1573 October

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October 1573

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 92 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F92/

  • TNA SP12/92, 33. 1573 October 5. Archbp. Grindall to Burghley. Grieves at his being disquieted by these false slanderous printed libels, published by rank traitorous papists; by whose "libels Medoea is made an innocente, open rebellion is extenuated, and yc° late crocodile Duke justified."
  • TNA SP12/92, 34. 1573 October 6. Complaint by Mr. John Fortescue against Lord Grey and his men, for hunting within his manor of Salden, and of the uncivil language of Lord Grey to him in the Chamber of Presence.
  • TNA SP12/92, 35. 1573 October 6. Examination of Mr. Fortescue's men relative to the late affray between them and Lord Grey's men, for hunting within their master's manor of Salden.
  • TNA SP12/92, 36. 1573 October 6. Lord Grey's declaration to the Privy Council, relative to the dispute between him and Mr. Fortescue, respecting the right of hunting within the manor of Salden, adjoining Whaddon Chase.
  • TNA SP12/92, 37. 1573 October 7. Mayor, &c., of Southampton, to the Council. Relative to the return of Musters for that town. Inclosing,
  • TNA SP12/92, 37. i. 1573 October Certificate of Musters of able men and armour for the town and county of the town of Southampton.
  • TNA SP12/92, 38. 1573 October 10. Mayor, &c., of Exeter, to same. Specify the result of Musters for the county of the City of Exeter.
  • TNA SP12/92, 39. 1573 October 14. Extract of an Exchequer record relating to the manors of Clerkenwell, Newington Barrowe, Friern Barnet, and Hackney, formerly belonging to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.
  • TNA SP12/92, 40. 1573 October 21. Commission for restraint of transportation of corn and grain, and for bringing it into public market.
  • TNA SP12/92, 41. 1573 October 21. Copy of the above; with the names of the Commissioners in certain counties for that purpose.
  • TNA SP12/92, 42. 1573 October 27. Rafe Lane to Lord Burghley. Sends a letter of Capt. Byngham, but which had been misdirected to him. Begs Burghley to excuse the poor man's errors, and obtain a pension for him.
  • TNA SP12/92, 43. 1573 October 28. Henry Earl of Huntingdon to Sec. Sir Tho. Smith. Notifies to him the sending of the Musters for the County of York. Respecting question as to the best mode of keeping the arms and armour of the county. Incloses,
  • TNA SP12/92, 43. i. 1573. Certificate of the General Musters of able men and their furniture for the County of York.
  • TNA SP12/92, 44. 1573 October 30. Lionell Duckett, Alderman, to Burghley. Sends two letters received from Sweden. Suggests that a quick letter from the Queen to the King of Sweden, and a kind one to the Archduke Charles, would be of service in restoring the money and the liberation of old John Dymock.
  • TNA SP12/92, 45. 1573 October. Petition of Acerbo Velutelli to the Council. Complains of the non-payment of certain insurances he effected on two ships which had been captured by the inhabitants of Flushing.
  • TNA SP12/92, 46. 1573 October. Reasons why the English merchants trading with France do not desire to have any staple towns.

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