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2017-2018 Challenger Program Students

Meet some of our Challenger Program students and learn about what organizations and support services they participate in. 

As a first generation college student, it may be helpful to learn more about what other first-gen students have experienced at the University of Houston as well as what resources on campus they have utilized to help in their adjustment to the college environment.  


alicia.jpg amira.jpg amur.jpg andres.jpg andrewa.jpg
Alicia Amira Amur Andres Andrew
angelica.jpg anh.jpg armando.jpg ayat.jpg breanna.jpg
Angelica Anh Armando Ayat Breanna
brianyi.jpg bryce.jpg cesar.jpg christopher.jpg claryssa.jpg
Brian Bryce Cesar Christopher Claryssa
cristal.jpg cristian.jpg cinthia.jpg dania.jpg david.jpg
Cristal Cristian Cynthia Dania David
delia.jpg destinee.jpg edgar.jpg eduardo.jpg eisha.jpg
Delia Destinee Edgar Eduardo Eisha
elia.jpg emily.jpg erika.jpg farrin.jpg francisco.jpg
Elia Emily Erika Farrin Francisco
gabriela.jpg geraldine.jpg gerardo1.jpg giselle.jpg guillermo.jpg
Gabriela  Geraldine Gerardo Giselle Guillermo
gunjan.jpg hannie.jpg hector.jpg homero.jpg imani.jpg
Gunjan Hannie Hector Homero Imani
jaqueline.jpg janel.jpg janet.jpg jared.jpg jenniferg.jpg
Jacqueline Janel Janet Jared Jennifer G.
jenniferpjpg jenyssa.jpg dsc02952.jpg kassandra.jpg kayla.jpg
Jennifer P. Jenyssa Jessica Kassandra Kayla
keyli.jpg lesli.jpg


lourdes.jpg marcos.jpg
Keyli Lesli G. Lesli R. Lourdes Marcos
miriam.jpg martin.jpg mathew.jpg nathan.jpg rafael.jpg
Mariam Martin Mathew Nathan Rafael
robert.jpg rocio.jpg rolando.jpg sarina.jpg shavanni.jpg
Robert Rocio Rolando Sarina Shivanni
socorro.jpg sumer.jpg susana.jpg tichina.jpg tito.jpg
Socorro Sumer Susana Tichina Tito
thejus.jpg tyniquewa.jpg ulises.jpg victor.jpg yuliana.jpg
Thejus Tyniquewa Ulises Victor Yuliana