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H1309 A: Supervision of commercial activity. False imprisonment. Ralph de Nottingham v. William Notte and Adam Touke. Notte justified as having been assigned by William de Stafford and William Trumwyne and the sheriff of Staffordshire to perform the articles in a royal commission concerning sales in Burton and to attach violators. He attached Ralph for selling a pair of shoes for 10d that was worth no more than 4d by the valuation of neighbors. [1]

E1314 A: Malicious destruction of home and taking of goods. Geoffrey de Kyngeston v. Robert son of Henry le Peleter of Burton upon Trent, Henry le Peleter, John son of Henry le Peleter, Adam son of Henry le Peleter, John Hikemon & Alice his wife, William Hervy, Reginald del Peke, Robert le Blake de Repindon peleter, William le Plummere de Burton, Richard his son, John Rommesbed, Reginald le Mouner, Richard le Taillur (dead), Amice his wife, John Drinkewater, Margery his wife, Thomas son of Nicholas de Tuttebury mercer, Roger Gerard, Roger Hillary del Horecrosse, William Auneys, John Loundres del Neweburgh, Nicholas son of Robert, Robert son of Robert de Shropeshire, John Pope de Hambury, Roger Millessone de Falde, John Robyn de Neweburgh, John Aleyn, Nicholas Aleyn, Richard le Spenser, William Magotesone, & Henry Ballesagher. [2]


T1348 B: Staffordshire. Abbot of Burton upon Trent v. Robert Moubrey de Andesleye, John Was de Andesleye, Henry son Ralph Astel de Andesleye, John Clare de Andesley, William Randulf de Andesleye, William Meryot de Andesleye, William le Taillour de Andesleye, Robert Anneys de Andesleye, John Edwyn de Rudynges, and Roger le Hyne Wauterscast' de Mountgomory ye yonger. Trespass. [T1348 A: Oxfordshire. Abbot of Eynsham v. John Costard de Wolgarcote, Simon Costard, William de Lathebury, Robert Abbot, John Gille, --- atte Northard, William Brid, Henry le Peyntour, Ralph le Cordewaner de Wolgarcote, --- atte Bruggeende de Wolgarcote, Robert le Yonge, Hugh le Follere de Wolgarcote, William Ne--- de Wyghtham, William le Muleward, John Scot de Eynesham, William de Mackeneye, Richard --- de Eynsham, Richard son of Agnes le Yechere, John som of Simon Colyn, Robert Bedeford, ---- Herles, Thomas le Grey, Walter Herles de Wolgarcote, William Hay, William Chaa, John ----, and Roger Lewe. Trespass: breach of close at Eynsham, imprisonment of the abbot, taking of goods worth 40 p.s., assaulting the abbot's men and servants. [3]