UH Secure Wireless Login Screen

This wizard will configure your device for secure network access.

1. If the box above says "Inactive Plug-In", launch XpressConnect by activating the Java plugin.   (Recommended)
The Java plugin may be activated by clicking the 'Inactive Plugin ->' image above. After clicking, select Enable and then restart the browser.
2. Alternately, if the box above says "Inactive Plug-In", download XpressConnect as an application.
After clicking link, launch the application from the Downloads window. This option requires Java, which is installed if the box above says "Inactive Plug-In".
3. If the box above says "Missing Plug-In" or is empty, the network configuration portion of XpressConnect may be loaded.
This will install the network configuration but may not include other network dependencies. Also, it does not resolve common connectivity issues.