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Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary programs in energy encompass courses from more than one college. The University of Houston offers energy-related certificate programs along with the Energy & Sustainability minor. Find out more about each program below.

Energy & Sustainability Minor

The Energy and Sustainability minor is designed to provide  an interdisciplinary approach to broad issues in energy and sustainability. The minor will educate students on the basics of energy sources, fossil fuels, and the future of energy. In addition to a common introductory and capstone course, the minor offers a blend of courses in technology, business, engineering, architecture, social science, and natural science.

Coursework will focus on topics such as existing, transitional, and alternative energy sources, as well as energy and sustainability from the perspectives of economics and business, engineering and technology, architecture and design, and public policy and education.

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The Graduate Certificate in Global Energy, Development, and Sustainability

In many oil-producing developing nations the advent of oil or natural gas production has not brought positive benefits to the society at large. Despite large amounts of foreign investment and a massive influx of oil revenues, economies tend to fluctuate and stagnate, governments may fail, corruption often increases, standards of living do not increase for the majority of the population, and violence often erupts. The world class technical expertise of companies and governments is focused on safe and efficient development and extraction of the resource; but turning energy projects into sustainable development for the host country and community requires individuals and organizations with different skills – an understanding of history and the tools and practices that help mitigate the “resource curse”.

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