1575 April

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1575 April 1575

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 103 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/103%5F%281575%29/

  • TNA SP 12/103, 24. 1575 April 3. Burghley to Wm. Herlle. Has written to Mr. Smith according to his request, and wishes to be informed of the effect. Is glad Paul Buys and his colleagues have departed. "The best trial of all men is the touchstone of their honest lives, for it is impossible to gather figs from thorns." Can do nothing for his brother, Laurence Johnson.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 25. 1575 April 8. Confession of faith and appeal to the Queen's mercy, of five Dutchmen condemned for Anabaptism.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 26. 1575 April 11. Lord Burghley to Sec. Fr. Walsyngham. Thanks for his Italian advices, "wherin a man may see that the world is made of a round substance, that it cannot stand still." The Earl of Sussex is at Bermondsey taking physic. Favour of the Queen to the Earl of Essex. Has shown to the Queen the Scottish Regent's letter. His son (Cecill) intends to travel for a year.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 27. 1575 April 11. Walsyngham to Burghley. Has been informed by a Scottish gentleman that the Regent was inclined to favour the Hamiltons and the French interest. Discourses on the policy to be pursued towards Scotland.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 28. 1575 April 12. Walsyngham to the Queen. Has learned from a Scottish gentleman that the Regent was inclined to favour the French interest, and seeks to take the charge of the young King from Sir Alexander Erskin. Recommends that the breach with Scotland should not be suffered to increase.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 29. 1575 April 13. Henry Earl of Derby to Burghley. Offers to furnish timber from his park of Hawarden for Her Majesty's service in Ireland.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 30. 1575 April 14. Walsyngham to the Queen. States his opinion, as commanded, respecting the policy that should be observed with regard to Scotland.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 31. 1575 April 19. Burghley to Walsyngham. Returns his writings with many thanks and is glad he is at Court; would gladly help the plough with him either in the ridge or furrow. Is in doubt respecting the affairs of Scotland. Is better in health and can go softly with the help of one staff.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 32. 1575 April 21. Tho. Kendall to Tho. Windebank. Complimentary. Is richer in years and diseases than in any other riches, and intends giving up his school. The city is filled with strangers.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 33. 1575 April 25. Agreement between the strangers of the Dutch congregation in the town of Colchester and the bailiffs and commonalty of the said town.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 34. 1575 April 25? Complaints of the burgesses of Colchester against the foreigners and strangers inhabiting their town.
  • TNA SP 12/103, 35. 1575 April 28. The Master and Fellows of Magdalen Coll., Cambridge, to Burghley. State their reasons that Mr. Lucas Clason should not be restored to his Fellowship; they think themselves happy to be so rid of him. Burghley has been misinformed as to Henry Vause.

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