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July 1574

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 97 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F97/

  • TNA SP 12/97, 26. 1574 July 2. Drs. Wm. Aubrey and Ro. Forthe to Walsyngham. Report London. on the case between Monsr. Calvart and the men of Sandwich; and also in the case of Wm. Crispe and Thomas Knolles.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 27. 1574 July 5. David Jones to Mr Mylls (Walsyngham's Secretary). Acknowledging that he had been confessed in the Marshalsea, and two other persons with him, Mr. Blewitt, of the Hanging Sword, in Fleet Street, and Mr. David Sadler. A mass was to be performed next Sunday at Bishop Heath's, late Archbp. of York.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 28. 1574 July 6. Sir Wm. Dormer to the Council. Reasons for the neglect of sending certificate of Musters of horses for the County of Buckingham. A new commission requisite.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 29. 1574 July 6. The Council to the Vice-Admiral of Sussex. Order for the stay of shipping in all the ports of Sussex, except fishing boats, or those going from port to port.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 30. 1574 July 6. Commissioners of Musters for the County of Essex, to the Council. Proceedings in taking the Musters; and for putting the shire in a state of defence to resist a foreign enemy.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 31. 1574 July 7. Certificate by Lord Darcy of Chiche, and the Bailiffs, &c., of Colchester, of Musters of able men, &c., within that town.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 32. 1574 July 8. Lord Thomas Poulet, the Earl of Southampton, and others, to the Council. Return of Musters and survey of the County of Southampton. Incloses TNA SP 12/97, 32. i-iv.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 32. i. 1574 July. Certificate of the dangerous places for the landing of an enemy on the coasts of Hampshire, from Bournemouth, in Westover Hundred, to the East Haven of Hayling Island. June 25.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 32. ii. 1574 July. Certificate of the forces from various Hundreds appointed for the defence of the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and towns on the coast of Hampshire.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 32. iii. 1574 July. Certificate of boats appointed for conveying men to the Isle of Wight, upon any attempt.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 32. iv. 1574 July. General certificate of the Musters for the whole County of Southampton. Number of horses, furniture of arms, &c.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 33. 1574 July 12. Note of business propounded in the Council. Relating to Ireland.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 34. 1574 July 12. Henry Appulton to Walsyngham. Apprehension of Davy Jones; has examined him but has not committed him yet to prison. Sends two letters written by him.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 35. 1574 July 12. Commissioners of Musters for the County of Denbigh. Report their proceedings, and state of the Musters of the county.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 36. 1574 July 13. Richard Willes to Walsyngham. States his opinion on some doctrinal points, and his protestation against Popery.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 37. 1574 July 18. Lord North, and Sir Giles Alyngton, to the Council. Proceedings in the Musters. Complain of opposition they met with from Mr. Edward Styward; "a blynde man, verie ryche, and the moste untractable man in Her Majesty's service." Incloses TNA SP 12/97, 37. i.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 37. i. 1574 July. Certificate of Musters of horses and geldings in the County of Cambridge, furnished with armour and weapon.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 38. 1574 July 19. The Sheriff and Justices of Chester to the Council. Report on the Musters and other defences of the County of Chester.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 39. 1574 July 20. David Jones to Mr. Mylls. Has given information that Napper was in Mr. Tyrrell's house. An old priest, named Latymer, is in the Clink, and a lot of outlandish men and Englishmen in the Marshalsea. Asks leave to go to Dr. Heath's house.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 40. 1574 July 22. Commissioners of Musters for Flintshire to the Council. Certify Flint. particulars of their doings in the Musters. The inhabitants of the county are very poor and but few in number. Names of the Captains, &c. Incloses TNA SP 12/97, 40. i-ii.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 40. i. 1574 July. Certificate of the names of the gentlemen appointed to furnish light horsemen; and the names of gentlemen who have furnished light horse, although not chargeable by law.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 40. ii. 1574 July. Muster Roll of five hundred footmen certified out of the County of Flint, furnished as required.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 41. 1574 July 30. Lord Burghley to Walsyngham. Sends a letter from Sir Wm. Wynter and Mr. Pelham, that Queenborough was a place well suited to make a naval depot. Stay of English ships and goods in Rouen. Supply of corn and grain in the City. Complaints by the Ambassador of Portugal against the Lord Admiral. Intends to prohibit unlawful gaming among the Guards.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 42. 1574 July 30. Earl of Pembroke, and others, to the Council. Transmitting certificate of the Musters taken within the County of Wilts. Incloses TNA SP 12/97, 42. i.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 42. i. 1574 July 16. Certificate of demi-lances and light horses for the County of Wilts. Devizes,
  • TNA SP 12/97, 43. 1574 July? Answers to certain articles touching the charges of the several parishes in the Isle of Axholme, Lincoln, for the furnishing and training of soldiers, provision of armour, weapons, &c.
  • TNA SP 12/97, 44. 1574 July? Similar return of answers to certain articles touching the charges of the several parishes in the Wapentake of Manley, co. Lincoln.

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