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Current Students

WindAir Volunteer Program


R&D Involvement
We involve volunteers on all of our standard 4-week turbine construction & installation programs in the R&D projects. This year we have studied everything from blade composition to dust-free electronics development, as well as resistance and longevity of the towers. Upcoming goals are to research new battery technology and re-design the alternator for increased efficiency!

Community Engagement
A major focus of 2018 has been community outreach. Volunteer input has not only been invaluable, but necessary for improvement. Outreach projects include surveys within communities, database compiling, and long-term project planning that’s heavily focused on training local technicians.

Building Skills for the Future
We aim for every volunteer to learn as much as they can from their volunteering experience in Peru. This means that everyone who comes through our doors has the opportunity to gain hands-on engineering experience, practice working and networking with an international team, and creating a lasting impact through installing wind turbines for those without electricity. Our past volunteers have gone on to work in major corporations, been invited to do graduate studies at prestigious universities, and created connections from around the world in the sustainability sector.

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Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program

The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program provides STEM students with an opportunity to gain and develop research skills with the U.S. Department of Energy for 10 weeks during the Summer. Fellows gain hands-on research experience and insight into how the DOE is working to meet the energy challenges of the future under the mentorship of program officials and scientists. The program provides a stipend and travel. Some students may be eligible to receive a housing subsidy for the duration of the program.

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