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1254 A: Assize at Bristol; court of Henry de Bracton etc. Bristol. Dispute over insertion of opening, raising of wall, removal of gutter, joists etc. Peter La Mar'tre v. William son of Nicholas [1]


T1295 A: Order to take Bristol into king's hand. [2] See more under charters.

T1295 B: Appeal of robbery and rape in Bristol. [3]


E1304 A: Claim of court of Bristol rejected even after inquiry. Trespass. Richard Purs v. Thomas de la Grove, John Snov, William Randolf, Simon de Burton, Richard Colpek, John atte Hurne, Edward le Crokere, Adam Tirman, Stephen de Stoke, and 10 others. [4]

M1305 A: Certiorari. Justices of oyer and terminer. Indictment of John de Keynesham of Bristol, John de Kerdif jr, Robert Randolf, Richard Colpek, John le Loung, John Snou, Hanyh le Fisher, Stephen de Camelegh, Phillip de Paulet, John Russel le Croku, & Henry de Panes and unknown others from Bristol, for assaults at Bedminster. [5]. Other similar suits against a variety of other defendants alleging wrongs in other places on the dorse: [6]; [7]; [8]

M1310 A: Official persecution for obeying king's proclamation that regulating pricing. Justified as attachment in a suit for the court of Bristol and as attachment for selling goods outside the fair. Phillip le Spycer burgess of the Bristol v. Wiliam de Okham, Simon de Beauchamp, John Vallet, & Walter de Boyfeld, bailiffs and serjeants of Bristol. [9]

M1311 A: A married woman's will. Henry Thyke v. John Fraunceys sr, John Albon, & John Tropyn jr. Henry, in his wife's last illness, allegedly gave her permission to devise half their goods. She died; the will was proved; the goods were inventoried and divided. The executors took the half, and the surviving husband sued. [10]

H1316 A: Rex v. John le Taverner of Bristol. Whereas Peter Fraunceys was the king's butler's attorney in Bristol town and port, he received four tuns of wine as royal prize and had them put in a cellar. John impeded Bernard of Rochelle, who had been assigned to remove the wine for the king's profit, so that much of the wine perished. [11]; [12]

E1316 A: Certiorari on inquest of the deaths of Alexander de Wilers, Robert Ganel, Walter Balle, Thomas atte Pipe, John le Spicer, William le Taillour, Thomas de Ludewell, Thomas de Landesdon, John le Welsh, ROger Dagon, John de Sobbury, Richard Gul, John Welmelk, William le Barber, John de Radeford, Phillip de Milto, Henry Uphille, and John de Soweye at Bristol. [13]

M1317 A: Supplicavit concerning the goods and chattels of John le Taverner of Bristol, Robert Martyn, Richard Calpoke, and William de Clyf outlawed for felony. [14]

E1318 A: False imprisonment. Richard de la March v. Richard Colpek, John de Kerdyf, Poncius Oriol, Thomas de Salopia, Robert Beauflour, Simon de Ely, Richard de Weston, Robert Wildemersh, Hugh Proute, William Ayle Suur, Stephen le Eyr, John le Hunte, Gilbert de Derby, Roger Blanker, Robert Snowe, Phillip de Sweynese, Thomas Updich, Simon Fourstal, William Russel skynnere, and William de Bydeford. Jury finds Proute, Hunte, Fourstal, and Bydeford not guilty. The others were guilty of the imprisonment for a year and a half at damages of 500 p.s. They later get a pardon enrolled in Easter 14 Edward II, membrane 5. [15]


  • M1342 A: Inquisition before Eborard le Frensh mayor of Bristol, William de Chiltenham and Roger Turtele concerning John de Horncastel's ship Le Garcedieu loaded with specified good was said to be going from Britol to Ireland but left instead to take the goods to Scotland. And similarly with Thomas Blankett's ship La Assumpcion of Bristol. [16] rcp


  • E1357 A: Presentment tht John Buggegod chaplain in 1355 took 10 ps. from the toll house in Bristol. [17] rcp
  • E1360 A: John de Acton (qui tam) v. Reginald le Frenshe late mayor of Bristol and Henry Vyel and John Soor then bailiffs of Bristol. Edward I, before he began his kingship, had granted (as had his father) an annual rent of 20 marks to be taken by Roger de Cantok then a Bristol burgess from the fine of merchants who brought woad to be sold in Bristol as well as those who brought other merchandise. That grant was confirmed by later kings and held not only by Roger, but then also by Master Roger de Cantok his son and then by John de Acton, cousin and heir of Master Roger. That rent stopped being paid, and the mayor abd bailiffs declined to respond to a royal order for enforcement. [18] rcp
  • M1373: liberties of Bristol [19]