hingham, Norf. Dismission. C78/13, no. 6 [15]
1558 9 May 4 & 5 P & M John Perse of Milton, Kent v William Morrys. Lands in 'Itham' [?Ighthan] Kent, and chattels of plaintiff's father and mother. Defendant is one of the executors. C78/14, no. 57 [16]
1558 10 May 4 & 5 P & M Joan Robynson, da. of Robert Robynson of Hornesey Beck [Hornsea], Yorks v William Doughtye. Four messuages and lands in Hanney [Hannah], Markby and Hagnaby, Lincs. Dismission. C78/12, no. 11 [17]
1557 10 May 4 & 5 P & M Richard Hogetts v Adam Parke alias Persouse. A customary holding in the manor of Dudley, Worcs. Description of transfer of copyhold estate by custom of the manor of Dudley C78/14, no. 56 [18]
1558 10 May 4 & 5 P & M Richard Ferror v Thomas Cole and Thomas White. Messuage and land in Fenton, Lincs., part of the manor of Stowe. Dismission. C78/12, no. 47 [19]
1558 11 May 4 & 5 P & M Dean and Chapter of Exeter v Richard Chamon, esq. A rent of £5 p.a. going out of the manor of ‘Metheley’ [Methleigh in St. Austell] Corn. C78/12, no. 27 [20]
1558 11 May 4 & 5 P & M William Howsden of Great Chesterford, Essex v Richard Hamond. Enforcement of a local arbitration over debts. Dismission. C78/12, no. 10 [21]
1558 11 May 4 & 5 P & M William Drake v John Pentney; Thomas Bachelor; John Queyntrell Thursholme Marsh in Hardley, Norf, and common pasture rights in it. Dismission. C78/12, no. 41 [22]
1558 13 May 4 & 5 P & M Thomas Parrot the elder of Luton, Beds, father of Robert Parrott late of Luton decd; and Thomas Parrott son and heir of the said Robert Parrott, executors of the said Robert Parrott v Michael Thrale. Farm of tithes of Luton, Beds, and disputed rents there. See also extract of this decree C78/14, no. 58 [23]
1558 14 May 4 & 5 P & M Nicholas Watkynson and Elizabeth his wife, late wife of Thomas ap John decd v Anthony Forster; John Malyn; John Port; William Smythe als Bocher; William Symonson; William Lamson; John West; John Jakes; Reynold Jakes; Robert Roger; George Goddeshalf; Richard Duffeld Elton Hall in North Collingham, Notts, and 234 acres of land. C78/12, no. 8 [24]
1558 14 May 4 & 5 P & M George Downes v Edward Mountague, esq. Lease of parsonage of Winwick, Hunts and Northants; involves a conventual lease in reversion. Dismission. C78/12, no. 32 [25]
1558 14 May 4 & 5 P & M Christopher Argentyne (now dec), wife Elizabeth, and Lewis Argentyne their son v Sir John More. Distraint of chattels for rent due out of the manor of Combrawleigh, Devon. Dismission. C78/12, no. 33 [26]
1558 15 May 4 & 5 P & M Richard Harbart and wife Joan, late wife of Thomas Davyes late of Hampton, Gloucs decd v Sir William Wygston One hundred eighty acres of land in Coventry and in Atherstone upon Stour, Warw. C78/12, no. 28 [27]
1558 15 May 4 & 5 P & M Anne Latton of Chilton, Berks, wid. of John Latton v John Couper of Upton, Berks. Lease of manors of Wantage, Bockhampton in Lambourn and Upton, Berks, and estate of John Latton, dec. C78/12, no. 34 [28]
1558 21 May 4 & 5 P & M Jane, Countess of Southampton v Sir William Staunford, a Justice of Common Pleas and Roger Potter. Estate of Thomas, Earl of Southampton, and obligation made by plaintiff, one of the executors. C78/13, no. 2 [29]
1558 23 May 4 & 5 P & M Thomas Hatcheman and John Wade v Owen Gwyn, gent. Plaintiff's obligation, in hands of defendant. C78/12, no. 35 [30]
1558 10 June 4 & 5 P & M James Adcock of London, salter v Randell Ryxon. Messuage with shops and garden in Bridge Street, Chester. Dismission. C78/12, no. 49 [31]
1558 11 June 4 & 5 P & M Miles Childe; Walter Besowthe; William Hyller; William Erlye; John Wytchyngton v Francis Chamberleyne and wife Anne. Customary holdings in Hayes, Midd, part of the manor of Hayes. Decree re-establishes a chantry in name of Robert Cheseman, dec. C78/14, no. 61 [32]
1558 13 June 4 & 5 P & M Pastowe Jane v William Molton. Purchase by plaintiff's father and other customary tenants of customary lands in manor of 'Vawterhome' in W. Maker, Devon, from lord, Sir Hugh Poliarde. To save costs all the conveyances were made in the name of William Molton. Cf. 10 no. 60. C78/14, no. 62 [33]
1558 14 June 4 & 5 P & M Emott Elyott, wid. of Richard Elyott v George Haydon, gent. Copyhold lands in Couchill in Seaton, and in Colyford in Colyton, Devon, held of the manor of 'Bere'. C78/12, no. 1 [34]
1558 15 June 4 & 5 P & M John Rosear and John King v Richard Dodyngton and John Dodyngton. Three messuages, a shop and lands in Stogursey, Som. Dismission. C78/12, no. 3 [35]
