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Energy Institute High School

2014 EIHS Summer Camp at UH

2013 EIHS Summer Camp at UH

EIHS Students Participate in UH Energy Summer Camp 2015

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EIHS summer camp

For the third year in a row, UH Energy hosted summer camp sessions at the University of Houston for incoming Energy Institute High School freshmen.

The students had the opportunity to hear from a few leading voices in energy at the university and participate with the UH Energy team in hands-on activities. Launching day one, Dr. Mary Ann Ottinger, the associate vice chancellor for research at the University grabbed the attention and eagerness of the students with an ‘ice breaker’ energy quiz, revealing some of the university’s most unique and practical energy-related majors and minors.

Each day, students from the university wide student organization, the Energy Coalition, shared presentations on some of their favorite university classes and experiences at UH. Phillip Jefferson, Chairman of the University of Houston Energy Coalition, spoke to the incoming freshmen about his role in the coalition and his interest in petroleum engineering.

“Speaking to the group was inspiring,” Jefferson said, “it was evident by the energy-hungry minds I spoke to that the students showed a desire to explore some of the biggest questions in petroleum engineering.”

In addition to Phillip’s presentation, other members of the Energy Coalition were invited to speak about their majors and dissertations; Elita de Abreu and Jian Zhou, Ph.D. candidates in Geophysics, Antoniette Vickio, an undergraduate studying industrial design, Spencer Richards, an undergraduate studying mechanical engineering, and Zara Khan, an undergraduate studying industrial engineering, volunteered to assist the students with a hands-on activities that showcased various fields in energy-related studies.

Separated into three activity groups including the “mineral study kit” group, the “mock wind turbine” group, and the “oil spill cleanup” group, the students formed two-three person teams and competed for a chance to win their very own at-home science kit. Working with the volunteers and UH Energy team, the students went to work designing turbine blades, using various methods to clean up oil from the water’s surface, and identifying minerals based on key physical properties.

The winners of the competition proved to be innovative thinkers and show promise as the future engineers, scientists and industry leaders of a growing and ever-changing energy field. UH Energy is fortunate to continue to cultivate such a strong partnership with the Energy Institute High School.

Incoming Energy Institute High School Freshmen Race Solar Cars for Summer Camp 2014

EIHS Students   EIHS Students   EIHS Students  

EIHS Students   EIHS Students   EIHS Students

UH Energy hosted two day-long summer camps at the University of Houston for incoming Energy Institute High School freshmen.

The camps began with presentations from UH faculty members Alex Freundlich (NSM), Barry Lefer (NSM), Mike Harold (Engineering), Haleh Ardebili (Engineering), and Patrick Cirino (Engineering); UH Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate student, Sean Smith; and industry guests, David Ramm (BrightSource Energy), Judith Jeevarajan (NASA), and Bret Biggart (Freedom Solar). The focus of the summer camps was on renewable energy and the talks covered solar, energy storage, and biofuels. The students then had a chance to visit with the speakers and look at some of their projects up close.

In the afternoon, the students paired up to build solar cars from a kit and raced them. Afterwards, the students discussed what elements of the winning cars made the teams successful.

HISD Students at UH-ERP for Summer Camp 2013

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Students from HISD's new Energy Magnet High School visited the University of Houston – Energy Research Park (ERP) as part of their summer camp program. HISD students spent the night in the Cougar Place dorm before continuing on to ERP for their tours.

The tour agenda included an introductions to petroleum engineering, Texas clean engines, emissions and fuels and superconductivity with tours to TxCEF and the photovoltaic manufacturing center. HISD students gathered in front of the ConocoPhillips Petroleum Engineering Building for a group picture before continuing their summer camp activities.