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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1550? Hilary Term 4? Thomas Fysshe, son of Simon Fysshe v John Syllyard, Robert Syllyard and Thomas Wilkynson. Messuage and 100 acres of land in Iklysham [Icklesham], Sussex. C78/6, no 33 [2]
1550 8 Feb. 4 Thomas Fynes and wife Elizabeth v Roger Paddy and wife Margery Estate of Katherine Tattershall and debts arising from it. C78/5, no. 28 [3]
1550 10 Feb. 4 Peter Machain v Richard Scovell. Lease of a farm in West Herasworth in Witchampton Dors. C78/6, no. 32 [4]
1550 Hilary Term, last day 4 William Clifton of London, merchant tailor, Clement Newse of London, mercer and Anthony Maswello, merchant of Spain v Lady Anne Knevet and John Vaughan, gent., now her husband. Debt of £318 owed by Sir Henry Knevet, dec. C78/6, no. 54 [5]
1550 30 April 4 Cristabell Cely, wid. of George Cely v Richard Gybbes and others (named). Messuage and 400 acres of land in Stapleford Abbots, Essex, part of a marriage settlement. C78/5, no. 66 [6]
1550 4 May 4 Henry Skynner, clerk v Richard Ireland and others (named). Lease of the parsonage of church of Houghton, Sussex, the subject of 2 separate leases from bishopric of Chichester. C78/5, no. 61 [7]
1550 9 May 4 Humfrey Donnell v Basil Peildynge, esq. Lease of tithes of wool and calves and other tithes in Monks Kirby and Newbold on Avon, Warw. C78/6, no. 49 [8]
1550 12 May 4 Andrew Cooke v John Sterkey alias Starkey and William Glynn. Tenement called The Peacock, in Aldgate Street, suburbs of London: contested lease. C78/5, no. 67 [9]
1550 12 May 4 John Appesley of London, merchant tailor v Geoffrey Hamlyn. A cellar in Down Lane, in St Mary Aldermary, London. C78/6, no. 34 [10]
1550 14 May 4 George Carre v Richard Rotherford An annuity and rents going out of land in Rochester, Northumb. C78/6, no. 53 [11]
1550 17 May 4 Richard Reyner v ' John Reyner. Moiety of 2 messuages, cottages and 220 acres of land in Castle Drayton and Dunham, Notts, late of Thomas Reyner, dec. Question of local custom and partible inheritance. C78/5, no. 64 [12]
1550 19 May 4 Henry Saxye v John Vaughan, gent, and wife Alice. Debt of £107 allegedly lent to wife of defendant during her widowhood. C78/6, no. 50 [13]
1550 21 May 4 Christian and Frances Barnes, das. of Thomas Barnes, dec. v Maryan Cotton, wid. of Thomas Barnes. Four messuages and lands in Kings Norton, Warw and Worcs; 10 messuages in St Olave's, Southwark, Surrey; 2 messuages in St Margaret's, London; 2 messuages in Whitechapel, Midd; and a messuage and 60 acres of land in Stonden, Essex. C78/5, no. 65 [14]
1550 Michaelmas term 4 John Warcoppe v James Cowper of Sedburgh, Yorks, clothier. Certain lands in Sedburgh, Yorks, included in a mortgage agreement between the parties, but also claimed under 'tenant right' by defendant. C78/5, no. 60 [15]
1550 Michaelmas Term 4 William Bawdreppe, esq. v John Gyfford, son of Sir Roger Gyfford. Manor of Tapley in Westleigh, Devon. C78/6, no. 46 [16]
1550 15 Oct. 4 Peter Kembrydge v Margaret Hollys, wid. Lease of a third part of tenement called 'Preston’ in Brading, Isle of Wight. C78/6, no. 25 [17]
1550 17 Oct. 4 John Brome of Adcote, Salop, yeoman v William Gyttyns. Lease of 4 messuages and lands in Adcote [in Little Ness] Salop, involving a former conventual lease. C78/6, no. 47 [18]
1550 20 Oct. 4 Jane Omer (an infant), daughter of Laurence Omer, dec v Richard and George Monyngs. Lease of 5 parcels of marsh and 100 acres of land in Ash next Sandwich, Kent. C78/6, no. 35 [19]
1550 26 Oct. 4 John Ward and wife Joan v Thomas Onslowe of London, grocer. Tenement, two cottages and certain burgages and gardens in Newton and Baschurch, Salop. C78/6, no. 41 [20]
1550 26 Oct. 4 Gabriel Quadrynge v Henry Albony Reparations to parsonage of Biddenham, Beds. Cf. no. 19 C78/6, no. 55 [21]
1550 27 Oct. 4 Sir John Southworth v Sir Hugh Cholmundeley Estate of Sir John Southworth, dec. Dismission. Latin C78/6, no. 23 [22]
