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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1549 ca. 3 Jan. 2 Margery Hawkens, wid. of Stephen of London, pewterer v Margaret Lamberte, wid. of Walter of London, goldsmith. Two messuages with lands in Sawbridgeworth, Herts. C78/8, no. 14 [2]
1549 29 Jan. 3 John Mayne v Francis Swanne. Messuage and 450 acres of land in Lydd and Romney, Kent, allegedly sold by Thomas Swann earlier to Sir Roger Cholmeley C78/5, no. 79 [3]
1549 30 Jan. 3 Mathew Davye v Oliver Topshawe and others (named). Messuage with appurtenances and a pasture in Southill, Beds. C78/5, no.43 [4]
1549 4 Feb. 3 John Whitacres and Katherine Whitacres v John Crane and Simon Clerke. Dismission. Latin. C78/5, no. 40 [5]
1549 6 Feb. 3 Thomas Marshall, clerk, prebendary of Farndon, Notts v Edward Benes. Reparations to the churches of Farndon and Balderton, Notts. C78/5, no. 41 [6]
1549 6 Feb. 3 Thomas Godwyn v Elizabeth Hext. Two tenements and appurtenances in 'Estradden', Devon. C78/5, no. 42 [7]
1549 8 Feb 3 Nicholas Cavell v Elizabeth Cavell, wid. and John Ascombe Enforcement of an arbitration previously made at the common law, over copyhold lands in the lordship of Milverton, Soms. C78/4, no. 106 [8]
1549 8 Feb. 3 John Fremounte v Robert Nycolls. Lease of a capital messuage and garden in parish of St Bartholomew, Smithfield, London. C78/4, no. 107 [9]
1549 8 Feb. 3 Sir Thomas Josselyn of High Roding, Essex v Dennys Luson and Guy Crafford. Chattels in the form of plate of John Josselyn, dec. C78/5, no. 17 [10]
1549 10 Feb. 3 William Billingsley of London, haberdasher v Henry Barons of London, grocer. Messuage, 2 tenements, garden and 30 acres of land at Mile End in Stepney, Midd, held by copyhold of manor of Stepney. C78/5, no. 24 [11]
1549 10 Feb. 3 Richard Honyngton, John Petit arid Robert Tykyll v John Lovelace

(now dec.) and Thomas Lovelace.

Manor of Gowers in Maplescombe, Kent. C78/5, no. 44 [12]
1549 10 Feb. 3 John Weston v John Keylewey, gent. Messuage and lands in Whiteparish, Wilts, and promise of a lease of property to plaintiff. C78/5, no. 53 [13]
1549 12 Feb. 3 John Cayser, elder v Robert Chertsey and John Alen. Sale of Cayser's lands in East Peckham, Hadlow, Tudeley, Ryarsh, and Capel, Kent to Chertsey, in form of mortgage. C78/4, no. 4 [14]
1549 12 Feb. 3 John Johnson v John Carter. Leases of lands in Barking and elsewhere, Essex, and an obligation binding Johnson in sum of £100. C78/4, no. 5 [15]
1549 12 Feb. 3 Humfrey Crosse v James Courteney, esq. Lease of a tenement and 100 acres of land in Butterleigh, Devon. C78/4, no. 108 [16]
1549 12 Feb. 3 Alice Colyns v Thomas Ryppyn. Two messuages and gardens in Chepe Street and lands in Newbury, Berks. C78/4, no. 109 [17]
1549 12 Feb. 3 Aleyne Lambe v Henry Burton Lease of a farm called The Frythe, property of Westminster Abbey. C78/4, no. 110 [18]
1549 12 Feb. 3 John Hobbe and other tenants of the manor of Trevalward, Corn. v Sir Hugh Trevanyon and Roger Budsyde Claim that Trevanyon has overcharged tenants for rent while Budsyde was under age. C78/5, no. 45 [19]
1549 March 3 Katherine Addyngton, wid. v Richard Briket. Office of the King's Skinner and its £20 annuity. Latin C78/4, no. 114 [20]
1549 10 March 3 Laurence Horner v Sir William Pykerynge. Lease of the third part of a tenement called 'Luge' and lands in Nidderdale, Yorks, late of Byland Abbey. C78/6, no 31 [21]
1549 12 May 3 Thomas Hastings, esq v John Coppyng. Moiety of manor of Newland, Corn, with 2 messuages, 3 mills and 120 acres of land. C78/5, no. 25 [22]
1549 15 May 3 Robert Glamvyle, gent. v Margaret Gelgate, wid. and Philip Gelgate, gent. Messuage, mill and 148 acres of land in Great and Little Pinborough and Combs, Suff. C78/4, no. 89 [23]
1549 16 May 3 George Gyfford v Sir Robert Lytton and wife Elizabeth Debts of Robert Burgoyne, dec. Defendants are Burgoyne's executors. C78/5, no. 47 [24]
1549 16 May 3 Walter Childerhouse and wife Joan v Nicholas Burway and Thomas Woodward. Customary holding of a cottage and 40 acres of land in the manor of Bromley, Staffs. C78/8, no. 2 [25]
1549 20 May 3 William Marten and wife Joan v William Nasshe One and one-half messuages and lands held of the manor of Clent, Worcs. C78/5, no. 46 [26]
1549 20 May 3 Arthur Longvyle of Wolverton, Bucks and wife Anne, da. of Thomas Middleton v Launcelot Middleton. Messuage and 260 acres of land in Silksworth, Durh. late of Thomas Middleton. C78/5, no. 51 [27]
