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Workshop List

Location: N112 Cougar Village I (building 563)

Length: 50 minutes. Please be on time. No admittance after 5 minutes past the hour.

Register: Workshop Signup

Online registration is necessary to obtain a spot. Problems registering? Call Laura Heidel 713-743-5439.

LAUNCH also offers individual academic counseling. Call 713-743-5411 to schedule an appointment.  LAUNCH stands for Learning Advancements for Undergraduate Cougars of Houston.

Fall 2017 Workshops

Week Topic Time 1 Time 2
1 Strategies for a Great Semester Tu 8/22@4pm     Th 8/24@11am
2 Time Management Mo 8/28@1pm     Th 8/31@2pm
3 College Level Reading Tu 9/5@11am     Fr 9/7@1pm
4 Note Taking We 9/13@1pm Fr 9/15@10am
5 Improving Concentration Mo 9/18@4pm     Th 9/21@2pm
6 Reading in STEM classes Mo 9/25@11am Th 9/28@1pm
7 Motivation Tu 10/3@2pm Th 10/5@11am
8 Test Preparation Mo 10/9@1pm Fr 10/13@11am
9 Test Anxiety Reduction We 10/18@1pm Th 10/19@2pm
10 Writing Better Research Papers Tu 10/24@3pm  We 10/25@1pm
11 Overcoming Procrastination Mo 10/30@4pm Fr 11/3@10am
12 Goal Setting: Forming Habits Tu 11/7@3pm Th 11/9@11am
13 Learning Beyond Memorization Mo 11/13@3pm  Th 11/16@2pm
14 Time Management Mo 11/20@4pm Tu 11/21@11am
15 Coping with Final Exams Tu 11/28@3pm  Fr 12/1@11am

**Workshops will be added when necessary throughout the semester. Please visit the "Workshops Signup" link on the LAUNCH website for the most up to date information.

***Verification forms will be signed for the above workshops

Specialty Workshops

These workshops meet weekly. Please plan to come to most/all sessions for greatest benefit.

Attention Deficit Disorder Workshop Series

Do you have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD)? Then this workshop series is for you.

Learn new skills to help with concentration and time management, and get tips from other students in a fun, supportive atmosphere.

To register or ask questions contact Laura Heidel, Ph.D. at 713-743-5439 or

ADHD: Time management Part 1 Tues., 9/5 @ 4 pm Rm. N112, CV1
ADHD: Time management Part 2 Tues., 9/12 @ 4 pm Rm N112
ADHD: Concentration Part 1 Tues., 9/19 @ 4 pm Rm N112
ADHD: Concentration Part 2 Tues., 9/26 @ 4 pm Rm N112
ADHD: Study Skills for your particular classes Tues., 10/3 @ 4 pm Rm N112
ADHD: Organizing your academic/home materials Tues., 10/10 @ 4 pm Rm N112

Math Success Workshop Series

Feel nervous about math? Taking Math 1300, 1310, or 1330? This weekly workshop series is just for you.

Do you avoid math because of how it makes you feel? This might cause you to not study enough, exacerbating the situation. Come learn strategies to reduce math anxiety during the first 30 minutes, and then work problems with a tutor present for the last 30 minutes, giving you a chance to practice the strategies you just learned. This series meets in N112 CV1.

To register or to ask questions contact Laura Heidel, Ph.D., at 713-743-5439 or

Math Autobiography and Introduction to Strategies Thurs, 9/21 @ 12 pm Rm. N109, CV1
Math Study Skill Inventory Thurs, 9/28 @ 12 pm Rm. N109
Math Affirmations and Positive Thinking Thurs, 10/5 @ 12 pm Rm. N109
Math Problem Solving Thurs. 10/12 @ 12 pm Rm. N109
Reducing Math Test Anxiety Thurs 10/19 @ 12 pm Rm. N109