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May 1573

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 91 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F91/

  • TNA SP12/91, 21. 1573 May 3. Lord North, and others, to the Council. Report on the Musters for the County of Cambridge, excepting the Isle of Ely. Incloses TNA SP12/91, 21. i.
  • TNA SP12/91, 21. i. 1573 May. Certificate of all the able men within the County of Cambridge.
  • TNA SP12/91, 22. 1573 May 4. Philip Howard Earl of Surrey to Lord Burghley. Thanks him for his kindness to him and his family since his father's death.
  • TNA SP12/91, 23. 1573 May 5. Justices of the Peace of Cornwall to the Council. Proceedings in taking the Musters for the county. Will make a return of horses and geldings. Incloses TNA SP12/91, 23. i.
  • TNA SP12/91, 23. i. 1573 May. Certificate of all the able men within the County of Cornwall, with the names of their Captains.
  • TNA SP12/91, 24. 1573 May 6. Lord North, the Bishop of Ely, and others, to the Council. Return of Musters taken within the Isle of Ely. Incloses TNA SP12/91, 24. i.
  • TNA SP12/91, 24. i. 1573 May. Certificate of all the able men within the Isle of Ely.
  • TNA SP12/91, 25. 1573 May 7. Dr. Lewes to Burghley. His opinion on the papers respecting the Luccans' money; being a copy of his former letter of 11 April, which could not then be found.
  • TNA SP12/91, 26. 1573 May 8. Sir Gawen Carewe, and others, to the Council. Particulars of the Musters in Devon, where there were found to be 10,000 able men, of which 1,000 might be selected for training; but, on account of the falling off of their trade, they were not able to defray the expense of it.
  • TNA SP12/91, 27. 1573 May 10. Sir Tho. Russell, and others, to the Council. Musters of the county. The Bailiffs of Worcester refuse to permit them to take the muster of men within the City; for which they recommend the issuing of a special Commission.
  • TNA SP12/91, 28. 1573 May 12. John Cobham, and others, to the Council. Certificate of Musters taken within the Hundreds of Milton, Teneham, Feversham, and Boughton, in the Lathe of Scray, co. Kent.
  • TNA SP12/91, 29. 1573 May 12. Certificate by T. Wotton and others, for the Hundreds of Ayhorne and Maidstone, in the Lathe of Aylesford, co. Kent. Request to know the number of men to be trained.
  • TNA SP12/91, 30. 1573 May 19. Earl of Shrewsbury, Sir John Zowche, and others, to the Council. Proceedings in taking the Musters in Derbyshire, there being found 4,000 able men within the county; the training of 500 of which will be as much as the county can bear.
  • TNA SP12/91, 31. 1573 May 24. Anthony Viscount Mountague to Burghley. Price of grain and the amount exported within the County of Sussex. Complains of the officers of the Customs. Much grain has been exported from Chichester. Has caused a large quantity to be sold.
  • TNA SP12/91, 32. 1573 May 25. Certificate by Sir Thomas Gresham, and Dr. Lewes, of the procurations from certain persons, for various sums of money underwritten to Mr. Benedict Spinola.
  • TNA SP12/91, 33. 1573 May 26. Petition of Henry Osmonde to Burghley. Requests him to give order for the payment of 57l. lent by him to Mr. Henry Howard.
  • TNA SP12/91, 34. 1573 May 28. Certificate of able men, armour, and arms mustered by the Commissioners for the Seven Hundreds, and the Hundred of Little Barnfield, co. Kent.
  • TNA SP12/91, 35. 1573 May 31. An Order concerning certain articles objected against Dr. Kelke, Master of Mag. Coll., Cambridge, and by certain of the Fellows of the said College.
  • TNA SP12/91, 36. 1573 May 31. William Fawnt and John Wotton to Lord Burghley. Have been assaulted between Gravesend and Rochester, and fired on by three of the Earl of Oxford's men, who escaped towards London. Desire some redress.
  • TNA SP12/91, 37. 1573 May. Names of the Lathes, Hundreds, and Towns in the County of Kent.
  • TNA SP12/91, 38. 1573 May ? Note of the lands demised by Her Majesty to the Countess of Northumberland, in the County of Pembroke.

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