C78: 1553-1554

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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
No date 1 Mary George Basset of Mildenhall, Suff, yeoman v John Mosse of Isleham, Cambs. Lease of the parsonage of Isleham, Cambs. [damaged and partly illegible; aided by Ind1] C78/13, no. 84 [2]
1553 17 Oct 1 Mary James Kettell of Cholmeley, Ches., yeoman, son & heir of Peres Kettell of Burwarsley, Cheshire decd v Richard Huxley of Huyton, Ches. Eight hundred acres of land in Huxley [in Waverton], Sydenhall, Burwardesley [in Bunbury], and in Hancklowe [in Audlem] Ches. C78/13, no. 21 [3]
1553 22 Oct 1 Mary Peter Leycestre of Tabley, Ches, gent. v Nicholas Hobson and Thomas Stapleton & Elizabeth his wife. Messuage called Holme House and lands in Over Alderley, Ches. C78/13, no. 68 [4]
1553 26 Oct 1 Mary William Bradstoke v Leonard Roll (now dec.) and Anne Roll. Lease of a tenement and 2 closes in Petersham jin Holt, Dors. C78/13, no. 28 [5]
1553 Nov 1 Mary Thomas Draper v William Court and wife Agnes. Lease of the manor of Estham in Crewkerne, Som. C78/13, no. 22 [6]
1553 14 Nov 1 Mary William Byssell & Christian his wife; Rauffe Ley & Alice his wife; Thomas Collyns & Margaret his wife; George Asteley & Marie his wife; Marie Hill and William Byrde v Edward Broke and wife Agnes. Seven messuages and 1,220 acres of land in Solihull, Dudley, Langley, Rowley, Tivington and Hill in Warw, Worcs,, Staffs, and Salop, the estate of William Hill of Solihull, dec. Deft Agnes was the widow of William Hill. Thomas Hill, his son & heir is also since decd without issue, leaving the plts Christian, Alice, Margaret, Marie Asteley & Marie Hill as daughters & heirs to William Hill. The final plt William Byrde is the son of Elizabeth Byrde, another of William Hill's daughters. C78/13, no. 29 [7]
1553 18 Nov 1 Mary Charles, Lord Stourton, administrator of William, late Lord Stourton, his father decd v Thomas Chaffyn of Mere, Wilts, gent. Debt of £80 from an obligation made to plaintiff's father, William Lord Stourton. C78/13, no. 71 [8]
1553 22 Nov 1 Mary Walter Jones of Calais v Richard Swarth, Alderman of Calais. Lease of 160 acres of land in Guisnes near Calais. Dismission. C78/13, no. 23 [9]
1553 25 Nov 1 Mary Roger Graye, gent, and wife Dorothy, wid. of Anthony Totofte v William Manby, esq., son & heir of William Manby decd, one of the executors of Thomas Totofte decd, father of the said Anthony Dispute over the will of Thomas Totofte. Dismission. C78/13, no. 69 [10]
1553 25 Nov 1 Mary William Norres v Richard Lestrange and George Warren. Debt of £106 from an obligation made by defendants. C78/13, no. 83 [11]
1553 26 Nov 1 Mary George Dynham, gent. (now dec.) and George Dynham, gent. v Sir Robert Dormer (now dec.) and Sir William Dormer. Manor of ‘Ethropp and Canwell'. Dismission confirms earlier dismission in 5 Edw VI, which had not been signed by the Chancellor. C78/13, no. 70 [12]
1553 20 Dec 1 Mary David Cornwall, gent, and wife Elizabeth, late the wife & executrix of Richard Gardener decd, son of William Gardener the elder also decd v William Gardener, brother of the said Richard. Lease of a farm called Bermondsey Grange, Surrey. Confirms earlier dismission in 5 Edw VI, which had not been signed by the Chancellor. C78/13, no. 17 [13]
