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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
Undated John Powell alias John ap David Appowell of Wryxham infra ... of Bromfeld, Denbigh and Gryffyth Jones of London to Sir John York Recognizance by Powell to pay a debt to Sir John York. Latin and English: cancelled and entered on another roll. C78/5, no. 75B [2]
Undated Thomas Goldsmythe, mercer of London Recognizance by Goldsmythe. Latin and English: cancelled and entered on another roll. C78/5, no. 76B [3]
1547 10 Feb 1 David Mathewe and wife Elizabeth v William Symondes. Messuage, garden and 1 acre of land in Windsor, Berks. Latin. C78/4, no. 11 [4]
1547 11 Feb 1 Anthony Rogers and Robert Bathe v William Cavell. Farm of a pasture called Marsh in Warminster, Wilts, and an eight acre meadow in Norton Bavant, Wilts. Bathe claimed by virtue of an indenture of 30 Henry VIII made by William Rogers late grandfather of Anthony Rogers for 50 years, the term to have begun after the expiration of a prior term of 50 years held by Nicholas Cavell late father of William; that prior term ended in 36 Henry VIII. Cavell claimed by virtue of an indenture that purportedly renewed the prior term for another 50 years. Decree is in favor of Bathe. rcp C78/3, no. 35 [5]
1547 11 Feb 1 John Knolles, clerk, rector of Musgrave, Westm. v Richard Musgrave, esq. Tithes of parish of Musgrave, Westm and the taking of tithe corn. Decree is in favor of Knolles, because Musgrave failed to produce an alleged composition. rcp C78/3, no. 61 [6]
1547 12 Feb 1 Humfrey Luce, merchant of London v William Hackluyte, Elizabeth his wife, and Blanche Warton. A capital messuage and 400 acres of land in Leominster, Heref., and other messuages in Lowton, Stoke Prior, and Brierley, Heref. Luce had claimed by virtue of a bargain and sale from John Hackluyte. Decree is in favor of Elizabeth and Blanche. rcp C78/3, no. 64 [7]
1547 Easter term 1 Thomas Ormeston v Walter Milles. Three messuages and 490 acres of land in E. Malling, Ditton, Leyborne and Offham, Kent. Dismission. Latin. C78/8, no. 15 [8]
1547 Easter Term 1 Fowlke Conwaye of London, merchant tailor v Peter Conwaye. Moiety of a lease of lands in Rythland alias, Rothland, Flints. C78/8, no. 19 [9]
1547 1 May 1 William Jenyns, executor of the will of Dame Katherine Blounte, late wife of Sir John Blounte decd v Sir George Blounte, son & heir of the said Sir John & Dame Katherine. Legacies of 700 marks from will of Katherine Blounte, dec. C78/4, no. 28 [10]
1547 3 May 1 William Bagnolde of Rosenton, Derb v James Rolston. Lease of land in Blore, Staffs. Involves a conventual lease. C78/8, no. 16 [11]
1547 4 May 1 Henry Jernyngham, esq. v Edmund Wynter, Felicity his wife & Elizabeth Wygan, widow. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 30 [12]
1547 6 May 1 John Danbury of Walden, Essex v Robert Wright Lease of farm called 'The Deanes' in Debden, Essex, which had been 'laid in gage' by plaintiff to defendant for 20 marks. C78/4, no. 6 [13]
1547 6 May 1 John Myller of Thornham, Norf, gent. v George Cokett, gent. Bargain and sale of the manor of Boroughhall, Norf. C78/4, no. 78 [14]
1547 6 May 1 George Fuliambe, esq. v Edward Atkynson Dismission. Latin. C78/5, no. 4 [15]
1547 7 May 1 Edward Crane for Dorothy Crane & Isabel Crane, daughters & heirs of John Crane decd v Roger Bretton & Anne his wife. Messuage and 8 acres of land in Stratford, Suff. Latin C78/4, no. 48 [16]
1547 7 May 1 John Sleford & Joan his wife, daughter & heir of John Sheffeld decd v Edmund, Lord Sheffelde. Lands called 'Wadnyngs Lands' in Isle of Axholme, Lincs. Latin C78/4, no. 49 [17]
1547 10 May 1 Richard Lewkenor, gent. & Elizabeth his wife v Roger Barwyke. Farm of listed [? Sussex]. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 33 [18]
