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T1303 A: Order to archbishop of York to sequester goods of Aymer de Quarto provost of Beverley who, with Caldus Gemani merchant of Florence of the society of the Frescobaldi, owed 1000 marks to William de Hamelton, John de Merkingfeld, and John de la Roche. [1], [2]

E1309 A: Allocation of claim of court of Beverley by letter of the king; case involved interrupted delivery of writs within Holderness. [3]; see also [4]

M1309 A: Collection of debts owed to Wynand Morant burgess and merchant of Beverley and owed by merchants of Groningen and the bishop of Utrecht. Goods seized in Hull, with subsequent dispute about the goods seized. [5]

M1317 A: Presentation to prebend of Blessed Mary in the church of St. John, Beverley. Rex v. Dean and chapter of Blessed Peter, York. [6]

H1318 A: Assault at Beverley, case claimed by Simon Roce bailiff of the Archbishop of York, documented fully and allocated. William de Crauncewike of Beverley v. William de Lund of Beverley merchant, Gilbert Jonesman de Lund, John le Mercer of Beverley, John de Warton, John de Warton, John de Routh merchant, Stephen du Garde, William de Hoton spicer, Gilbert du Celer, John his brother, Walter Frost, John de Thornton, Thomas de Thornton, Adam de Brunne, Thomas de Ryse, Peter de Besiwyk, John de Hatfeld, Robert Lambard, and John son of Peter of Beverley. [7]. See also [8]


M1348 A: Master William de la Mare, provost of the church of St John, Beverley, claimed the presentment of Robert Tours of Nafferton for feloniously breaking into the house of Agnes de Levenyng. Extensive discussion of the provost's jurisdictional rights and prison. [9]

M1348 B: Yorkshire. Rex v. Walter Yole of Beverley, late sub-bailiff and warden of the archbishop's prison at Beverley and coroner of the king in Beverley. Found by jury: he permitted John son of John Galoun of Bridlington (captured at Beverley at the suit of Robert de Lekyngfeld for theft and taken with the mainoure) to escape from jail, took large fines by extortion (20s from Robert Busk for a false and feigned cause), and collected tolls wrongfully from various men from the liberty of St Peter, York. [10]


H1351 A: Yorkshire. Peter de Mauley V v. Agnes de Driffeld of Beverley and John Roos of Beverley. Trespass: taking of two horses worth 20 p.s. at Nessingwick in May 1350. Defendants pleaded that Mauley was indebted for 18 p.s.. Agnes at the Beverley fair in the pie powder court attached those horses. Because Mauley did not come to answer, the horses were appreciated at 40s and were delivered to Agnes by name of distraint. John came in aid of Agnes. Jury summoned. [11]

  • M1362 A: Yorkshire. William de Grymeston rector of Collum and William de Grymeston chaplain v. John de Lokyngton de Beverley and John Goldyng of Beverley. Trespass taking of chattels. As to the chattels, defendants pleaded that Gerard de Grymeston was obliged to one Roger de Stonle of Beverley whose executor John de Lokyngton is for 10 ps and the 200 sheep were brought down through the middle of Beverley. John de Lokyngton then before John Goldyng bailiff of Beverley attached a certain plaint of debt against Gerard for a debt, by virtue of which plaint Gerard's 200 sheep were attached. Process continued by the custom of the town. Since Gerard did not appear within 40 days to replevy them, the 200 sheep were delivered to John de Lokyngton as execution of the debt. Jury found defendants guilty. [12] rcp