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June 1572

Images of TNA SP 12 volume 88 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F88/

  • TNA SP12/88, 1. 1572 June 1. Archbishop Parker to Lord Burghley. Returns the discourse of Cambridge, and thinks their demands have a captious spirit.
  • TNA SP12/88, 2. 1572 June 1. Harie Skypwith to Burghley. Resigned state of the Duke of Norfolk's mind. The Dean of St. Paul's attended him last night, and the Lieutenant of the Tower has warned him to prepare for death on Monday.
  • TNA SP12/88, 3. 1572 June 2. Sir Owyn Hopton to the Earl of Leicester and Lord Burghley. Desires directions as to the burial of the Duke, "whose dead corse remayneth in the churche here unburyed."
  • TNA SP12/88, 4. 1572 June 2. Dr. Christopher Langton to Burghley. Compliments him. His pension from Lord Monteagle. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/88, 5. 1572 88 June 2. Archbishop Grindall to Lord Burghley. Has, with other Bishops, been with the Queen to move her that the Bill for coming to Divine Service might, by her assent, be propounded.
  • TNA SP12/88, 6. 1572 June 3. Dr. Whitgyfte and others, Heads of Houses of Cambridge, to Lord Burghley. Requests that those who object to the Statutes given by Her Majesty to the University may be severely punished.
  • TNA SP12/88, 7 1572. June 4. Ralph Lane to Lord Burghley. Proposes a plan for keeping soldiers in readiness for an expedition to the East.
  • TNA SP12/88, 8 1572. June 4. The Proctors, and others, of Cambridge, to Lord Burghley. Return thanks to him for his care and attention to their affairs. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/88, 9. 1572 June 5. Dr. Whitgyfte, Master of Trinity, to Lord Burghley. In commendation of the Statutes given by Elizabeth to the University of Cambridge. Requests that he will not make any alterations in them; they have not been objected to by the Heads of Colleges. Incloses TNA SP12/88, 9. i.
  • TNA SP12/88, 9. i. 1572 ff. June 3. The Vice Chancellor and Heads of Houses to Whitgyfte, expressive of their approbation of the recent Statutes. 3 1573.
  • TNA SP12/88, 10 1572 June 5. Dr. William Maister, Chancellor of Norwich, to Lord Burghley. Requests the Queen's permission that he may be allowed to enjoy the living of some rectory or prebend for three or four years. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/88, 11 1572 June 6. Edmond Mathew to Lord Burghley. Requests to be authorized to put in force the Act 5 Eliz. cap. 4 & 5, for Regulation of Artificers, &c. Incloses TNA SP12/88, 11. i.
  • TNA SP12/88, 11. i. 1572 June The effect of certain branches of the Statute for Artificers and Labourers; and suit for a grant to Ric. Carmarden and Edm. Mathew to carry the same into effect.
  • TNA SP12/88, 12. 1572 June 10. John Becon, Arthur Purefay, Proctors, and others, of the University, to Lord Burghley. Proposing a stay of the ordinary Election of Readers for the next year.
  • TNA SP12/88, 13. 1572 June 10. Dr. Whitgyfte, and some of the Heads of Houses at Cambridge, to Lord Burghley. Complaining of the conduct of the Proctors.
  • TNA SP12/88, 14. 1572 June 11?. An 'Act to provide remedy against fraudulent means used to defeat Wardships, Liveries, and Premier Seizins.
  • TNA SP12/88, 15. 1572 June 11. Copy of TNA SP12/88, 14.
  • TNA SP12/88, 16. 1572 June 11. The effect of the bill in Parliament for the Court of Wards touching Leases and Commissions. Leases above 99 years to be void against Her Majesty. Objections against the bill.
  • TNA SP12/88, 17 1572. June 12. Lawrence Johnson to Burghley. Requests payment of money due to him, and that he may be continued in the service of the Mint.
  • TNA SP12/88, 18. 1572 June 16. Philip Howard Earl of Surrey to Lord Burghley. Laments the death of his father (Duke of Norfolk). Requests Burghley will take him and the rest of the unfortunate Duke's family under his protection; and that he will solicit the Queen in their favour. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/88, 19. 1572 June 16. Geo. Lawghton (preceptor of the late Duke of Norfolk's children,) to Lord Burghley. Informs him of the progress the children have made under his care. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/88, 20. 1572 June 17. Description of the ceremony of the installation of Francis Duke of Montmorency, Walter Earl of Essex, William Lord Burghley, Arthur Lord Grey of Wilton, and Edmund Lord Chandos, as Knights of the Garter, at Windsor, June 17, with copy of the bill of expenses for hatchments and rewards. By Wm. Penson, Lancaster Herald.
  • TNA SP12/88, 21. 1572 June 21. Thomas Lever to Burghley. Evils attendant on the present management of leases of impropriate benefices and hospitals. Proposed remedies for the same.
  • TNA SP12/88, 22. 1572 June 20?. Tract intituled, "Ipswich out of England, or Antwerp in "England;" being an argument addressed to the Council, by John Johnson and Christopher Goodwyn proposing the establishment of a Mart Town in England, viz., Ipswich, in the County of Suffolk, and so to draw the whole trade there from Antwerp.
