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Pre-Health Professions Fair

27 Feb 11AM until 3PM in the Houston Room in the Student Center

Come and speak with representatives from Medical, Dental, Nursing, Caribbean, graduate and other professional programs. 


The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) consists of 15 University of Houston faculty and staff from across the campus, representing virtually every UH college.

Going through review by HPAC is required of all premedical and predental students at the University of Houston.  HPAC evaluates academic and biographical records of students to give collective, professional recommendations of UH students.

Students make this request in writing, using a form that is available from the pre-health advisor. When a student has completed items 1 though 9 (see below) then submit a complete packet of items 1 though 9 in the Pre-Health Professions Advising Office located in room N140 of Cougar Village II.

The HPAC issues its consensus recommendation in a letter that becomes part of the student's pre-med/pre-dent file. At the student's request, this letter is forwarded along with the student's letters of recommendation to the professional schools designated by the applicant. Copies of the HPAC letter will not be made available to the applicant. Again, HPAC review is mandatory for all UH premedical and predental students. 

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The HPAC Review

The HPAC review is based primarily on the student's personal statement, transcripts, grade point average, resume,’ and letters of evaluation. Although, members may consider MCAT or DAT scores when they are available, these scores are not a major factor in the overall recommendation decision.

2017 HPAC Deadlines and Review Dates

Completed files will be accepted starting on 20 February 2017  through 31 March 2017!

Note that packets must be complete in order to be reviewed by the HPAC committee.

Review dates for completed packets:

HPAC meets every other Thursday beginning 9 March 2017. Completed packets will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting on this date.

*Student forms and documents for review are to be submitted in person during business hours. Forms submitted via email may not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made.*

Walk-in Advising Hours:

Walk-in Advising Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 9:00 - 12:00 pm and 1:30 - 4:00 pm.

*Walk-in Advising Hours falling on a review date are subject to change.

NOTE: The HPAC does not meet with applicants in person. In unusual situations the Committee may request an interview.

After a review of a student’s folder, each member of HPAC awards a score (5-1) and the average is calculated to determine the level of recommendation: Highest Recommendation (5); Highly Recommend (4); Recommend (3); Recommend with Reservations (2); and Unable to Recommend (1).

The HPAC cover letter specifies the level of recommendation for the particular applicant and also contains details of the review and evaluation process.  (If not satisfied with the outcome of the review, applicants may request that the HPAC cover letter not be sent to the professional schools if they wish.)

Please refer to TMDSAS guidelines at 

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Important Note for Re-applicants:

It is not uncommon for a student to apply to medical or dental school one year, not be admitted, and then reapply in a subsequent year. Students who reapply to medical/dental school after an initial review by HPAC must be reviewed again by HPAC. The cover letter from the original review will not be forwarded again; a new letter with the current date must be generated and this will only happen if the student asks to be re-reviewed. HPAC will evaluate re-applicant files but they must meet the new criteria for this year. The re-applicant must update the file and include at least three current (or updated) letters of evaluation in order to be reviewed again.

In addition to all the required materials to complete the file, a re-applicants must submit a letter explain why or at least a suspected reason why he or she is reapplying.

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Requirements for Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) Review

PLEASE NOTE: Requirements for HPAC Review have changed.

Please review requirements, review processes, and contents carefully.
For any questions, please contact your Pre-Health Advisors at

  1. Applicants must complete required coursework:
    • Completion of freshman year science-major biology, chemistry and physics
    • Completion of Organic Chemistry I and at least current enrollment in Organic Chemistry II (the HPAC will ask for "in-progress" grade reports if currently enrolled)
    • Completion of at least 3 hours of biology coursework above the freshman level
  2. Applicants' files must be complete before they are eligible for HPAC review.  (See items 1 through 11 below)
  3. Applicants must have a minimum overall and BCPM GPA of 3.0. Students failing to meet these minimum GPA requirements will not be reviewed by the committee. 
  4. Re-applicants (students who were reviewed by HPAC in a prior year) must go through the review process again using the new criteria for this year. Students must submit at least 3 updated letters of recommendation as part of the process and a letter explaining the reason for reapplying.

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Contents of the Personal File

PLEASE NOTE: Requirements for the Personal File have changed.

Please review requirements, review processes, and contents carefully.

All materials students must prepare must be complete before a file will be accepted for review.

Incomplete files will not be accepted.
For any questions, please contact your Pre-Health Advisor at

Materials submitted are for committee review/HPAC file. These materials are not sent to your application by the committee. After the review is completed, the health professions advisor can forward only letters of recommendation per student request using the LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION REQUEST FOR MAILING FORM


ITEMS SUBMITED BY STUDENTS TO THE PRE-HEALTH PROFESSIONS OFFICE (1 through 9).  When complete, take your documents to room N140 Cougar Village II.  All items 1 though 9 must be submitted together to open a file.