1554 Hilary Term 1 Mary Jane Temys, wid. v John Bellowe and William Temys. Seven messuages and appurtenances in Wyke Regis, Knowle, Weymouth, Northover, Knighton and Blackmore, Dors, all late of the Guild of Weymouth in Wyke Regis. C78/10, no. 8 [14]
1554 Hilary Term 1 Mary Drewe Barrantyne and wife Anne, executrix of John Stockkell Jeckett, dec. v Bartholomew Jeckett. Jointure from marriage settlement between plaintiff's wife and John Stokkell Jeckett, in Newington, Midd. C78/13, no. 72 [15]
1554 29 Jan 1 Mary Robert Crane v Richard Humfrey. Certain plate, jewels and stuff. C78/13, no. 18 [16]
1554 29 Jan 1 Mary Christopher Danby v William Bekon. Diverse lands and messuages in Weston, Suff. Dismission. C78/13, no. 73 [17]
1554 19 Feb 1 Mary Robert Fletcher, gent. v John Geanes alias Jeans, doctor of physick. Lease of the manor of Sutton in Wirral, Ches, with tithes of Sutton, Estham, Bromburgh in Ches. Lease from Bishop of Man; heard earlier in Chancery, 5 Edw VI. Voids earlier decree. Cf. 14 no.40. C78/13, no. 75 [18]
1554 Easter Term 1 Mary Gilbert Jennyns v Robert Allen. Three messuages and 5 acres of land in Ware, Herts., and a parcel of customary land held of the royal manor of Ware. C78/13, no. 24 [19]
1554 10 April 1 Mary Thomas Fokyngham of New Sleaford, Lincs, esq. and his wife, wid. of Sir Giles Hussey v Richard Breame and Christopher Breame. Lease of the manor of Northall in Leeds, Yorks. C78/13, no. 74 [20]
1554 20 April 1 Mary Elizabeth Burton, wid. of William, of Westminster v John Owen, gent, and wife Katherine, late wife of John Eyrthike the younger decd. Debt of £2 10s for meat and drink. Dismission. C78/13, no. 20 [21]
1554 23 April 1 Mary Thomas Skrymshere, younger son of Thomas Shrymshere the elder v John Skrymshere, son & heir of the said Thomas Skrymshere the elder. Legacy of 10 marks p.a. left in will of Thomas Skrymshere the elder, dec. C78/13, no. 26 [22]
1554 2 May 1 Mary Thomas Ingler and wife Katherine & James their son v Edward Shelley, esq. Customary lands in the manor of Warminghurst, Sussex. C78/13, no. 25 [23]
1554 5 May 1 Mary John Newton v Roger Harbyn and wife Alice. Contested customary leases for parcels of the manor of Milton [?Milton Abbas] Dors, late property of Cerne Abbey. C78/10, no. 52 [24]
1554 7 May 1 Mary Dean and Chapter of Wells v Richard Ball. A 'myne of wheat' customarily paid to Wells Cathedral by holder of manor or tenement of Easton in Wells, Som. C78/13, no. 27 [25]
1554 7 May 1 Mary Dean and Chapter of Lincoln v Francis Gascon, clerk, a canon there. Arrears of payments due to Cathedral by non-resident canons. Defendant claims he was underage, and that profits of his office were taken by William, late earl of Southampton. C78/13, no. 30 [26]
1554 12 May 1 Mary John Harmond, esq. and Dame Anne his wife, wid. of Sir David Owen and John Owen, esq. v Sir John Harecourt. Manors of Lagham and Walcomsted in Godstone Surrey. C78/13, no. 79 [27]
1554 28 May 1 Mary Henry Kyng of London, girdler v Edmund Robertes and wife Ursula, late wife of Michael Roberts decd, brother of the said Edmond. Lands and tenements of John Norton the elder, dec, in Northall, Hornsey and Tottenham, Midd. Dismission. C78/10, no. 51 [28]
1554 30 May 1 Mary Roger Paddye, gent. v Richard Daper, gent, and John Fernesley. Lease of a farm in South Mimms and Ridge, Midd,and Herts. Dismission C78/13, no. 19 [29]
