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E1319: Taking of goods and chattels worth 200 p.s. and assault of servants John le Taillour and Hugh le Feure. John de Botetourt v. Richard de Hampton, John Walcok, Geoffrey Walcok, John le Bole, Stephen le Bole, John le Bole, John atte Wal, Simon le Tannere, William Beuachamp, Nicholas de Astwode, Geoffrey Cachepol, Roger le Salter, William de Rothewelle, Thomas de Neuport, John Basthot, Richard le Freman, Thomas Haliday, Ralph Toller, Richard Peroun, Henry Oliver, Geoffrey le Irnemonger, Ralph de Rothewelle, Walter de Caysho, Hugh Balle, Ralph le Mareschal, Hugh Sparowe, John de Budenho, William de Blunham, John Dene, John le Coke, Richard le Coke, Ralph le Seler, Simon le Carpenter, Adam Colleber, William de Catworth, William le Wrighte, John le Carpenter chaplain, Peter le Spicer, Hugh del Lond', John le Peyntour, William Bonhomme, Lawrence le Whelwrighte, Simon le Feure, Thomas le Graunt chaplain, Ralph Felice, Thomas Le Peyntour, Richard le Husher, Sampson le Hauward, John de Radewelle, Hugh Coke, Richard de Wyke, John de Chithele, Simon le Ros, Geoffrey Clogon, Richard Haliday, John Scot, Robert le Chapmon, Thomas le Somynour, John le Ros, Walter Bole, William le Warde, John le Longe, Richard de Kemeston, Simon de Bydenham, John Wymund, Geilbert Daffe, William de Foderingheye, Nicholas le Feroun, John his son, Hugh Holt, and John Holt. John and Geoffrey Walcok say that they were bailiffs of Bedford; Taillur and Feure beat Matilda the wife of John le Prentiz and cut off her hand. She raised the hue and cry, and they resisted attachment, so they were arrested. No verdict. [1]


M1348 A: Bedfordshire. Petition of Master and Brothers of the Hospital of St John of Bedford, including the grant of Simon de Beauchamp to the hospital. [2]


E1352 A: Bedfordshire. William Prat de Bedford v. John Kempston de Bedford. Trespass. John and William had been elected by the community of Bedford to the office of bailiffs from Michaelmas 1345 for one year, and they were supposed to answer to the king for the town's farm. John took 10 p. that was part of the farm against William's will. He so threatened William that William paid 100s of his own money into the farm. Convicted by jury but only for damages of 50s. [3] rcp

E1352 B: Bedfordshire. Found by jury on which both Thomas Spicer a bailiff of Bedford and John son of Richard de Kempston late a bailiff of Bedford put themselves, that John while he was a bailiff in 1349 levied the farm of 50 p.s. but kept 11s of the farm for himself and refused to acquit Spicer for that sum. [4] rcp

E1352 C: Tenements in Bedford are devisable. [5]