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Health-Related Research

The University of Houston research enterprises are organized into clusters that enable scholars to better exchange ideas, explore emerging research areas, and work more effectively with industry, other research organizations, and the community. UH's health-related research clusters include Bio-Med Sciences & Engineering (diseases, drug design, bioimaging, biomaterials, genetics, neurocognitive and visual systems), Community Advancement & Education (health education, addictions, aging, child welfare, social health), Complex Systems & Space Exploration (cognitive systems, networks, high-performance computing, human space exploration), Energy & Natural Resources (environment, air quality, water conservation & protection), and Nano-Materials.

Health-Related Research Centers & Institutes

Center for Advanced Computing and Data System
Fostering & supporting interdisciplinary research, education & training in computational sciences & engineering.

Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities
Supports research on autism & developmental disabilities.

Center for Drug & Social Policy Research
Developing new knowledge in substance abuse and related social problems.

Center for Experimental Therapeutics & Pharmacoinformatics
Interdisciplinary research, education & training to develop state-of-the-art pharmacoinformatics & in-silico drug screen methodologies.

Center for Life Sciences Technology
Interdisciplinary life sciences research with environmental, energy & nanobiotechnology foci, research-based education, & twenty-first century workforce development.

Center for Nanomagnetic Systems
Bionanomagnetic & magnetic sensor development & detection for molecular recognition, biosensors, DNA probes, etc.

Center for Neuro-Engineering & Cognitive Sciences
Basic & applied research in neuro-engineering & cognitive sciences.

Center for Neuromotor & Biomechanics Research
Interdisciplinary research in interactions between the nervous system, the neuro-muscular system, & the environment.

Center for Nuclear Receptors & Cell Signaling
Combines basic, translational & clinical biosciences to create dynamic collaborations between academia & industry with the goal of finding new treatments for an array of ailments such as cancer, diabetes & obesity.

Environmental Institute of Houston
Addressing issues of environmental concern such as loss of biodiversity, health risks from pollution,failure of food supplies, & depletion of natural resources.

Heart & Kidney Institute
Research on the pathological mechanisms & treatment of certain cardiovascular disorders.

Institute for Health Care Marketing
Focuses on issues affecting health care delivery & consumption in the marketing research community.

Institute of Community Health
Basic, clinical & translational research in community health & infectious diseases; promotes health & disease prevention.

Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation & Statistics (TIMES)
Advancing scientific discovery through the development & application of measurement, evaluation & statistical research methods.

Texas Obesity Research Center
Promoting a translational, multidisciplinary, lifespan perspective in obesity research.