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documents: the electronic CBM form with instructions

Download: the CBM Template in MS Word

Deadline for submission of CBM003 forms
is Friday, October 11, 2013*

*And please note that the deadline for core curriculum CBM003 form requests
(for 2014 new core curriculum) is Monday, September 9, 2013.

For additional information please contact Jeanette Morales.

Instructions for the Electronic CBM003 Form

This template may be used for creating CBM003 forms submitted (through your college) to the Undergraduate Committee or the Graduate and Professional Studies Committee.

The form has the usual features, including data-fields and drop-down fields. We anticipate that it will make the submission of CBM003 forms easier, at least after you work through it a couple of times. This is how we think it will work (and if it doesn’t, please let Jeanette Morales know).

To Create CB3 Forms for Submission:

  • You must have a recent version of MS Word.
  • Download the Template (2013_CBM003.doc) from the link above, or open it and save it to your computer. We suggest you create a folder titled "CB3 Forms" (or another name you can remember easily) and use it to save all the CB3 forms you develop.
    • NOTE: if your browser opens the file with strange characters and no fields, try right-clicking on the link instead, and choose either "Save Target As" (PC) or "Download Link to Disk" (Mac). For a Mac single-button mouse, click and hold to get the context menu.
    • Print this page for reference if desired.
  • Open the CB3 form and "Save As" the course number you are working on (e.g., CHEM 3341; ENGL 6300, etc.). Always be careful to check file names, as it is easy to write over previous files, especially if they are similar or sequential.
  • Fill in the form as described below.
    • Each step is explained in detail. You will repeat the same familiar steps for each course.
    • To save time entering repetitive information, you may wish to save completed forms as new files and edit them only as needed.
      However, be sure to check carefully before submitting any form, to insure that all duplicated information pertains specifically and only to the course in question, and that nothing necessary has been left out.
      Documents which include incorrect or questionable information may be significantly delayed in process, or simply may not be approved.
  • For every course, when you are finished, you will need to do two things:
    • Submit one hard copy, with the Dean's Signature (no stamps, please).
    • Attach the completed electronic form to an email and send to jmorales@uh.edu (undergraduate) or alma@uh.edu (graduate/professional studies).

Essential Information: Top of the Form

At the very top of the form, select whether this course will go to the Undergraduate Committee or the Graduate/Professional Studies Committee.

Once you have made your selection of committee, please answer the additional questions:

  • Is this a new or revised course?
    Please note:
    a previously offered selected topics course will still be considered a "new course" for the purposes of this form since you are now requesting for it to be made into a new, permanent course.
  • If an undergraduate core course, what core category does the course address?
    Enter "none" if the course is not core.

And be sure to select the Fall semester in which you intend the change to take effect. This question uses a pull-down menu.


Step By Step: The Numbered Field Areas:

  1. Dept: Type it in. You control the formatting on this.
    • College: This is a pull-down field. Click on the arrow and select your college.
  2. Faculty Contact Person: This should be the contact person for the committee. When the committees have questions, they want someone who can answer those questions. There can be two people, if your college prefers.
    • Telephone: Please give the business phone number for the contact person who can answer questions for the committee.
    • Email: Please give the business email for the contact person who can answer questions for the committee.
  3. Course information on New/Revised course:
    • Instructional Area (e.g., CHEM), Course Number* (e.g., 6300), Long Course Title (as you want it to appear in the catalog).
      * Please note that course numbers ending in 94-97 are for selected topics courses,
         98 is used for independent study courses, and 99 is used for senior thesis.
      1. Instructional Area will convert whatever you type to all caps when you tab to the next field. You can only have four letters.
      2. Course Number has space for only four numbers.
        If proposing a new course number, please make sure the course number chosen isn’t currently used by another course. Please contact your college academic coordinator if you are unsure (this information can be found in the PeopleSoft course inventory).
      3. Title can be as long as you like.
    • Instructional Area (e.g., CHEM), Course Number (e.g., 6300), Short Course Title
      (Please note that this field is limited to 30 characters, and will automatically convert to all caps when you tab to the next field.)
    • SCH (enter the number of semester credit hours, e.g., 3); Level (select from the pull-down menu); CIP Code The CIP code listing can be found by going to the Texas Higher Education Data website at http://www.txhighereddata.org/Interactive/CIP/ (Call IR for help, x3-0657); Lect Hrs (number of hours in lecture); Lab Hrs (number of hours in lab).
      See item #7 instructions below if your course is a practicum, seminar, or independent study course.
    • Term(s) the course is offered: This is a drop-down menu. Your selection will mean that this course will be offered every term based upon your choice.
  4. Justification: This is a pull-down menu.
    • The top five choices are for new courses.
    • The others are for course changes, including:
      change of content/level, change of prerequisites, change of instructional type, etc. We are relatively certain that one of these will be appropriate for every change you want to make. If you don't find one that works, call Jeanette (x3-0919) or Alma (x3-9118).
    • Options to inactivate/delete and reactivate a course are also provided. All questions on the form must be answered.
  5. Was the course previously offered as a selected topics course?
    • Please answer "yes" or "no."
    • If your answer is yes, please complete the next questions:
      1. Instructional Area/Course Number/Long Course Title:
        Include the instructional area (e.g., CHEM), Course Number (e.g., 6300), and Title.
      2. Course ID and Effective Date:
        Course ID can be found in the PeopleSoft course inventory, or from your college academic coordinator or associate dean.
        Effective Date is the date of the currently active row in the PeopleSoft course inventory. (Format: yyyy-MM-dd.)
  6. Authorized Degree / Program:
    Enter the degree(s) which include this course, followed by the name(s) of the program; (e.g. B.A., Earth Science; B.S., Biomedical Engineering; M.S., Aerospace Engineering; LL.M., Health Law; M.H.M., Hospitality Management, etc.).
    For reference, here are some of the degrees conferred by the University of Houston: B.A.; B.B.A.; B.S.; Bach/Architecture; B.I.S.C.; D.M.A.; Ed.D.; J.D.; LL.M.; M.A.; M.B.A.; M.Ed.; M.H.M.; M.I.E.; M.S.; M.S.W.; Master/Architecture; O.D.; Ph.D.; Pharm.D.
    • Does this course affect major/minor requirements in the College/Department?
      Please answer "yes" or "no."
    • Does this course affect major/minor requirements in other Colleges/Departments?
      Please answer "yes" or "no."
      The two questions above ask you to consider whether any undergraduate course you may be adding/changing is required by YOUR major or degree program, or a major or degree program in ANOTHER DEPARTMENT/COLLEGE.
      Please think carefully before answering these questions. If your answer is yes, please email separately details about the degree/program impact. If desired, you may also attend the Undergraduate Committee meetings to discuss/defend any requested change.
    • Can this course be repeated with different content for credit?
      Please answer "yes" or "no." If you r answer is yes, please make sure to include the information at the end of the proposed catalog description in item number 9, below.
  7. Grade Option; Instructional Type.
    Make your selection for both of these from the pull-down menus.
    Be sure your selection matches the information for lecture/lab in item number 3, above.
    • Practicums are designated with lab hours only (no lecture hours)
    • Seminars are designated with lecture hours only (no lab hours)
    • Independent Study Courses do not have lecture and lab hours designated.
  8. If this form involves a change to an existing course, please obtain and provide the following information from the course inventory:
    • Instructional Area/Course Number/Long Course Title
    • Course ID; Effective date
      Please see information/instructions for item 5, above.
  9. Proposed Catalog Description:
    • Cr.__. (___). Prerequisites: _____________.
      • Remember that this asks for the number of hours a student will be credited for taking this course. Two numbers are required within the parentheses ( ):
        • (3-0) means that there are three hours of lecture per week and no lab;
        • (3-3) means there are three hours of lecture and three hours of lab per week;
        • (0-3) means no lecture, three hours of lab.
      • List Prerequisites by COURSE NUMBER, not name
        (e.g., MATH 3331). If there are no prerequisites, enter "none".
    • Description: _____________.
      Please write a coherent description. You must be concise, as you are limited to 30 words for this field. Also, please use correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling, as it will save time and headaches in the long run.
      Remember, this is NOT the first paragraph of the syllabus, but instead is a brief description of the course content.
  10. Finally, please have your dean hand sign the form. DO NOT USE A NAME STAMP. Also, print or type your dean's name to help us decipher signatures, please. Be sure to date it. Then send the signed paper document plus an email attachment of the form to either:
Undergraduate Committee   Graduate/Professional Studies Committee
Jeanette Morales
E. Cullen, room 109
Mail code: 2035

Alma Flores
E. Cullen, room 501

Deadline for submission of CBM003 forms
is Friday, October 11, 2013*

*And please note that the deadline for core curriculum CBM003 form requests
(for 2014 new core curriculum) is Monday, September 9, 2013.

For additional information please contact Jeanette Morales.



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