1554 31 Mary 1 Mary William Dethyncke and Gilbert Dethyncke v Richard Paunsfote and William Stuard. Messuage and 100 acres of land in Bentley Pauncefoot, Worcs, claimed as part of chantry or free chapel of Dodderhill, Worcs. Dismission. C78/13, no. 35 [30]
1554 9 June 1 Mary Harry Toker v Humfrey Barrowe & Richard his wife. Detention of chattels and £172 in money. Dismission. C78/13, no. 34 [31]
1554 11 June 1 Mary Robert Dalton of Bispham, Lancs, son & heir of William Dalton decd by Jane Dalton his mother and John Kechyng, esq. v Henry Savell and wife Elizabeth and Katherine Collynson. Manor of Wath and other lands worth £40 p.a. in Wath, Dalton, Brampton, Thorpe arid Wombwell, Yorks. Dismission. C78/13, no. 31 [32]
1554 12 June 1 Mary Thomas Hulme or Holme of London, haberdasher v Thomas Steward and William Brounshank. Recovery of a debt from a Thomas Fallowes of Chester, and attachment of Fallowes and his estate. Cf. no. 36. C78/10, no. 11 [33]
1554 13 June 1 Mary John Malyn v Elizabeth Stowell, wid Debt of defendant's late husband. Dismission. C78/13, no. 33 [34]
1554 13 June 1 Mary Anne [de Vere] Countess of Oxford v Richard Longevyle, gent. Lease of a tenement and lands in Calverton, Bucks. C78/13, no. 36 [35]
1554 13 June 1 Mary Thomas Patteshall v John Tamworth, esq. Manor of Sandon, Essex with lands in Sandon, Great and Little Baddow, Moulsham, Springfield and Purleigh, Essex. Dismission C78/13, no. 37 [36]
1554 13 June 1 Mary John Seymour, esq. v Francis Rolston, gent. Possession of the manor of Gresley, Derb. Dismission. C78/13, no. 38 [37]
1554 13 June 1 Mary William Astmere v George Mydlemore and William Allen. Lease of parsonage of Kings Norton, Worcs; involves conventual as well as royal lease. C78/13, no. 39 [38]
1554 13 June 1 Mary Thomasine Crokehorne, wid. v Richard Sawle, gent. Messuage called Aleston and 190 acres of land in Tamerton, Corn. C78/13, no. 40 [39]
1554 13 June 1 Mary John Hornyold, esq. v Sir John Russell. Blackmore Park, Worcs., and timber and hunting rights there, between Keeper and new owner's licensee, the plaintiff. C78/13, no. 76 [40]
1554 13 June 1 Mary Thomas Bonde and wife Cristian v James Rogers, Symon Parker and other parishioners (not named) of Holy Trinity, Coventry. Seven crofts of pasture in Hersall at Horwell in Coventry worth £3 p.a., bequeathed to Holy Trinity church. Claimed by the plt Cristian as daughter and heir of John Marley, who was the son of Alice, the daughter & heir of John Padland. Dismission. C78/13, no. 77 [41]
1554 13 June 1 Mary William Gardyner and wife Margaret v Nicholas Lyngwood. Two messuages and 200 acres of land in Badingham and Dennington, Suff. Dismission. C78/13, no. 78 [42]
1554 13 June 1 Mary Martin Wilcockes of Elmington, Midd, yeoman son & heir of John Wilcockes & Margaret his wife v Matilda Steynfild and Richard Wilcockes and James Wilcockes. Two messuages and lands in Sneydall, Normanton, Wrangbrook and Kirkby, Yorks. Dismission. Latin. C78/13, no. 80 [43]
1554 13 June 1 Mary William Chapleyn, clerk, vicar of 'Fullesley', Northants v Thomas Smyth; Nicholas Glyn; Henry Smyth; Thomas Cosby Payment of certain grain called 'church shott' [scot] from several parishes in Daventry deanery, Northants, claimed as part of the vicarage of Fullesley alias Fallesley, Northants. C78/13, no. 81 [44]
