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July 1576

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 108 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/108%5F%281576%29/

  • TNA SP 12/108, 51. 1576 July 2. Tho. Page's narrative of the adventures of his journey on the Continent, having failed to induce Sir Edward Kelly to favour the attempt of a discovery of a north-west passage to China and Cathay. Honours conferred on Kelly by the Emperor; and practices used to deprive him of the philosopher's stone, which he possessed.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 52. 1576 July 4. Note of charges by Edward Baeshe for victualling three of the Queen's ships for one month, or longer.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 53. 1576 July 11. Report by Edward Baeshe, on the necessity of keeping in store casks and clapboards to the extent of 10,000 tons.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 54. 1576 July 12. The Council to Wm. Waldegrave, Esq. They approve of the settlement of the strangers of Colchester at Halstead in Essex, and request him to draw out the form of a grant for that purpose.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 55. 1576 July 13. Note by Mr. Baeshe of things necessary to be done with speed for Her Majesty's service for the sea causes, especially for a sufficient supply of casks.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 56. 1576 July 14. The Wardens of the Goldsmiths to Ch. Hatton, Esq. In favour of Robert Sharpe to receive a commission to travel and make known to the Goldsmiths his art of planishing silver.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 57. 1576 July 14. John Thaxter and others, Fellows of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, to Burghley. Have used their best endeavours to elect Mr. Brabon to the vacant Fellowship, but Mr. Reade has been elected, as they thought, contrary to their statute.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 58. 1576 July 15. The Council to the Lord Mayor of London. Directing them to recal their proclamation fixing the retail prices of wines, until wines may be procured at a lower rate than 10l. the ton.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 59. 1576 July 15. Note by Mr. Baeshe of the causes that occasion the present want of casks for the navy.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 60. 1576 July 17. The Council to the Justices of Assize for the County of Lancaster. To hear the complaint of Ralph Jolly against Mr. Brodshawe, for certain odious outrages committed by his procurement.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 61. 1576 July 20. Sec. Walsyngham to Sir H. Sydney (as Lord President of Wales). In behalf of Mr. Wigmore (whom the Queen favoured) to be appointed Clerk of the Fines in the Marches of Wales.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 62. 1576 July 26. Complaint of John Broke against the Company of Merchants for the Discovery of New Trades, by whom he had been unjustly imprisoned; with their answer to the same.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 63. 1576 July 26. State of the account between John Broke and the Company of Merchants for the Discovery of New Trades.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 64. 1576 July 27. Estimate of repairs required at Her Majesty's seven alms houses within Bishopsgate, London, "made by the advice of a carpenter and a tyler;" and also of repairs at the Queen's seven alms houses at Brentford, co. Middlesex.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 65. 1576 July 27. George Tyrell to Lord Burghley. Thanks him for the kindness shown to his son. Refutes the accusations of treason that were circulated against him.
  • TNA SP 12/108, 66. 1576 July ? Memorial against the unrestricted liberty of retailing wines, and of the evils likely to ensue thereby.

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