1572 September

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September 1572

Images of TNA SP 12 volume 89 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F89/

  • TNA SP12/89, 4. 1572 September 1. Thomas White and others of St. Mary's College, Winchester, to Lord Burghley. Refers to his decision the application of Humfrey Wickam, for admission of his son into that college, as of founder's kin. Controversy between Sir Ric. Fynes and the said Humfrey Wickam.
  • TNA SP12/89, 5 1572 September 1. Reasons and proofs alledged by Humfrey Wickam before the apposers and electioners in the College of Winton, to confirm his alliance to William Wickham, founder of the said College.
  • TNA SP12/89, 6 1572 September 4. Christopher Gregory's oration in Magdalen College, Oxford, on the arrival of the Earl of Leicester, Chancellor of the University, and Lord Treasurer Burghley. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/89, 7. 1572 September 4. Geo. Lord Audley to Burghley. Compliments him on his great abilities, and returns him thanks for his former kindness. Congratulatory verses on his visit to Oxford. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/89, 8. 1572 September 13. Estimate of the charges of the ships appointed to ride off Sheerness for protection of the ships in Gillingham Water.
  • TNA SP12/89, 9. 1572 September 16. Proclamation for restraint of transportation of grain beyond the seas.
  • TNA SP12/89, 10. 1572 September 16. Memorial of inquisitions and order committed to Sir Peter Carewe, Sir Thomas Wroth, Mr. Hen. Knolles, and the Recorder of London, for things to be done in the Tower of London.
  • TNA SP12/89, 11. September 16. Copy of TNA SP12/89, 10.
  • TNA SP12/89, 12. September 25. Certificate of the General Musters of able men, armour, and weapons within the Liberty of Havering atte Bower, co. Essex, returned by order of Council.
  • TNA SP12/89, 13. September 25? Certificate of the General Musters certificate for the Hundred of Hinckford, Essex.
  • TNA SP12/89, 14. 1572 September 29. Declaration by Chidiock Wardour to Lord Treasurer Burghley of the receipts in the Exchequer for one year ending Michaelmas, 14° Eliz., amounting to the sum of 284, 806l. 9s. 7d. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/89, 15. 1572 September. Memorandum in Burghley's hand of things requisite to be done for putting the coasts and realm of England in readiness against any invasion.
  • TNA SP12/89, 16. 1572 September 29. Note of English rebels and papists in the Low Countries, and in what places they remained on they remained on the 29th of September.
  • TNA SP12/89, 17. 1572 September. Certificate of able men, armour, weapons, and furniture for the wars, in various Hundreds in the Lathe of Aylesford in the County of Kent.
  • TNA SP12/89, 18. 1572 September. Certificate of Musters of able men, armour, and weapons in the seven Hundreds of Cranbrook, Barkley, Blackburn, Marden, Selbrickenden, Rolvenden, and Great Barnfield, co. Kent.
  • TNA SP12/89, 19. 1572 September. Certificate by the Justices of Peace of the Musters of able men, armour, and weapon, within the Lower Division of the Lathe of Sutton at Hone, co. Kent.
  • TNA SP12/89, 20. 1572 September, Similar certificate for the Upper Division of the same Lathe.

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