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UH Energy is an umbrella for efforts across the University of Houston system to position the university as a strategic partner to the energy industry by producing trained workforce, strategic and technical leadership, research and development for needed innovations and new technologies. That’s why UH is the Energy University.


Student involvement is critical to UH Energy. We strive to contribute leading thinkers to the energy workforce. We work together with the Energy Coalition, a student organization that fosters multidisciplinary communication and collaboration amongst various colleges and discipline-focused groups.

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The UH Energy Advisory Board works closely with UH faculty and administration to guide the University in the areas of energy education, research and technology innovation, with a focus on four core areas: upstream, midstream and downstream, alternatives and enablers, and policy and management.

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At the University of Houston, you’ll find more than 50 energy-related degree programs that will guide you to your next step in the energy industry. You'll work with expert faculty who have held prior experience in the energy industry, along with advisors who will aid you in becoming the next expert in your field.

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The Energy Symposium Series: Critical Issues in Energy, a panel discussion hosted four times each year on relevant and current issues facing the energy industry on a local, national and global scale. Last year, we focused on topics such as arctic drilling plans, implications and benefits of instituting a carbon tax, energy policy as it relates to the Iran Nuclear Deal, and innovative ideas in the future of transportation.

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