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May 1574

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 95 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F95/

  • TNA SP 12/95, 84. 1574 May 1. Note of corn powder bought of Henry Dale, haberdasher, with the prices of the same.
  • TNA SP 12/95, 85. 1574 May 4. Lord Burghley to Francis Walsyngham, Sec. of State. Intercession to be made for Thomas Bath alias Thomazo, arrested in Flanders for a spy, and in danger of death. Stay of mariners. The Earl of Bedford proposed to take charge of the Counties of Devon, Dorset, and Cornwall.
  • TNA SP 12/95, 86. 1574 May 9. Memorandum of business propounded in Council.
  • TNA SP 12/95, 87. 1574 May 10. Certificate by William Dodington and John Coniers of money and munition remaining unaccounted for by the Earl of Warwick; extracted from the accounts of Richard Dennys, cousin and heir to Sir Maurice Dennys, decd.
  • TNA SP 12/95, 88. 1574 May 24. Remembrances delivered by Edward Baeshe, relative to the supplying of the navy with provisions for two months.
  • TNA SP 12/95, 89. 1574 May 28. Note of powder remaining in store and to be provided within fourteen days.
  • TNA SP 12/95, 90. 1574 May. Note of the places in Barbary traded to by English merchants who are content not to trade beyond Cape Riol, which is to the South-west of the kingdom of Barbary.
  • TNA SP 12/95, 91. 1574 May. A survey of the chambers and societies of all the Inns of Court, together with certain devices for the government of the worthy and necessary sort, and for the exclusion of the unworthy and unnecessary number and sort thereof.
  • TNA SP 12/95, 92. 1574 May? Petition of a poor woman to the Queen. Details the hardships she suffers in consequence of discovering certain conspiracies; viz., practice of the Earl of Oxford to carry off the Duke of Norfolk; clipping the coin; release of Earl of Desmond, &c.; and praying for relief. [Desmond was released in March 1573, and this petition is described as being a little more than a year after that event.]

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 96 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F96/

  • TNA SP 12/96 An ancient volume, originally bound in parchment, with the title, "England. Matters of State and Force of the Kingdome." Containing entries of lists of Justices of Peace, General Musters, lists of ships, names of noblemen and gentlemen in service, church livings, &c.; of various dates from May, 1574. The following are the contents; the entries, having dates, being also inserted in their chronological order. Some of the entries are not very accurately made.
  • Pages 1 to 169. Returns of the names of the Hundreds and other divisions in the several counties of England and Wales, with the names of resident Justices of Peace and other officers.
  • P.173. The names of the Vice-Admirals in England.
  • P.175. The number of churches in every shire.
  • P.179. Valuation of the several livings of all the Bishops in England.
  • P.182. List of the Bishopricks throughout England, with their clear revenues.
  • P.183. Valuation of the several livings of all the Deans in England.
  • P.185. Note of such ecclesiastical persons as have more livings than one.
  • P.191. The names of all the towns where the posts are, between Berwick and the Court.
  • P.192. Names of the post towns coming out of Ireland to London, and from London to Dover.
  • P.193. Orders appointed to be generally observed by the Queen's posts throughout the realm.
  • P.199. Declaration of Christopher Barker [Baker] touching iron furnaces; names of places where iron works and furnaces are erected, &c.
  • Pages 207 to 236. The taxation of the subsidies in divers cities, towns, and ports for the City of London and other counties and towns.
  • P.237. Note of such towns and persons as are to contribute to the loan.
  • P.238. Names of the Judges, Sergeants, and Pleaders.
  • P.241. Names of the officers of the Queen's Courts of Record at Westminster, both English and Latin.
  • P.247. Names of the Doctors of the Civil Law and the Ministers of the Ecclesiastical Courts.
  • P.251. List of noblemen and gentlemen that have served and are fit to serve in foreign employments.
  • P.253. Names of such noblemen and gentlemen as have served in war.
  • Pages. 254 and 255. Names of Captains at Berwick and in Ireland.
  • P.256. Men of service, fit for charge, out of pay.
  • P.257. Names of sundry gentlemen and Captains for the sea.
  • P.259. Names of forts and castles along the sea coasts, with the Captains that have charge of them.
  • P.262. Names of gunners in ordinary and in pension in the towns, castles, &c. in Kent, Sussex, Southampton, and Isle of Wight.
  • P.265. The charge of Berwick and other holds in the East March.
  • Pages 267 to 273. List of ships, &c. in various ports, and in the river Thames and its creeks, and the names of the masters that have taken charge in the Thames. 6 Feb. 1577.
  • P.275. Names of Her Majesty's ships, number of men, &c. requisite for setting forth the same. 10 Aug. 1577.
  • P.281. Note of the men, provision, &c. requisite for setting forth twenty-four of the Queen's ships. 24 May 1574.
  • P.288. A note of powder for the callivers and great ordnance about Her Majesty's navy. 24 May 1574.
  • P.292. Note of 1,000 soldiers, with their Captains, to be levied in Wales, and how they are to be furnished with weapons.
  • P.293. Note of the Queen's ships now at sea under Henry Palmer; and estimate of the charges of 1,000 men to serve in six of the Queen's ships for six weeks. 17 July 1576.
  • P.294. Survey of all the Queen's ships, boats, &c., with estimates of repairs, expenses in harbour, &c. 1 Feb. 1576.
  • P.297. Proportion of powder and munitions for the full furniture of three of the Queen's ships appointed to the seas. Aug. 1576.
  • Pages. 300 to 303. Furniture, &c., for three other ships sent to the seas in May last past. Aug. 1576.
  • P.304. Estimate of the charges of setting forth to the seas twenty of the Queen's ships, for one month. 1 Jan. 1578. Note of mariners, gunners, &c., to be had out of certain shires. 1 Jan. 1578.
  • P.308. Note of all cordage and sail canvass delivered out of the store at Deptford, as well for the ships at sea as for rigging two new ships for the year 1577. 1 Jan. 1578.
  • Pages. 308 to 315. Note of cordage, sails, and other stores furnished to several ships serving in various parts. Aug. 1577.
  • P.316. Account of the full furniture of ordnance, brass and iron shot, and other munitions for twenty-four ships, now to be sent to sea. 1 June. 1574.
  • P.323. Account of armour for the said twenty-four ships. 1 June.
  • Pages. 327 to 392. Abridgment of the general certificates of the Musters taken throughout the whole realm, divided into counties and towns. 1577.
  • P.394. Certificate of Musters of the City of London. 15 Aug. 1569.
  • P.405. Certificate of the inns and ale-houses in sundry shires. 1577.
  • P.415. Names of all the ports, creeks, and landing-places in England and Wales.

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