1547 10 May 1 Mark Draycott of Los..., Derb v Vincent Lowe of Denby, Derb, esq. A close and wood in Horsley, Derb. C78/8, no. 18 [19]
1547 12 May 1 Henry Bussye v Edmonde Brudenell and wife Agnes, daughter of John Bussye, dec. Manors of Balderton, Hougham, Marston, Seotton, Wingfield, Morton, Parkhall and Pyllesley in Lincs, Notts, Derb, Leics, Rutl. Dismission. C78/4, no. 25 [20]
1547 12 May 1 Henry, Marquis of Dorset and William Kendall v Sir John Arundel Lease and possession of the manor of Trelawen, Corn. C78/4, no. 26 [21]
1547 13 May 1 Thomas Sterme of London & Susan his wife, Richard Rooks of Sharnebroke, Beds & Elizabeth his wife and William Baker of Stoke Neylond, Sussex[sic - Suffolk] & Jane his wife v Thomas Fitzhugh of Wannden, Beds and William Richardson of the same place. Manors of Bylknsore, Blundells and Beeches, mansion house at Aspley and lands in 'Birchmoor’, Beds. Cf. 5 no. 63. C78/4, no. 38 [22]
1547 13 May 1 John Woodward and Peter Woodward, administrators of Rauf Woodwarde late of Greate Yate, Staffs v Godfrey Foliambe alias Fuliame, esq. A messuage and lands, part of the estate of Rauf Woodward, dec. C78/4, no. 80 [23]
1547 13 May 1 Thomas Sterne of London & Susan his wife, Richard Rokes of Sharnbrook, Beds & Elizabeth his wife and William Baker of Stoke Nayland, Suff & Jane his wife v Thomas Fitzhugh of Wanden, Bucks and William Richardson of the same place. Manors of Bilkmore, Blundells, Beeches, mansion house at Aspley, Beds, claimed by plaintiffs in right of their wives as heirs of Simon Fitzhugh. Cf. 4 no. 38. C78/5, no. 63 [24]
1547 14 May 1 Vicars Choral of Salisbury Cathedral v William Webbe. Rent from one tenement in Salisbury. Latin. C78/4, no. 39 [25]
1547 15 May 1 Sir Henry Seymer v John Coke. Lease of parsonage of Twyford, Hants, owned by Holy Cross Hospital, Winchester; disputed leases. C78/4, no. 37 [26]
1547 16 May 1 Margaret Woodwall, wid. v Thomas Greye, esq. Plaintiff's copyhold lands, in a manor owned lately by Great Malvern abbey. C78/4, no. 9 [27]
1547 16 May 1 Thomas Wasshenes of Bentley, Essex, administrator of John Pyper the elder late of Bryghtlingsey decd and John Pyper, son & heir of the said John Pyper the father v William Bulley of London. Chattels and estate of John Pyper the elder, dec. C78/4, no. 79 [28]
1547 17 May 1 Simon Bulwer v Martin Hastyngs, gent., Robert Money and Edmond Money. Office of bailiff of the manor of Binham, Norf, and fees due. C78/4, no. 40 [29]
1547 17 May 1 Hugh Bankes & Johane his wife, executrix of William Marke v John Browne, esq, son of Sir Wistan Browne. Farm of the manor of Langenhoe and Langenhoe mill, Essex. C78/4, no. 46 [30]
1547 18 May 1 John Cox of London, Salter v Raff Wryne. Part of the former Grey Friars house in Chester; involves Crown grant. C78/4, no. 7 [31]
1547 19 May 1 Christopher Lees and wife Stephyn; Mores Ongley & Mary his wife; John Roer & Elizabeth his wife, das. of William Marten v John Masterson of Rye, Sussex and Robert Dyne of Dalyngton, Sussex. Messuage and land in Dallington, Sussex. C78/8, no. 17 [32]
1547 20 May 1 James Eton; Andrew Wilmott; William Malorye; William Bastwike, tenants of Hatfield Peverel, Essex & John Alman of Lyttle Badowe v John Aleyne, esq. Copyhold rights and lands of tenants in manor of Hatfield Peverel, formerly owned by abbey there. C78/4, no. 8 [33]
1547 20 May 1 William Martynson alias Cawston, administrator of Katherine Martynson his late wife decd v William Fykett, one of the executors of Robert Pygott, father of the said Katherine; Edmund Haylok & Katherine his wife late the wife & executrix of Robert Burward now decd, another executor of the said Robert Pygott Chattels of Robert Pygott, dec, plaintiff's father-in-law, including share of the ship Mary Fortune. C78/4, no. 17 [34]
