1573 November

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November 1573

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 92 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F92/

  • TNA SP12/92, 47. 1573 Nov. 2. Commissioners of Musters for the County of Chester to the Council. Certify their doings in taking the General Musters of all the men, horses, armour, &c. Provision for the defence of the shire. Incloses TNA SP12/92, 47. i.
  • TNA SP12/92, 47. i. 1573 November. Certificate of the number of common soldiers without armour in the County of Chester, amounting to 2,063 able men
  • TNA SP12/92, 48. 1573 Nov. 3. Note relative to a lease of the manor of Down Court, in Kent, belonging to St. John's College, Cambridge, demised to one Dr. Woodward.
  • TNA SP12/92, 49. 1573 Nov. 14. Sir Thomas Gresham to his servant Tho. Celye. Instructions for the direction of his private business and household affairs.
  • TNA SP12/92, 50. 1573 Nov. 17. James Whytney, and others, to the Council. Have taken the General Musters of the County of Hereford, of which they send a "Summarie Booke." The county can hardly bear the charge for training soldiers. Incloses TNA SP12/92, 50. i.
  • TNA SP12/92, 50. i. 1573 November. "A Summarie Booke" of the General Musters for the County of Hereford, taken by virtue of Her Majesty's commission, dated 14 March, Anno Reg. 15.
  • TNA SP12/92, 51. 1573 Nov. 17. Gregory Prise, Mayor, and others, to the Council. Make a return of Musters for the City of Hereford. Incloses TNA SP12/92, 51. i.
  • TNA SP12/92, 51. i. 1573 November. Certificate of the Musters for the City of Hereford.
  • TNA SP12/92, 52. 1573 November? Petition of Roger Townesend and Wm. Dyx to the Council. That the possessions and revenues of the Earl of Arundel might be conveyed to Wm. Dyx, for payment of the debts and legacies of the late Duke, and the debts of the Earl and his brethren.
  • TNA SP12/92, 53. 1573 November? General return of Musters for all the counties in Wales, stating the number of able men, trained and selected, armour and munitions, &c.

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