  1. Signed request to open a file:  With this form from your pre-health advisor, you waive your right to view the contents of your file and authorize the Pre-health Professions Office to bill you the health careers fee.
  2. CompletedPERSONAL INFORMATION SHEET. All information on this sheet must be current and updated as needed.  Email your Pre-health Professions Staff Adviser with updated information at sdpricer@UH.EDU.
  4. SignedAUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF INFORMATION form. This form is signed in the Pre-Health Professions Office when you open your file.
  5. A recent wallet-size photograph of you: (for ID verification purposes). This photo is part of your file and should reflect a professional demeanor, be in black and white, and have a neutral background. Students should wear professional attire and be well groomed.  Students should smile or at least have a pleasant appearance.
  6. Personal statement: Written by you. The purpose of the personal statement is to explain your motivation for wanting to become a physician or dentist and to highlight the special strengths and potential you would bring to the profession. The documents should be single spaced, times new roman, 12 point, and up to 1.5 pages in length.

    This is a key element of your HPAC review.

    Students must take the following steps with regards to development of their personal statement to be reviewed by the committee:

    To ensure that your essays address the Medical/Dental application prompt, there are two Writing Center events you will need to attend and show documented attendance for: Attendance Form

    1. Approaches to Writing a Personal Statement (pick a date)
      Feb 14, 5:30 – 7 pm, SEC 100
      Feb 15, 5:30 – 7 pm, AA AUD 2
      Must RSVP here:

      HPAC Personal Statement Presentation

      Personal Statement Rubric

      Personal Statement Brainstorming Worksheet

    2. Personal Statement Workshops (pick a date)
      March 6, 5:30 - 7 pm, CBB 238 (Classroom and Business Building)
      March 7, 5:30 - 7 pm, CBB 238 (Classroom and Business Building)
      March 8, 5:30 - 7 pm, CBB 238 (Classroom and Business Building)

      Must RSVP here:

    All student essays will be reviewed by the committee as part of your review packet. We will only be commenting on essays IF they need significant revision. If a particular applicant demonstrates a need for a personal Writing Consultations, then those consultations will be assigned during the review period (March – June). Applicants are always welcome to consult with the Writing Center on an ad hoc basis. Be sure to set up a consultation through the Writing Center scheduler. Instructions for how to do so are included here: Writing Center Services for HPAC Students SP17

  7. Resume: highlighting your educational achievements, volunteer and leadership experience, outline of extracurricular activities and employment history. Students should not include anything that predates their college career unless it relates significantly to the health field. The REQUIRED HPAC RESUME TEMPLATE is this form
  8. Grade point average (GPA) chart:GRADE POINT AVERAGE CHART must be typed (not complete in handwriting). For instructions for this chart go to:
  9. External Activity Verification Form: The EXTERNAL ACTIVITY VERIFICATION FORM verifies involvement in extracurricular activities such as clubs/organizations, shadowing, and volunteer experiences. Students must have this document completed for each organization or activity they participate in. Please note that active members of Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) may use the verification form from that organization in lieu of the External Activity Verification form. If the organization that a student has participated in has a similar form such as a Certification or Letter of Acceptance then these forms may also be used in lieu of the External Activity Verification form. Each organization typically has its own form.

    ITEMS TO BE SUBMITED DIRECTLY TO THE PRE-HEALTH PROFESSIONS ADVISING OFFICE.  Address information varies with form of delivery:

    If at the University of Houston, interoffice mail code is: Pre-health professions advising 3023

    If using U.S. postal or other delivery service: Pre-health professions advising, University of Houston, 4373 Cougar Village Drive, Room N140, Houston, TX 77204-3023.

    If by a scanned document: sdpricer@UH.EDU

  10. Three to five letters of recommendation along with the letter of RECOMMENDATION EVALUATION FORM. All letters must be on professional letterhead. Three letters must be from full-time University of Houston faculty, including two Math/Science Professors. (Letters from Optometry, Pharmacy, and Engineering are acceptable.) The faculty members should be non-tenure track/instructional or tenure track faculty at assistant professor rank or higher; clinical track/adjunct or research faculty at the associate rank or higher. Students in a graduate program are required to include a letter from their graduate advisor. It is strongly recommended that students applying to medical school get a letter from a physician and is required that students applying to dental school get a letter from a Dentist. Letters from professors at other universities, job supervisors, volunteer coordinators, or other professional sources are appropriate. Tips For Reference Letters

    Note that students waive the right to view these evaluations and the HPAC letters. The letters in your file will not be released to you and will only be forwarded (at your request) to verifiable medical or dental school admissions officers. This is standard practice and is done to protect the privacy and viability of your file.

  11. A complete set of official transcripts: Include individual transcripts from each college/university you have attended, including the University of Houston. This copy is for committee review. In addition, students will provide official transcripts directly with their professional school applications. 

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