1547 20 May 1 Thomas Bernerde v John Matleys. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 29 [35]
1547 20 May 1 Thomas Rede v John Coke, executor of Thomas Coke his brother. Debt of Thomas Coke, dec, from sale of worsted in France. C78/4, no. 36 [36]
1547 20 May 1 Aleyn Percy, clerk, parson of Lagharn, Carmarthen v John Palmer, clerk, vicar of the said parish, and James Leche his farmer. Contested tithes. C78/4, no. 42 [37]
1547 20 May 1 Cristofer Petifer v John Preest. Messuages with 7 acres of land in Aldenham, Herts. Latin. C78/4, no. 43 [38]
1547 20 May 1 Katherine Agard, wid. v Giles Pulton. Two messuages and 200 acres of land and wood in Burton, Bucks. Latin. C78/4, no. 45 [39]
1547 20 May 1 John Harryson alias Smyth v Henry Hooke alias Leeke. Two obligations, each for £217 Flemish, for which defendant stood surety. C78/4, no. 47 [40]
1547 21 May 1 Arthur Banaster of London, draper (now dec.) v Richard Mylwarde of London, draper. Goods for sale in the Netherlands, not accounted for by plaintiff to whom they had been entrusted for sale. C78/4, no. 81 [41]
1547 23 May 1 Sir William Turvile v Sir John Sheldon alias Shelton. Breach of covenant or settlement made between plaintiff and Sheldon, and his father. Involves lands and rents unspecified. C78/4, no. 27 [42]
1547 23 May 1 Henry Thomson, a Sewer of the Chamber v Rauf Croft. Recovery of a debt against Christopher Lassels, whose estate was transferred to defendant. C78/4, no. 41 [43]
1547 23 May 1 Anne Adyson, wid. V Roger Parott. Capital messuage and 5 tenements in Calais. C78/4, no. 44 [44]
1547 24 May 1 Meredith ap Ryce v David ap Lloyd Ingham. Lease of town of 'Dennam', Ang. from Crown, at £2 l1s p.a. C78/4, no. 10 [45]
No date given. 1547? June? 1? Thomas Goodman, son of Rowland Goodman, dec. & one of the executors of Anne Goodman, widow decd, late wife of the said Rowland v John Kyddermyster, Gent., another of the executors of the said Anne, and Thomas Cornewalles. Administration of estate of Anne Goodman, dec. C78/4, no. 51 [46]
1547 8 June 1 Thomas Falke, clerk v Henry Bedyngfeld, esq. Liberty of fold and a sheepcourse belonging to 2 tenements in Ickburgh, Norf, and rights to pasture 90 sheep. C78/4, no. 60 [47]
1547 11 June 1 John Lambert of London, draper v William Elton. Two messuages and 20 acres of land in Ledbury, Heref. C78/4, no. 82 [48]
1547 11 June 1 William Banaster v Michael Plane and wife Katherine. 'Brokeland’ of 17 acres in Oxted, Surrey. Dismission. Latin. C78/8, no. 20 [49]
1547 13 June 1 Richard Warde, esq. & [?Colubrem?] his wife and John Thymewell & Anne his wife v James Clarke. Lands late of Edward Taseborowe of London, dec. in Sutton Valence, Kent. Plaintiffs' wives are cousins of Taseborowe. Latin. C78/4, no. 32 [50]
1547 13 June 1 William Cookes of Housnorthe, Staffs v Edmund Walker, clerk; Henry Grone & Elen his wife A marriage settlement in lands, later disputed. C78/4, no. 52 [51]
1547 14 June 1 John Randoll of Harasey, Sussex, husbandman v John Erle of Lewes, Sussex, shoemaker and Henry Fytzharbart of Ringmer, Sussex, gent. Fishing rights on the river of Lewes, claimed by archbishop’s Manor of South Malling, Sussex, against certain tenants. C78/4, no. 50 [52]
1547 19 June 1 Thomas Goodwyn v Stephen Cobbe. Dismission. Latin C78/4, no. 34 [53]
1547 22 June 1 John Dynnyng v Thomas Battyn, late Mayor of Lyme Regis. Distraint of linen cloth by court of Lyme Regis, temp. Henry VIII, involving King's Council in the West. C78/4, no. 18 [54]
1547 22 June 1 Clement Smyth, executor of Elizabeth Twysell, late wife & executrix of Thomas Twesell her late husband also decd v Edward Twesell. Testament and legacies of Thomas Twesell, dec, whose widow was plaintiff's wife. C78/4, no. 13 [55]