1549 22 May 3 Thomas Gyldensleve of Thornton, Suff, yeoman v John Sterlynge yeoman v John Sterlynge. Messuage and 30 acres of land in 'Chastelfelde', Suff. C78/5, no. 48 [28]
1549 22 May 3 Richard Huddelston, younger son of Sir John Huddelston, dec. v William Eyre alias Cole. Messuage and 100 acres of land in Oxenton and 'Pavyngton', Glos, late Sir John Huddelston's. C78/5, no. 49 [29]
1549 23 May 3 James Staveley and John Stirley, citizens of London v Ambrose Middleton, Hughe Sawer & Richard Wraye. Lease of site of Egglestone abbey, also Barnard Castle Mill, Stratford [Startforth] Mill & the tithes of Stratford & Arclegarthedale [Arkengarthdale], all in Yorkshire. (Cf. no. 2). C78/5, no. 20 [30]
1549 26 May 3 Robert Whethill v John St John, esq. Chattels of Richard Whethill, dec. and legacies to the daughters of Richard Whethill, plaintiff. C78/4, no 2 [31]
1549 26 May 3 Thomas Lord Burghe v Richard Vaughan and wife Anne. Manors of Orkesden, Hiltesbury, Chiddingstone, Cobham, Sharenden, Durdeville and Brookland with 10 messuages, 1 water mill and 2000 acres of land, in 24 parishes in Kent. Dismission. C78/4, no. 111 [32]
1549 26 May 3 William Vowles and wife Isabell v John Elys Lease of a tenement in Thrubwell, Soms. C78/4, no 112 [33]
1549 26 May 3 Joan Robynson, wid. v. Sir Thomas Cokeyn Dismission. Latin C78/4, no. 115 [34]
1549 26 May 3 Symond Dudley and wife Margery v William Meredith. Pasture called Hawkwell in Hackney, Midd, left to Margery Dudley by a former betrothed, Morgan ap Rice. C78/5, no. 62 [35]
1549 29 May 3 Roger Barwyk v Richard Lewknor. Lease of Ellsted farm, Sussex. Plaintiff also alleges an assault. Cf. 4 no. 33. C78/8, no. 3 [36]
1549 1 June 3 Roger Hateheman v George Penny Messuage and lands in Bensyngton and Warborough, Oxon. C78/4, no. 113 [37]
1549 3 June 3 Robert Draper v Thomas Newey. Debt owed to plaintiff as executor of will of William Newey, dec. C78/5, no. 21 [38]
1549 3 June 3 Thomas Woodwall and other tenants of the manor of Dowles, Worcs. v Thomas Grey, esq. Disputes concerning copyhold land in manor of Dowles, Worcs. C78/5, no. 50 [39]
1549 5 June 3 John Vandermott v Joan Eyer, wid. of Thomas Eyer Dilapidations to 2 tenements in Gray Friars, London. Cf. 4 no. 71. C78/5, no. 22 [40]
1549 28 June 3 William More v John Hankes and wife Margaret Dismission. Latin. C78/5, no. 23 [41]
1549 6 July 3 John Basse the younger v Barthilmewe Kempe of Gissing, Norf, gent. Lease of a messuage and 100 acres of land in Weston, Suff. C78/4, no. 90 [42]
1549 9 July 3 George Baker v Robert Barker of Ipswich, merchant. Debt of £75 for cloth sold to defendant. C78/4, no. 3 [43]
1549 20 Oct. 3 Peter Randolff v John Doughton Messuage and 200 acres of land in Welwyn and Datchworth, Herts. C78/5, no. 26 [44]
1549 30 Oct. 3 Alexander Frogenhall v Thomas Grene, gent. Manor of Frogenhall in Teynham, Lynsted, Tonge, Bapchild, Kent. Dismission. Latin . C78/5, no. 52 [45]
1549 5 Nov. 3 John ap Jenner of ireonell, Ang. v William Lewes, esq. and others (named). ?Ang.]. C78/5, no. 29 [46]
1549 8 Nov. 3 Jeffrey Bedell v Robert Kyrwen. Chattels of Alice Hillarye, wid., who was married to plaintiff. C78/5, no. 76 [47]
1549 9 Nov. 3 Pers Mutton, gent., sergeant at arms to the King v William Jenyns, clerk, prebendary of Abtinelyden, Flints. Promised lease of the prebend of Abtinelyden, Flints. Dismission. C78/8, no. 4 [48]
1549 15 Nov. 3 Isabell Todd, wid. of William v John Buckstones. Four oxen and 2 cows, property of plaintiff's late husband. C78/5, no. 78 [49]
1549 22 Nov. 3 William Combe v John Davye A customary holding within manor of 'Bemyster Second’, Dors. C78/5, no. 31 [50]
1549 22 Nov. 3 Richard Warren v William Kyngescote Grant of copyhold lands in Kyngescote, Glos, and right to create sub-tenancies. C78/5, no. 54 [51]
1549 26 Nov. 3 Richard Goodier alias Goodyer v John Lovell. Lease of the manor of Hemsworth, Dors. C78/5, no. 27 [52]
1549 26 Nov. 3 John Holcombe of Crediton, Devon v William Amadas and wife Katherine. Lease of a capital messuage with lands called Doderige or Dyers Land in Kyrton alias Crediton, Devon. C78/5, no. 30 [53]
1549 26 Nov. 3 William Sewster, gent. v Henry Cole, Warden of the College of Our Lady of Winchester in Oxford. Debts arising from an action of covenant. C78/5, no. 77 [54]