Executive Board

Overall Chair/Development Chair: Jessica Ha

Jessica Ha

Hello! My name is Jessica Ha and I'm your 2011-2012 Overall Chair. I am a Junior at the University of Houston pursuing a degree in Accountancy and Corporate Communications I look forward to making this upcoming event the absolute best and biggest it's been so far at the University of Houston.

Vice Chair/Special Events Chair: Bri Florida

Bri Florida

Hi, My name is Brianna Florida. I am the Vice Chair for Dance On. I love kids and helping out with charity. I cannot wait to have CougarTHON! Hope to see you there! FTK (For The Kids)!

Hospitality Chair: Florence Lee

Florence Lee

Hello! I am in charge of all the food and drink that you will be receiving during our event. I hope that you all like it! Also, do not forget, this is for the kids!

Family & Hospital Relations Chair: Annie Pally

Annie Pally

Dance On at UH presents a unique opportunity to promote awareness and raise funds for our local Children's Miracle Network hospital - Texas Children's Hospital - through an interactive and engaging environment of music, dance, and active community involvement. Dance On at UH seeks to define and create a collaborative, supportive, community based initiative in the practice and application of pediatric medicine and healthcare. Together, we hope to make a difference in the life of a child.

Operations & Facilities Chair: Isaiah Laws


Morale Chair: Arlette Tamez

Arlette Tamez

I am very excited for this year everyone is ready and we are all shooting for the best year that UH has ever seen. So come and support us in everything possible from bake sales to other fundraisers to of course attending our annual DANCE ON MARATHON – “We stand for those who can't!”

Assistant Directors

Kelley Craft

Kelly Craft

My name is Kelley Craft. I am an Assistant Director of Development of Dance On. I love kids and Im excited for CougarTHON.

Matt McMahon


Chris Gilmer

Fraternity and Sorority Relations Chair, I enjoy being involved with organizations at UH. Go Coogs! Dikaia!

Muskan Agarwal

My name is Muskan Agarwal. I am the development assistant director. I plan on going to medical school and want to save lives.

Ashitha Jayachandran

Ashitha Jayachandran

Hello everyone! My name is Ashitha Jayachandran and I am the Assistant Director of Development for Dance On. Dance On gave me an opportunity to combine two things that I love the most - kids and dance.