1573 April

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April 1573

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 91 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F91/

  • TNA SP12/91, 16. 1573 April 11. Dr. Lewes to Lord Burghley. Has carefully considered the papers sent to him respecting the money covenanted by the Queen to be paid to the Luccans. His opinion thereon.
  • TNA SP12/91, 17. 1573 April 28. Sir Chr. Heydon and Sir William Buttes to Lord Burghley. The City of Norwich request a separate commission for the return of Musters within their Liberties.
  • TNA SP12/91, 18. 1573 April 30. Lord North to Lord Burghley. Sends all the information he could obtain of one Booth, formerly servant to the Earl of Oxford. Conversation between Booth and Mr. Bird of Bennet College. He is also known to one Thimbleby.
  • TNA SP12/91, 19. 1573 April. Lady Mary Sydney to Lord Burghley. Thanks him for his kindness in her suits, for which she was much indebted to her friend Lady Hoby. Excuses herself on account of her ill health, and begs him not to be offended at her boldness.
  • TNA SP12/91, 20. 1573 April. Articles of complaint exhibited to the Privy Council, by Wm. Noble, of Oxford, against certain rude and unruly persons of the University. Particulars of many riots and misdemeanors and unlawful assemblies.

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