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UH Offers Experts on Hurricanes

UH Offers Experts on Hurricanes

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UH Preparing for State Fire Inspection

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University of Houston faculty, staff and students have always been mindful of the university’s fire codes, but the UH Fire Marshal Bob Bowden still wants to remind them to be on the lookout for any hazards.

From Sept. 17 – 21, the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office will conduct an inspection of the campus, and Bowden would like everyone to be mindful of his or her surroundings.

“UH has made tremendous strides in fire safety,” Bowden said. “I’d like to thank everyone for their assistance in making this campus as safe as it is.”

Since the last state inspection in 2003, UH has made a number of changes to further ensure the safety of faculty, staff and students. Among those were retrofitting buildings such as Science and Research 2 Building with new fire alarm systems. The university also has enhanced exits in Moody Towers and developed stricter policies concerning the use of extension cords, space heaters and candles. Another improvement Bowden cited is his office’s increased involvement in the planning of facility renovations or construction to ensure they meet state fire codes.

Bowden encourages all faculty, staff and students to be particularly vigilant when observing the following fire code violations:

  • Combustible products stored in hallways, stairways and mechanical rooms
  • Blocked electrical panels
  • Stairwell and corridor doors propped open
  • Blocked exit corridors
  • Smoking inside of buildings
  • Extension cords used for permanent wiring
  • Incompatible chemical storage – liquids and gases
  • Excessive storage of flammable and combustible liquids
  • Gas cylinders not secured
  • Fire extinguishers removed and used for other purposes (doorstop, etc.)

    “We couldn’t do our job without everyone’s support,” Bowden said. “Our office works hard to ensure everyone’s safety and luckily, the community’s participation has made it easier for us to do so.”

    For more information on the UH Fire Marshal’s Office, visit or call 713-743-1635.