1550 28 Oct. 4 Sir Richard Brereton v Thomas Harper and others (named). Messuage and 60 acres of land in Aston, Staffs, and messuage and 60 acres in Frees, Salop. Dismission. C78/5, no. 69 [23]
1550 28 Oct. 4 Thomas Raster and wife Elizabeth v William Stainbrydge. Messuage and 60 acres of land in Kensworth, Herts. C78/6, no. 22 [24]
1550 28 Oct. 4 John Traford v Margaret Traford. Four messuages, 6 cottages and 130 acres of land in Saddlesworth, Yorks. Dismission. Cf.16 C78/5, no. 70 [25]
1550 1 Nov. 4 John Carleton v Thomas Wolley of Henley, Oxon. Possession of manor of 'Baldwyn Brightwell', Oxon; recognizances. C78/5, no. 58 [26]
1550 4 Nov. 4 Robert Machell v Alyn Belyngham. Ownership of tithes of parish of 'Guersham’, Westm. C78/6, no. 38 [27]
1550 4 Nov. 4 William Hall of Whitechapel, innholder v Richard Mylward and others (named). A watermill in Salop. Dismission. Latin. C78/6, no. 45 [28]
1550 7 Nov. 4 William Wenner v Andrew Halywell Debt of 20 marks. Dismission. C78/5, no. 68 [29]
1550 8 Nov. 4 Robert Brampston v Thomas Wenyffe. Messuage and land in Brettenham, Suff, and 40 acres of copyhold land in the manor of Thorpe, Suff. Cf. 6 no. 67. C78/8, no. 26 [30]
1550 10 Nov. 4 Margaret Jenkenson, wid. of John v Richard Chevyn Dismission. Latin C78/5, no. 72 [31]
1550 10 Nov. 4 Joan Wright (by her guardian Bartholomew Brokesby) v Richard Wright, her uncle. Five tenements and messuages in St Olave's, Southwark, Surrey. C78/6, no. 48 [32]
1550 11 Nov 4 Christofer Fitzrandolph and wife Joan v George Vernon, esq. Messuage, garden and 60 acres of land in Birchehills, Derb. Dismission. Latin C78/6, no. 52 [33]
1550 12 Nov. 4 Lionel Throkmorton v Richard Warde. 180 acres of land and 8s 4d rent in Albrough, Denton and SheIton, Norf. Dismission. Latin. C78/5, no. 56 [34]
1550 12 Nov. 4 Katherine Clutterbucke v William Dennys, esq. and William Osborne Office of bailiff of the manor of 'Estlyngton", Glos. C78/5, no. 73 [35]
1550 12 Nov. 4 George Morys, yeoman v William Terrell and others (named). Crown lease of the demesnes of manors of Ryskyngton [Ruskington] and Dygbye [Digby], Lincs with water mill. Site of manor of Westborough, Lincs. C78/6, no. 24 [36]
1550 14 Nov. 4 Richard Buckmaster of Eaton, Beds, husbandman v William Stapleton. Two messuages and 260 acres of land in Wing, Bucks. Dismission . Latin C78/6, no. 51 [37]
1550 16 Nov. 4 Christopher Stede v John Stowe Plot of 41 acres of land in parish of St Martin's in the Field, Midd. C78/5, no. 57 [38]
1550 18 Nov. 4 John Calowhill v Richard Edwards Two messuages and 60 acres of land in Tanworth, Warw., in possession of Joan Calowhyll, wid. of Richard Calowhill. C78/5, no. 71 [39]
1550 20 Nov. 4 James Lax, clerk, vicar of Tugby, Leics v. Richard Neale of Kaythorpe, Leics. Tithes and rights of the vicarage of Tugby, Leics. C78/6, no. 39 [40]
1550 20 Nov. 4 Stephen Verrowe and wife Elizabeth v John Skalles. Messuage, orchard and 46 acres of land in Beighton, Derb. Dismission. Latin C78/6, no. 44 [41]
1550 23 Nov. 4 John Nicols, clerk, parson of Chiselborough, Soms v William Arderne and other residents of Chiselborough. Tithes from lands in Chiselborough, Soms. Decree is a commutation of tithes. C78/6, no. 42 [42]
1550 26 Nov. 4 John Pert v Thomas Wetherston and William Hygons. Debts arising out of partnership between plaintiff and Edward Tyndale, dec, to sell houses formerly of Tewkesbury Abbey. Defendants are Tyndale’s executors. C78/8, no. 27 [43]
1550 27 Nov. 4 Robert Penrodocke, gent. v William Musgrave. Messuage and 60 acres of land in Skiprigge [in Dalston] in the fee of Roughton, Cumb. C78/6, no. 40 [44]
1550 27 Nov. 4 Richard Woodwarde v Robert Atkynson Debts. Dismission. C78/8, no. 21 [45]
1550 27 Nov. 4 Richard Toker v Laurence Hyde, gent. Lease of 2 tenements and lands in Ilminster, Som, which had been supporting an obit light in church there. C78/6, no. 43 [46]