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UH Offers Experts on Hurricanes

UH Offers Experts on Hurricanes

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Spring Renovations in progress at UH

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As faculty, staff and students return to the University of Houston to begin the new semester, they’ll probably notice that spring campus renovations are well under way.

Those working in the Ezekiel Cullen Building have no doubt observed activity as a new mechanical system is being installed in the building. Dave Irvin, associate vice president for facilities and plant operations, said the current work being performed in the building is the first phase of a more extensive project.

“E. Cullen is our most energy inefficient building, and the existing mechanical system doesn’t provide much in the way of occupants’ comfort,” Irvin said. “We have to put in new duct work and new mechanical systems. Since ceilings will be ripped out, we plan to upgrade and remodel E. Cullen’s corridors.”

Irvin said the remodeled corridors would be similar to the hall renovations that took place in McElhinney and Farish halls and the Roy Cullen Building. He added that E. Cullen’s restrooms also would be renovated to be in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. He estimated that the mechanical system installation would be completed prior to the start of the semester. The corridor and restroom renovations would take place mainly during nonbusiness hours, so E. Cullen occupants would not be inconvenienced. These projects should be finished by June 1.

Another extensive project is occurring outside of E. Cullen on the grassy mound located on the building’s east side. Irvin said that this is a city of Houston project in which large underground valves that control the main water lines through the campus are being replaced and moved to E. Cullen’s south side. This project should improve water conservation and reliability. Irvin anticipates that this project should be completed by
Feb. 1.

“We’re in favor of moving these valves because the campus master plan recommends re-landscaping the east side of E. Cullen,” Irvin said. “This project ties into another one that we’ve been planning, which are sidewalk repairs on the south side of E. Cullen.”

In addition to these projects, work continues on the Lamar Fleming Jr. and Fred Heyne buildings. The exterior waterproofing on both of these began to fail following heavy rains during the fall semester. Following a massive excavation around both buildings, the exterior drains will be replaced with new materials and a synthetic waterproofing material will be applied to all of the two building’s exterior walls. Accessibility will be maintained throughout the project, and the most disruptive work will occur during nonbusiness hours. Work on these facilities began during the winter break and is expected to continue through mid-spring.