1554 14 June 1 Mary Abraham Tournor v Joan Tournor, widow; Baldwyn Tournor; Phillip Turnor Lease of 2 messuages and 500 acres of land in Halberton, Devon, and other lands, estate of Nicholas Tournor, dec. C78/13, no. 32 [45]
1554 14 June 1 Mary Richard Barnhowse, wid. of Nicholas, of Bristol v Sir Hugh Stukeley. Manor of Prescott, Devon with 20 messuages and 2000 acres of land. Conflict previously mediated by 2 judges of the common law. C78/13, no. 82 [46]
1554 12 Sep 1 & 2 P & M Thomas Knott v John Wastell. Lease of Lands in Rothe, Glam. Dismission. C78/10, no. 6 [47]
1554 Michaelmas Term 1 & 2 P & M Elizabeth Vernon and James Vernon v Randall Vernon. Three messuages in Newcastle under Lyme, and 12 messuages and 200 acres of land in Audeley, Staffs. Dismission. C78/10, no. 7 [48]
1554 13 Oct 1 & 2 P & M Roger Jackson v Thomas Vernon, esq. Debt of 100 marks due from a settlement of lands worth 10 marks p.a. and the marriage and custody of Barbara Vernon. C78/10, no. 2 [49]
1554 22 Oct 1 & 2 P & M Roger Call v John Holmested; John Wood; Richard Grene; Nicholas Harvy Security of tenure in copyhold lands in Great Maplestead, Essex. C78/9, no. 62 [50]
1554 27 Oct 1 & 2 P & M William Kendall of Launceston, Corn v Anne Hickes, wid. and Thomas Hickes her son. Detention of chattels. Dismission. C78/13, no. 46 [51]
1554 27 Oct 1 & 2 P & M William Bradstoke v William Butten, esq. Lease of the manor of Crowe in Ringwood, Hants. C78/13, no. 49 [52]
1554 29 Oct 1 & 2 P & M Robert Brusshefeld v Richard Staley. Messuage and lands in Monyash, Derb. Dismission C78/9, no. 61 [53]
1554 29 Oct 1 & 2 P & M Robert Hawkyns of Crewkerne, Som v John Buller, esq. Customary tenement in the manor of Chaffcombe, Som. Dismission. C78/13, no. 45 [54]
1554 29 Oct 1 & 2 P & M Elizabeth Clayton, wid. v Randolph Leghe and wife Joan. Customary lands in Talke, Staffs, held of the manor of Audeley, previously held by plaintiff's, brother. Custom of the manor. C78/13, no. 59 [55]
1554 31 Oct 1 & 2 P & M George Wymmesley, Chancellor of diocese of Chester and farmer of Tattenhall rectory, Ches v Ralph Dutton of Hatton, Ches., esq. Tithes in parish of Tattenhall, Ches. C78/9, no. 67 [56]
1554 31 Oct 1 & 2 P & M Richard Wilson and Julyan his wife v John Barnabe and John Clarke. Two tenements and 20 acres of land in Dunstable and Houghton Regis, Beds. Dismission. C78/13, no. 62 [57]
1554 6 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Thomas Palmer v John Hody and Marie his wife, executrix of Edward Lode, dec. Debt of Edward Lode, dec. from marriage settlement for plaintiff and Lode's daughter. Dismission. C78/13, no. 42 [58]
1554 8 Nov 1 & 2 P & M William Eton and wife Maude v William Ramsey. A tenement in North Weald, Essex. Dismission. C78/9, no. 59 [59]
1554 9 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Thomas Oxley of Tunbridge, Kent & Alice his wife v William Myller & Johane his wife. Tenement and barn with a garden and 12 acres in Wrotham, Kent. Dismission. C78/10, no. 5 [60]
1554 10 Nov 1 & 2 P & M William Bradstoke v William Dewye of Spetisbury, Dors. Lease of the rectories of Spetisbury and Charlton, Dors, and right of parson of Spetisbury to certain fields for grazing. C78/13, no. 48 [61]