1547 23 June 1 Sir John Russell v Sir Edward Crofte Manor of Halle in Hanley, Worcs. C78/4, no. 53 [56]
1547 23 June 1 John Wychehalse v John Copleston, esq. Two tenements and lands in Herbton, Devon and a messuage and lands in Ashprington, Devon. C78/5, no. 8 [57]
1547 25 June 1 John Nycolls of Aylesford, Kent and wife Agnes, administrators of Henry Malster decd v John Scott, esq. & Margaret his wife, executrix of William Harrys one of the executors of Thomas Malster, father to the said Henry Malster Legacies from the will of Henry Malster, dec, whose estate is administered by the plaintiffs. C78/4, no. 83 [58]
1547 26 June 1 Arthur Longvyle and wife Anne, daughter & heir of Thomas Myddelton v William Madyson. Four acres of woods and land in Consente [?Consett?] within the Bishopric of Durham. C78/4, no. 12 [59]
1547 26 June 1 Thomas Newton v Sir Henry Sacheverell; Thomas Normanton; Thomas Assheton Three messuages, 1 toft and 290 acres of land and wood in Horston and Horsley, Derb. C78/4, no. 54 [60]
1547 27 June 1 Sir Henry Knevet and wife Anne, da. of Sir Christofer Pickering v James Pickering, esq. Manors of Kyllyngton, Frythbanke and Old Hutton, Westm, Late property of Sir Christofer Pickering, dec. C78/4, no. 58 [61]
1547 28 June 1 Richard Crane & Maud his wife v Michael Treryse. Messuage and 440 acres of land in Tregoodwell, Carleen and Tregowe, Corn. Latin. C78/4, no. 35 [62]
1547 28 June 1 Sir Fulke Grevile & Elizabeth his wife v John Owen, son of Sir David Owen. Manors of Southwyke, Wilts and 'Estampsted Latymer', Bucks. C78/4, no. 55 [63]
1547 28 June 1 Thomas Richemond and wife Etheldreda, late wife of Thomas Sampson v Edward Johnson and Richard Whetely, executors of Adam Sampson, son & heir of the said Thomas Sampson. Interest of Etheldreda in a messuage in Erith, Kent, the property of her former husband. Latin. C78/4, no. 56 [64]
1547 28 June 1 Robert Leche and wife Agnes, wid. of Alan Dysyer, clothier of Lavenham, Suff v John Homerston and wife Elizabeth, executrix of Thomas Sporne her late husband. Debts of Elizabeth Homerston’s former husband. C78/4, no. 57 [65]
1547 28 June 1 George Tuke, esq. v Sir Thomas Darcy, Gent of the Privy Chamber and Robert Gurdon, gent. Manors of Layer Marney and Gybgrakest, Essex. C78/4, no. 84 [66]
1547 29 June 1 William Mayne v John Nauspian (or Nanspian). Three messuages and 174 acres of land in Altarnum and North Hill, Corn. C78/4, no. 31 [67]
1547 11 July 1 Recognizance by Robert Gurdon of Waldyngfelde, Suffolk, concerning no. 84. Latin. C78/4, no. 85 [68]
1547 13 July 1 John Vandernote of London, physician v William Haselwood. Dilapidations of a tenement in Gray Friars, London. C78/4, no. 71 [69]
1547 11 Oct 1 Joan Rowbeare, wid. of John, of Estbudleigh, Nether Stowey, Soms. v Bartholomewe Combe; Edward Walker; Thomas Symondes Twenty messuages and 400 acres of land in Nether Stowey, Soms. and certain grain, of estate of John Rowbeare, dec. C78/4, no. 19 [70]
1547 18 Oct 1 Residents of Swallowcliffe, Wilts v Sir John Mervyn. Common wood and pasture rights in manor and vill of Swallowcliffe. Dismission. Latin . C78/4, no. 24 [71]
1547 18 Oct 1 Roger Paddy v Robert Yong Sale for £10 of 3 butts and 6 horseloads of salted salmon. C78/5, no. 6 [72]
1547 19 Oct 1 William Cordall v Richard Allen and Robert Harrys. Farm of two messuages and garden in St John’s Street, Smithfield, Midd, late property of Hospital of St John of Jerusalem. C78/4, no. 70 [73]
1547 20 Oct 1 Elizabeth Lysle, wid. v Thomas Bowman and Agnes Smyth, widow. Three messuages, 1 garden and 10 acres of land in Barking, Essex. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 61 [74]
