1573 August

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August 1573

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 92 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F92/

  • TNA SP12/92, 17. 1573 August 3. Francis Walsyngham to Lord Burghley. Sends a letter from an Italian relating to the doings of the Prince of Orange; and copy of advertisements lately received by M. de Plessis out of Germany. Attempt on the life of the Prince of Orange.
  • TNA SP12/92, 18. 1573 August 4. Sir Arthur Champernowne to same. Gives his opinion that much might be gained by taking advantage of the present state of France.
  • TNA SP12/92, 19. 1573 August 8. John Southcot to same. Has taken care to examine the title deeds, and to do all things requisite for the secure purchase of lands in Lincoln, for Burghley, from the Earl of Pembroke.
  • TNA SP12/92, 20. 1573 August 10. "Lyddes" [Chr. Hatton] to [symbols] [Queen Elizabeth]. His love and faith are infinitely enlarged. The letter by Mr. Henneage warms his heart's blood with joys above joys. Thanks her for her royal gifts, and on the knees of his heart commends his faithful love to her.
  • TNA SP12/92, 21. 1573 August 24. Sir Tho. Lucy, Sir Fowlke Grevyle, and others, to the Council. Excuse their long delay in forwarding the Musters. Incloses TNA SP12/92, 21. i.
  • TNA SP12/92, 21. i. 1573 August. Certificates of General Musters of all able men, horses, &c., within the County of Warwick and the City of Coventry.
  • TNA SP12/92, 22. 1573 August 28. Mayor, &c. of Bristol, to the Council. Have executed the Commission for Musters, according to their duties.
  • TNA SP12/92, 23. 1573 August. Certificate of the Musters for the Lathe of Shepway, and certain Hundreds in the Lathe of Scray, Kent. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/92, 24. 1573 August. Appeal of Stephen Cardinall, Laurence Wasshington, and many others, fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge, to Lord Burghley, relative to the election of a Master of their College. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/92, 25. 1573 August. Answers to certain articles of Mr. Lane's suit for the forfeitures of bonds, commonly called port bonds, taken for transporting goods to or from port to port within the realm.

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