UHDPS Receives Award for Click It or Ticket Campaign

August 11, 2008

Safety pays. Sometimes, literally.

The University of Houston Department of Public Safety’s (UHDPS) recent efforts in promoting safety belts were rewarded with an incentive award from the Texas Department of Transportation.

This summer, UHDPS participated in the Click It or Ticket campaign, a national program aimed at enforcing safety belt laws. For its diligent work in making sure all drivers and passengers were safely buckled, UHDPS will receive $4,000 to apply to the purchase of safety-related equipment.

“We are acquiring traffic cones and replacing one analog video camera with a digital video camera in one of our patrol cars,” said Richard Storemski, UHDPS police lieutenant. “Any time an officer makes a traffic stop, it is recorded to be used in court for evidence. The camera also is used to review officers’ performances to ensure we are professional during the traffic stops. The new digital system is a hard drive-based system versus the old analog system, which is a VHS tape system. It’s easier to use and has better video quality.”

To qualify for the award, law enforcement agencies had to effectively promote the Click It or Ticket campaign in the media, target violators of safety belt and child restraint laws and report the number and types of violations and arrests resulting from traffic enforcement.

Each year, UHDPS participates in the Click it or Ticket campaign during which officers are particularly vigilant in enforcing Texas safety belt laws.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for our hard work in public safety,” Storemski said. “We’re particularly pleased to receive these funds that will bolster our efforts in serving the university and the community.”

Mike Emery