1547 20 Oct 1 Robert Maye v John Smythe; William Smyth; John Ilcockes; John Channdelor; William Whytynge, tenants of Wrington, Soms. Dispute over common pasture rights in land called 'Blaekdowne’, between owner of Hydon manor and tenants of Wrington manor. C78/8, no. 9 [75]
1547 21 Oct 1 Anthony Stowell v Thomas Capps, son & heir of William Capps. Manors of East and West 'Hittfeld' in Hittfeld, Wiveliscombe, Fivehead, Soms. and manor of Bearhall, Devon. Dismission. C78/4, no. 21 [76]
1547 21 Oct 1 Agnes Ward, wid. v Harry Cownley. Messuage and moiety of 86 acres of land and woods In Tenbury, Worcs. C78/4, no. 14 [77]
1547 21 Oct 1 Agnes Warde, wid. v Henry Cownley. Messuage and lands in Tenbury, Worcs. C78/5, no. 59 [78]
1547 22 Oct 1 Thomas Atkyns, gent, v Moryce James Mathew and Robert ap Jevan alias Bocher. Lease of tithes in 'Lanwonno’, Aberdare and Cardiff. C78/5, no. 3 [79]
1547 27 Oct 1 John Myles v Richard Machyn or Machin Messuage and lands in Bromesbury [?Bromsberrow] Glos, and lands and tenements in Redmarley, Worcs C78/5, no. 5 [80]
1547 29 Oct 1 John Hay v Robert Terington. Tenement called 'Matheus' and 27 acres of land in 'Gryswell', Suff. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 23 [81]
1547 29 Oct 1 William Blage v Nicholas Shipryve. Tenements called 'Wadlowes' and 'Hossockes' and a cottage in Ocborne St Andrew, Wilts. C78/4, no. 15 [82]
1547 31 Oct 1 Sir George Gresley v William Dethik, esq. 150 acres of land in Wardeheathcote, Derb. C78/4, no. 59 [83]
1547 31 Oct 1 Robert Thornell v Thomas Cocan. Debt of £38. Dismission. Latin C78/4, no. 63 [84]
1547 4 Nov 1 William Lake of Havering at Bower, Essex v John Turke Dismission. Latin C78/8, no. 7 [85]
1547 8 Nov 1 Arthur Devonshyre of London, grocer and John Style v Gregory Crompe. Lease of the manor of Gutton in Romney and Romney Marsh, Kent. C78/8, no. 8 [86]
1547 8 Nov 1 Ralph Cruch v John Morley and Roger Reynolds. Messuage and 100 acres of land in Alfreton, Derb. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 65 [87]
1547 17 Nov 1 Miles Praunce of Cambridge and wife Katherine, wid. of William Browne v James Fletcher of Cambridge. Malt worth £38 left by William Browne, dec., and sold by defendant to—Traps of London. C78/4, no. 16 [88]
1547 18 Nov 1 Walter Cretynge, clerk, parson of Kingston Seymour, Soms. v John Bulbecke. Two pieces of land in Kingston Seymour, Soms. C78/4, no. 69 [89]
1547 18 Nov 1 Joan Ballard, wid. v John Freeman of Kelvedon, Essex, tailor. Sale of a messuage and 40 acres of land in Kelvedon and Navestock, Essex. C78/8, no. 6 [90]
1547 22 Nov 1 Walter Vowell of Tisbury, Wilts, yeoman & Margaret his wife, administrators of Roberrt Vyncent late of Salisbury decd v Robert Gryffyth of Salisbury, draper. Debt of £7 due to Robert Vyncent of Salisbury, dec. C78/4, no. 22 [91]
1547 22 Nov 1 John Andrewes of Little Munden, Herts v John Lane of London, grocer. Three messuages, 1 tenement and 200 acres of land in Little and Great Munden, Herts. C78/4, no. 66 [92]
1547 22 Nov 1 George Broke, Lord Cobham v John Walrond. Farm of the mansion house of Wyeroft, Devon with game and herbage of the park. C78/4, no. 67 [93]
1547 22 Nov 1 William Woodlesse v Peter Rede of Norwich. Legacies of John Woodlesse, dec. Revivor of case against Edward Rede, dec., father of the current deft C78/4, no. 68 [94]
1547 26 Nov 1 William Palmer v William Gyffron Two messuages and 150 acres of land in "Fenawtery”, Devon. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 64 [95]
1547 28 Nov 1 Anne Wykes, wid. of William Wikes late of Byndon, Devon decd v Richard Phelips of Charborough, Dors, gent. Messuage called 'Shippyn' and 7 parcels of land and the third presentment to Charborough church, all claimed as plaintiff's dowry. C78/4, no. 20 [96]