Join the UH1UP Challenge! The game opened on September 8, 2014. To play, download the Scavify app to your iPhone or Android and search for the hunt called uh1up. Make sure to follow UH on social media to get updates about the UH1UP Challenge: uh.edu/socialmedia

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  1. Challenge Overview
  2. Why Play
  3. How to Play

Challenge Overview

Welcome to the UH1UP Challenge scavenger hunt. This game will help you find resources for your academic and professional success, learn about the university, and network with your fellow Coogs. To participate, download the free Scavify app for iPhone or Android. Starting September 8, open the app to find and join the UH1UP hunt, where you will be prompted to complete a set of tasks. Just type uh1up in the search bar once you've opened the app, and the hunt should come right up. The tasks in the hunt may be completed in any order. Certain tasks require completion of a series of smaller tasks, so be sure to start early and manage your time well! All participants to complete all tasks will qualify for a chance to win a Grand Prize. Grand Prizes will be awarded according to a random drawing after the close of the hunt. Be sure to sign in to the app with an accurate email address - prize winners will be notified via email. Grand Prizes include a MacBook Air, and five iPad Minis. The challenge begins on Monday, September 8th, 2014, and ends on Friday, November 14th, 2014. Good luck!

Why Play

  • Meet new friends, learn about the university, gain experience to help you succeed
  • Win free shirts and prizes

How to Play

  • Download the Scavify app for iPhone and Android
  • Search for the UH1UP hunt
  • Complete challenges to unlock prizes

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