Comm Prof Featured on TV's Reality Show 'Hometeam'

June 18, 2007
Keith Houk, University of Houston clinical assistant professor of communication, imagined owning a dream home with his wife, Kelly. Little did he know that it would be featured on national television or that one year of mortgage payments and closing costs would be covered.

Houk and his wife were recently featured on the television show “HomeTeam,” a reality show that assists families and individuals with realizing their dreams of home ownership.

Houk’s mother submitted his name and story to the HomeTeam crew. He was selected as the recipient of a new custom-designed home with 10 percent of its down payment, closing costs and a year of mortgage payments taken care of. Adding a personal touch to the home were Houk’s students and colleagues in UH’s School of Communication, who lent their talents to the design process.

“First and foremost, building a house for deserving people, such as Keith and Kelly, was the ultimate reward of this experience,” said graduate communication student Lucas Mireles. “Even if the final product wasn't going to be on national television, I would've given the same effort, because it’s giving a brand new house to a friend and colleague.”

Once the house was ready for Houk and his wife, friends and family then had to lure the unsuspecting couple there for an emotional surprise that was captured on camera. Thinking he was attending an awards ceremony, Houk was taken to the site of his new home.

“I was extremely surprised,” Houk said. “I’ve never come close to winning anything like this, and even now, with all of the paperwork signed and a mortgage in our names, it still seems completely unreal.”

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“We now have a home with room to grow,” Houk said. “We have a sense of stability that you can never achieve living in a rented place. I found out how much my students and colleagues care. Their participation was unbelievable.”

Mike Emery