The University of Houston is leading the way in energy research, education and collaboration aimed at solving the challenges we face every day. UH is partnering with key governmental entities and leaders in industry on several important initiatives.

Greater Houston Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance

The Hobby Center for Public Policy is partnering with the Greater Houston Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Alliance. This nonprofit organization comprised of founding members Apache Corp., Anadarko Petroleum Corp., CenterPoint Energy, and other organizations will educate Houston-area fleet owners as well as the public about the benefits of fueling with natural gas. Established in summer 2010, the NGV is an open membership organization. Jim Granato, director of the Hobby Center for Public Policy, serves as president of the Alliance. He leads research and data analysis of issues relating to the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel.

Center for Industrial Partnerships

The University of Houston’s Center for Industrial Partnerships helps create joint research enterprises between commercial industry and the university. The center helps foster collaborative efforts using the university’s fundamental research and educational resources to solve technological challenges for Houston’s business and industrial communities. It helps facilitate research across the campuses with off-campus researchers and industry partners and benefits university researchers, staff and students, as well as investors and entrepreneurial companies.

Residential Electricity Demand Reduction

The University of Houston’s Texas Learning & Computation Center is partnering with the city of Houston to create a Web site designed to encourage people to monitor and reduce their residential energy usage. Once online, the Web site will allow consumers to compare the electricity consumption in their ZIP codes with the consumption in others. The site, the first of its kind in the nation, will draw on property size and property age data to further put usage information into context.

Helping Secure Our National Energy Resources

University of Houston researchers are working with the U.S. Department of Defense to develop innovative techniques and devices to help defend both the troops and the homeland, including the nation’s oil supply.