  • TNA SP12/88, 23. 1572 June 21. John Johnson to Lord Burghley. Mr. Marshe has not answered the device for the establishment of a Mart Town in England. Suggests the incorporation of a new Company of Merchants to enjoy such rights as are possessed by the Merchants Adventurers.
  • TNA SP12/88, 24. 1572 June 23. The Wardens and Company of Dyers of London to Lord Burghley. Observations on Mr. Hastings' plan for the dyeing of all cloths and manufactures in England, with curious particulars of the art and mystery of dyeing.London.
  • TNA SP12/88, 25. 1572 June 24. Schedule of Bills in various stages of progress in both Houses of Parliament.
  • TNA SP12/88, 26. 1572 June 25. Schedules of Acts passed the Lower House and still remaining in the Upper House, and of Acts remaining in the Lower House.
  • TNA SP12/88, 27. 1572 June. Schedule of Acts passed in both Houses to the 25th of June.
  • TNA SP12/88, 28. 1572 June 25. John Becon (signed Beacon), Proctor of Cambridge, to Burghley. In answer to his letters as to Lord North's son, and as to the stay of the election of Lecturers. Explains the usual course as to the latter.
  • TNA SP12/88, 29. 1572 June 26. Robert Hogan to the Earl of Leicester. Is ready to perform any service that may be in his power. Treasonable dealings in Spain of Maurice, Archbishop of Cashel, now prisoner in Scotland. Spanish league with Denmark and Sweden. Solicits a lease of part of Sir Francis Englefyld's lands.
  • TNA SP12/88, 30. 1572 88, June 28. John Becon, Proctor, to Burghley. Desires his favourable acceptance of his communications about the Elections. Lord North's son has been made Senior Master of Arts. Lat.
  • TNA SP12/88, 31. 1572 June 29. Bill for Assurance of Lands, &c., to certain hospitals in London.
  • TNA SP12/88, 32. 1572 June. Minutes of information in the Court of King's Bench against Mr. Birde.
  • TNA SP12/88, 33. 1572 June. Note of parcels of Customs contained in the information in the King's Bench, supposed to be concealed by Wm. Birde.
  • TNA SP12/88, 34. 1572 June. Articles for an Act in Parliament, touching Impropriations, and for saving the Right of Patrons to Presentations.
  • TNA SP12/88, 35. 1572 June. Act for revival of the Statute of 2 Ric. II., prohibiting retailing of linen cloth, &c., by strangers in London, or other cities and towns corporate.
  • TNA SP12/88, 36. 1572 June?. An Act prohibiting strangers born to sell by way of retail foreign wares brought into the realm.
  • TNA SP12/88, 37. 1572 June?. Proviso to be added to the "Act relating to the Succession of "the Crown."
  • TNA SP12/88, 38. 1572 June?. John Johnson and Chr. Goodwyn to Sir Tho. Smith, Secretary of State. In support of their device for erecting Ipswich into a Mart Town, which will be found necessary, profitable, and good for the whole state of the realm.
  • TNA SP12/88, 39. 1572 June?. Observations by John Johnson, in reply to the doubts raised that the erection of a Mart Town would be the cause of rebellion in England.
  • TNA SP12/88, 40. 1572 88, June?. Rasons offered by Johnson to prove the commodity of erecting the Mart Town at Ipswich, which would not interfere with, but rather increase, the prosperity of London.
  • TNA SP12/88, 41. 1572 June?. A discourse by John Johnson, touching losses sustained by English Merchants, of the contention with Strangers for privileges and liberties, and how both may be remedied; viz., by the establishment of Mart Towns in England.
  • TNA SP12/88, 42. 1572 Jun ?. Statement by the Merchants Adventurers of the advantages to England of adhering to the ancient Mart Towns abroad, and the danger that would result in straggling from them.
  • TNA SP12/88, 43. 1572 June?. Description of necessary Magistrates to be appointed for the Mart Town to be established at Ipswich, for the government of the same; of which John Johnson solicits certain offices to be granted to himself.
  • TNA SP12/88, 44. 1572 June?. Order for regulation of the merchants that shall trade to the Mart Town to be kept in England.
  • TNA SP12/88, 1572 June. Statement of advantages to be obtained by the establishment of a Mart Town in England. [In the handwriting of Lawrence Tomson.]
  • TNA SP12/88, 46. 1572 June?. "A peece of a discourse for the establishing of a Mart in "England." [In L. Tomson's hand. A fragment, giving a historical description of the Mart Towns in Flanders, and the benefit to arise by the establishment of the same in England.]
  • TNA SP12/88, 47. 1572 June?. Statement of Mr. Hoddosdon's reasons against Johnson's device for the erecting of a Mart in England; and suggesting that, if so erected, London would be preferable to Ipswich.
  • TNA SP12/88, 48. 1572 June?. Proposition by John Johnson, for the appointment of an officer to prevent the exportation of all commodities prohibited by law.
  • TNA SP12/88, 49. 1572 June?. Another proposition by John Johnson, for the appointment of an officer to inspect and survey all goods exported by licence.

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