1558 18 June 4 & 5 P & M Parnell Wadley, wid. of William Wadley, of London, tailor and John Gifford and wife Susan, daughter & heir of the said William Wadley v John Erle of Oxford, John Lyttelton and John Brampton. Three parcels of land in Staunton Lacy, Salop, late of Llanthony Abbey. C78/12, no. 42 [36]
1558 19 June 4 & 5 P & M William Wattes of Canterbury v Thomas Harlakenden. Messuage and lands in Ivychurch [Kent]. Dismission. C78/12, no. 4 [37]
1558 20 June 4 & 5 P & M Ralph Pylmer and wife Margery v Richard Shild. A tenement and 30 acres of land in Deerhurst, Glos. Dismission. C78/12, no. 48 [38]
1558 21 June 4 & 5 P & M Thomas Incleden and Richard Incleden v William Bedlowe; John Collomore; Katherine his wife; Phillip Wyatt Messuage and 200 acres of land in Braunton, Devon. Dismission. C78/12, no. 2 [39]
1558 24 June 4 & 5 P & M John Howseman, clerk, vicar of Canewdon, Essex v John Michell; Robert Castelinge; John Bonham the elder of the same town & county Certain lands in Canewdon, Essex, devised in will of William Totham, dec. for an obit and poor relief: whether or not all the lands were part of a chantry to be suppressed. C78/12, no. 40 [40]
1558 25 June 4 & 5 P & M Peter Gamage of Walden, Essex, Agnes Gamage, Katherine Gamage, Mary Gamage, Owen Smyth & Margaret his wife, Nicholas Gore & Anne his wife v John Gamage and Richard Norcocke. Legacies from the testament of William Gamage of Walden, Essex, dec. C78/12, no. 5 [41]
1558 25 June 4 & 5 P & M William Philipps v John Heycocke. Lease of 2 messuages and 100 acres of land in Cainham, Salop. Dismission. C78/12, no. 6 [42]
1558 28 June 4 & 5 P & M Isabel Hobbes v Sir Nicholas Poyntz and John Bampton. Customary lands held of the manor of Pucklechurch, Glos. C78/14, no. 60 [43]
1558 29 June 4 & 5 P & M Simon Lowe and John Keyme v Thomas Paramor. Manor of Sayes and lands in the Isle of Harty, Kent. Cf, 12. Dismission. Refs previous decree in Thomas Paramor of Harty, Kent v John Chevyn, John Kere & Robert Kere C78/13, no. 12 [44]
1558 29 June 4 & 5 P & M John Kyrkebye, clerk v Thomas Cowper. Hospital of St Mary Magdalen in Gonalstone, Notts, with a water mill and lands, and whether it was dissolved as a chantry. C78/14, no. 59 [45]
1558 11 Oct 5 & 6 P & M Philip Curson and wife Brigit, wid. of Thomas Carvile v Robert Carvile and Elizabeth Carvile. Messuage and 6 acres of land in Watlington, Norf. Dismission. C78/14, no. 64 [46]
1558 11 Oct 5 & 6 P & M William Nevell, esq. v William Grene. Messuage and lands in Semley, Wilts, held of the manor of Semley. C78/13, no. 14 [47]
1558 17 Oct 5 & 6 P & M Jane Crano, wid. of William, merchant tailor of London v Sir John Gresham the younger. Debt owed by Gresham to plaintiff's husband. C78/13, no. 15 [48]
1558 26 Oct 5 & 6 P & M Nicholas Marsh & Thomasin his wife; Richard Machell & Alice his wife, cousins & heirs of John Beere late of Chystlett, Kent v William Ovend of Westbere, Kent and Christopher Blaxland. 180 acres of land in Westbere, Kent, late of John Beere, dec. Dismission. C78/12, no. 14A [49]
1558 26 Oct 5 & 6 P & M John Glanfelde v William Strechleigh Two parcels of land and a tenement in Devon (no place given). C78/13, no. 16 [50]
1558 31 Oct 5 & 6 P & M Thomas Locke and George Roman, churchwardens of Lydlinch, Dors v Bartholomew Roman and Richard Roman. Two parcels called Church Close and Church Parrock in Lydlinch, and 3 other small parcels, granted for upkeep of Lydlinch church. C78/14, no. 63 [51]
1558 5 Nov 5 & 6 P & M Humfrey Jekes v Walter Harecourte and wife Mary. Manor of Mott with lands in Tamworth, Staffs and mortgage of same. Dismission. C78/12, no. 12 [52]
1558 7 Nov 5 & 6 P & M John West of London, draper and wife Elizabeth v Thomas Penne and George Flower of Stony Stratford, Bucks. Messuage and 10 acres of land in Stony Stratford, Bucks, previously held to the use of highway repairs in Stony Stratford. Dismission. C78/14, no. 65 [53]
1558 9 Nov 5 & 6 P & M William Tucker, clerk v John Rousse, gent. Disputed lease of moiety of glebeland and tithes of parsonage of Ermington, Devon. C78/12, no. 13 [54]
1558 12 Nov 5 & 6 P & M Thomas Denys, clerk, parson of Fetcham, Surrey v John Rickman (now dec) and Alice Ryckman & John Woodyng his executors. Lease of the parsonage of Fetcham, Surrey and purchase of the remainder of the lease. C78/12, no. 14B [55]