1554 12 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Robert Wymple v Lancelot [Colpytt], Nicholas Colpytt and Ralph Colpytt, sons & executors of John Colpytt their father decd; Thomas Bacon, clerk; Robert Payne; Robert Hall Farm and 200 acres of land in St Mary's, Ely, Cambs. Dismission. C78/10, no. 1 [62]
1554 15 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Richard Cager and wife Agnes v Thomas Cager now decd and Robert Cager. Tenement and lands.in Hantley [?Hartley] Hants. Dismission. C78/13, no. 44 [63]
1554 19 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Thomas Harreis v Sir Thomas Dyer. Customary land in the manor of Greinton, Som, involving alleged lease by abbot of Glastonbury. Dismission. C78/13, no. 43 [64]
1554 20 Nov 1 & 2 P & M John Tompson, Richard Gomley and William Browne & Johane his wife v Humfrey Crowe. A close of pasture in the suburbs of Coventry. Dismission. C78/13, no. 58 [65]
1554 21 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Thomas Flynte and wife Margaret and Katherine Poole, wid., late wife of Francis Poole decd v George Vernon, esq. Manor of Hodnet, Salop, with lands in Hodnet, Peplow, Westbury and Whitley, Salop. Plaintiffs are daughters of Humfrey Vernon, dec. Cf. 10 no. 62. C78/13, no. 51 [66]
1554 22 Nov 1 & 2 P & M William ap David ap Rice and Rether Gough ap Rice v Richard Gough ap Thomas; Robert Gryffyth; William ap Robert Gryffyth Messuage and 110 acres of land in 'Bettws Codaney', Ang. Dismission. C78/13, no. 60 [67]
1554 23 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Nicholas Rushetton and John Russheton his son v Robert Bocher, esq. and wife Elizabeth. Four messuages and 620 acres of land in Twickenham and Worton [in Isleworth] Midd. Dismission. C78/13, no. 47 [68]
1554 23 Nov 1 & 2 P & M John Byrde and Johane his wife; Edward Weldere and Margaret his wife v Giles Grymesdale. Messuage and 30 acres of land in Farnham, Bucks. Dismission. C78/13, no. 61 [69]
1554 24 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Hugh Corneford v Thomas Davyson, innkeeper. Unlawful detention of £39, taken while plaintiff resided in Davyson's inn. C78/10, no. 4 [70]
1554 24 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Henry Lee, cousin & next heir of Henry Lee decd v Richard Trehawke. Messuage and 125 acres of land in St Ives, Corn. C78/13, no. 41 [71]
1554 24 Nov 1 & 2 P & M William Holyday & Richard Holyday v John Bryan and wife Margaret, wid. and executrix of William Warmyngham. Debt of £10. Dismission. C78/13, no. 54 [72]
1554 27 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Edward Trevour v David ap John alias Trevour. A water mill and 86 acres of land in E. Lusham and Vich y Clanoth, Denb. Dismission. C78/10, no. 3 [73]
1554 28 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Ricarde Barnehowse, wid. of Nicholas Barnehowse of Bristol v John Marwood, gent. Chattels and debts of plaintiff's late husband. C78/9, no. 60 [74]
1554 28 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Francis Gamwell of Northampton, gent. v John Harpole of the same. Sub-lease of a water mill owned by the Crown in Duston, Northants, and dilapidations by defendant, the sub-tenant. C78/13, no. 50 [75]
1554 28 Nov 1 & 2 P & M Robert Blundell v John Lukyns. Mortgage raised by plaintiff on security of a messuage and lands in Higham Redinge, Essex. C78/13, no. 67 [76]