1572 December

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December 1572

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 90 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F90/

  • TNA SP 12/90, 8. ff.36 1572 Dec 2. Walter Earl of Essex to Burghley. Exceptions to some appointed to be Sheriffs in Wales. Hopes a good Sheriff will be appointed for Carmarthen. Condemns Sir Henry Jones and David Phillips, and recommends Roderick Gwyn and Tho. Williams.
  • TNA SP 12/90, 9. ff.38 1572 Dec 2. Directions to discontinue the watching of the beacons until further notice.
  • TNA SP 12/90, 10. ff.42 1572 Dec 8. Abstract of charges against the Earl of Arundel, from examinations taken during the trial of the Duke of Norfolk. Arundel set at liberty.
  • TNA SP 12/90, 11. ff.44 1572 Dec 11. Earl of Leicester to Burghley. The Queen is sorry for the mischance of Mons. le Duke, and desires him to delay the passage of M. Mauvissiere as long as possible. God grant the safe delivery of the poor gentleman.
  • TNA SP 12/90, 12. ff.46 1572 Dec 11. T. Digges to same. Has waded as far as ancient grounds of astrology would bear him to sift out the unknown influence of this new star or comet. Sends notes of his observations and predictions.
  • TNA SP 12/90, 13. ff.48 1572 Dec 13. Agreement between Lord Burghley and Thomas Smith for licence to export 4,000 tons of beer.
  • TNA SP 12/90, 14. f.50 1572 Dec 21. Short abstract of certain of Sir John Perrot's debts.
  • TNA SP 12/90, 15. ff.51 1572 Dec 22. Wm. Fairfax, Sheriff of Yorkshire, and others, to Lord Burghley and Sir Walter Mildmay. Repairs requisite to be done in Her Majesty's castle of Sheriffhutton, with an estimate of the expenses.
  • TNA SP 12/90, 16. ff.53 1572 Dec. Order of the ceremonies at the funeral of Edward Earl of Derby; and detail of the order and ceremonies to be observed at the funeral of a Countess.

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