1573 September

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September 1573

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 92 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F92/

  • TNA SP12/92, 26. 1573 September 17. Lord Keeper Bacon to Lord Burghley. Sees no cause for the meeting of Parliament unless there be great likelihood of proceeding in the marriage. Observations relative to the proclamation against seditious books and libels.
  • TNA SP12/92, 27. 1573 September 21. Adrian de Gomiecourt to same. Solicits him to assist the Baron de Berlaymont in the recovery of a pair of bloodhounds. French.
  • TNA SP12/92, 28. 1573 September 22. Nicholas Heyth (formerly Bp. of Worcester) to same. Thanks for his kind letter, and promises if he is examined relative to certain things, he will speak nothing but the truth. Is grateful for having lived many years in great quietness of mind.
  • TNA SP12/92, 29. 1573 September 27. Sir Henry Nevell to same. Had written to him as to the copyhold for Mrs. Seamer. Has often sent to Mrs. Barker for the court-rolls, but cannot get them. Details what he knew respecting the libels against his lordship by the late Duke of Norfolk.
  • TNA SP12/92, 30. 1573 September 29. Articles of a bill for the true dyeing of wools and cloths.
  • TNA SP12/92, 31. 1573 September. Note of a bond between Lord Burghley and Richard Topcliff, for the payment of the sum of 501.
  • TNA SP12/92, 32. 1573 September. The Vidame of Chartres to the Queen. Apologizes for having solicited her in favour of one Richard Eden, and requests that he may be admitted as one of the Poor Knights of Windsor. Fr. Incloses TNA SP12/92, 32. i.–iii.
  • TNA SP12/92, 32. i.–iii. 1573 September. Three papers of memoranda relating to Ric. Eden. Lat.

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