1572/3 March

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March 1572/3

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 91 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/SP12%5F91/

  • TNA SP12/91, 11. 1572/3 March 4. Harry Lord Morley to Lord Burghley from Bruges. Requests that by his lordship's kindness he may obtain the Queen's favour. Thanks for kindness shown to his wife and son during his exile.
  • TNA SP12/91, 12. 1572/3 March 12. Bond of Sir Peter Carew, for the return or payment of ammunition received by him for the defence of certain port towns in Devon and Cornwall.
  • TNA SP12/91, 13. 1573 March 27. Bond of Sir Peter Carew, for return or payment of ammunition and other things requisite for furnishing of Her Majesty's ship the Primrose, with schedule of materials consumed and spent in the voyage to Rochelle.
  • TNA SP12/91, 14. 1572/3 March? Notes relative to the Earl of Essex's debt to the Queen, and his proposal for settlement of the same.
  • TNA SP12/91, 15. 1572/3 March? Declaration of the money remaining in the hands of Humfrey Michell, Clerk of the Honor and Castle of Windsor, of the sums expended by him in the late repairs; and of repairs still remaining to be done.

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